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It was a construct built to last the ages, a great machine hoofcrafted by Celestia and her most skilled arcanists. Within its nigh-indestructible confines, the countless inhabitants of the Moon Engine system could live out their thousand-and-one-year duty, aiding Celestia in a task left unmanaged during Nightmare Moon's banishment.

And for a thousand years and eight months, all was as it should be.

...and then Trixie showed up.

Nopony anticipated quite how much damage a single pony could do. But then, nopony'd ever thought to consider somepony quite as... viral as Trixie.

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I read this on ED and really enjoyed it (Tron 2.0 ftw), but you never continued with it. :unsuresweetie:

I have chapter 3 almost complete, but I've been... delayed.
...writing Twilestia stuff and clopfic requests.

:yay: Woot! `Bout time this updated. *Tracks*

Oh, THIS story. Wow, been an age since reading this one. Can't wait for more.

Trixie won't escape from Equestria's warth in this.
Boasting is one thing, the possible destruction of equestria because she was too selfish to try to understand a warning is much worse.

Here, take these 5 stars, I don't need them.
And have a fav.

I was wondering where this went! Seriously, two days ago I thought to myself "...wasn't I reading a Tron crossover awhile back?" AND I FOUND THIS BY CLICKING SOMEONE'S ACCOUNT AND CLICKING YOUR PICTURE UNDER WHO THEY WERE FOLLOWING. Tis a sign. Following!

I really ought to finish the next chapter. I'm just sitting on it 5/6th finished.

Good to hear you found me through a follower, I love followers!

is it a tron crossover:twilightoops:if not you will get dis:facehoof::flutterrage::pinkiecrazy::rainbowhuh::raritycry:

'tis a TRON crossover (or a merger, depending on your definitions).

An update! Huzzah! It's been too long since the last chapter, and I'd almost forgotten how brilliant this is. I had to go back and do some re-reading to remind myself where we left off.

Ahhh.... Luna's new "image" is truly the gift that keeps on giving. The dream with NMM is priceless. :rainbowlaugh:

You know what the worst thing is..? The chapter'd technically been finished months ago. Just needed a few more words and a cut!

Finally! :pinkiehappy:

The parts with NMM and Two Stallions, One Bucket were awesome. I'm not sure I get the Mary/Merry Sue joke, though.

Honestly, I don't expect you to - not until the next chapter.

trixy, what has thou wrought upon thine self?:facehoof:

Wow, now Trixie's entered The Matrix :D

In character, Sue was probably someone he had been meant to marry but didn't (e.g You should marry Sue), or someone he shouldn't have married but did (e.g You did marry Sue). Out of character it's a good trope joke that comes with it's own lampshade.

You'll see exactly what it means later. I'd originally intended it to be included in this chapter but when I spotted it in my Google Docs I went 'Ick! How long has that been there?' and pinched it off where I had it so I could post it.

"Epic gargle solo!" is quite possibly the single greatest thing anyone has ever put to paper. We, as humanity have reached our peak.

Rarity vomiting all over spike was slightly less so :pinkiesick:

This is very interesting, I cannot wait for more.

let's see how deep the rabbit hole goes...

It was! They were sharing a bucket!

You didn't just...
You did.


With stallions, you need a bit more than a cup.

Trixie... Did you have to be that stupid?

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