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Symbiosis - Khakispony

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Fillies, Flowers, and Forests

The filly grimaced, tears pushed out of her eyes in a waterfall as the timberwolf inched closer. Her eyes darted across the surrounding landscape, desperately searching for some way out. She winced, searing pain in her haunches coming in waves as fresh blood oozed from the wound.

The timberwolf kept its distance, pacing back and forth, eyes focused on the filly backed against the tree. It may be starving, but it knew wasting energy on killing the filly now would yield no better results than waiting for the trembling creature to bleed out.

The filly began to sob, slumping to the ground bloodied, beaten, and defeated. Taking one last look at the timberwolf, Roseluck squeezed her eyes shut, praying they would reopen in a safer place.

* * *

A loud ringing echoed across the schoolyard. “Time to head back, class!” Ms. Graphite yelled after spitting the rope of the school bell from her mouth.

A wave of groans rang in Ms. Graphite’s ear as the students lamented the end of their recess. “Chin up students, it’s not that bad. We’ve only got one hour until the weekend!” Ms. Graphite exclaimed with a large grin as the students filed past her, closing the school’s door as the last filly scampered in.

“Alright class, I still have a few tests left to grade so for the remainder of the day I have a movie for you all to watch. I expect you all to be well behaved and quiet while I finish grading,” she said as the students settled into their desks. “Now, the movie you’ll be watching is... let’s see here. Ah! The Flora of Equestria!”

A torrent of groans and eye rolling ripped through the room.

“Okay it may not be the most exciting film, but it will tie into our lessons next week. If I can just get it starte—Ah!” Ms. Graphite jumped back as the schools projector roared to life. “Ah, very well then,” she said, taking an exasperated breath before flopping back into her chair. A deep male voice boomed throughout the room.

“This program has been brought to you by the Canterlot Herbology Association, the Manehattan Ecology Fund, and viewers like you. Thank you,” said the deep male voice before a soft female one took its place. “Equestria has some of the most diverse, beautiful and interesting plants on can find. From the strange properties of the Celestial Mousetrap, to the healing properties of the Maroon Itch Fungus, and even to the scent of the common lily ponies everywhere have been enraptured by the glory that is Equestrian flora.”

By then most of the class had tuned out. Applejack nobly led the nap brigade and with great efficiency. Rarity had pulled out her design notebook and was doodling a new scarf, and many of the others colts and fillies were talking quietly as not to disturb their teacher. In fact only one filly was even paying attention to the film at all.

Roseluck’s eyes faded into soft focus as the flickering images were implanted in her brain. Every word was recorded from the description of the Celestial Mousetrap, to the delicacy that was the the Saddle Arabia Lagoon Lily. Every piece of flora became embedded in her mind and every second her mouth curved upwards little by little.

“The crown of the Canterlot Gardens is undoubtedly it’s collection of Everfree Roses,” The narration continued as the camera followed the narrator into an exquisite greenhouse, covered in rubies and sapphires. Roseluck perked up as the camera went inside. “The Everfree Rose is largely considered to be one of the most beautiful piece of flora in Equestria. Lovely in coloration, delicious in taste, and tantalizing in aroma, the Everfree Rose is truly wondrous.”

Roseluck found herself nodding in agreement as she gazed at the flowers on display. They were strangely beautiful; out of the speckled orange yellow bushes sprouted only a single blood crimson flower. However for such a large and ornate greenhouse Roseluck raised an eyebrow at the suspicious lack of actual flowers. In total there were only about five bushes and as such only five actual roses. “Why aren’t there more?” Roseluck whispered to herself.

“Unfortunately this beauty may be lost on our generation. The Everfree Rose has been nearly snuffed out by the over infestation of Poison Joke in the Everfree Forest. As such the Rose is the current number one on the Canterlot Herbology Association’s endangered plant list and is predicted to go completely extinct before the the end of the decade.”

Roseluck gasped loudly before being shushed by her neighboring classmates. She glared back before turning her focus back at the movie with pained eyes and a heavy frown.

“Under royal decree expeditions are sent out regularly however as of this recording only these three specimens have been found so far and brought to the Canterlot Gardens alive so far. Unfortunately the roses die quickly under pony care so it has become vital to build a stasis chamber to keep them healthy until we can learn how to properly take care of them. Until then the days for this beautiful specimen may be lost on ponykind for good...” The narrator continued before the movie stopped with a click.

“Alright class, that’s all the time we have for today. We’ll finish up the video on Monday and then start our lessons. Have a good weekend everypony!” Ms. Graphite said flicking on the lights and holding the door open. In an instant all the students flooded out into the world. Ms. Graphite let out a sigh before traveling back to her desk, slumping back in her chair, and grabbing the test she was grading. “Oh dear. Applejack, we simply must get you a tutor for these spelling-”

“Ms. Graphite!” Roseluck exclaimed, slamming her front hooves on her teachers desk.

“Gah!” Ms Graphite screamed scattering the papers on her desk around on the floor,”Oh, hello Roseluck. You had a question?”

“Yes, when was that movie made? Roseluck demanded giving her teacher a stern look.

“Excuse me?” Ms. Graphite responded, glancing to make sure no other students were still around, “I believe the school got that video about 2 years ago. Is there something wrong, sweetie?”

“Two years!” Roseluck boomed, “I’ve gotta go now!”

“Wait Roseluck what’s-” Ms Graphite started but Roseluck was already out the door. Ms. Graphite scratched her head. What has got into that filly?

* * *

Roseluck quickly dumped the can of water on the daisies in the front garden. She winced as she thought of her mom's reacting to their prized flowers being over-watered, but shook her head before going back to packing. A few slices of lettuce and an apple seemed like a good enough stash of rations that Orchid and Dande wouldn’t get mad at her for taking. She slid them into the plastic baggy next to her limited edition Daring Do helmet and hand drawn map of the Everfree Forest. She nodded at her amassed survival equipment before unceremoniously stuffing it into her saddlebags, putting on her helmet, and waltzing out the front door. She stopped to stick a small note on the front door.

Saving roses! Be back later. Roseluck.

Roseluck paused for a second to make sure the note stuck before dashing into town. She made it halfway through town before being stopped.

“Howdy Roseluck! What’s got you in such a rush?”

Roseluck froze slowly turning around to face the interloper. “Oh, hi, Applejack,” she muttered with a pained frown.

“What are ya’ll doing with them packed bags?” Applejack asked taking a step closer and peering into Roseluck’s saddlebags.

“Oh I was just.. going on an adventure,” she whispered her cheeks growing redder by the second.

“An adventure huh? Sounds mighty exciting. Anyways just came to tell ya that Pinkie and I are holding a little get together tomorrow and we’d be happy if ya’ll stopped by, ifn ya ain’t too busy,” Applejack said, beaming a smile.

“Okay,” Roseluck murmured, “I guess I’ll see you later.”

Applejack watched with a raised eyebrow as Roseluck slowly slunk away before turning around and galloping at full speed through town.

“No more distractions,” Roseluck whispered under her breath as she galloped towards the forest towering in the distance.

* * *

Roseluck sighed as she sat down and checked her map again. “How do I get out of here,” she wheezed. She had no clue how long she had been searching for, but for now, she wouldn’t mind if she continued tomorrow.


Roseluck’s head darted out of her map in an instant. “Hello?”

A harsh growl responded to her call. She trembled backing against a rock scanning for what was making the noise. The creatures snarls became louder and louder. Roseluck let out soft whimpers as her eyes scanned the treeline, latching onto the slightest movement. Quickly she became fixated on a bush, rustling off in the distance.

“H-hello?” she whimpered inching away from the rock and further away from the bush. “I-I’m sorry if I b-b-bothered you. I’ll be going now,” she continued shaking violently as she backed away from the bush. The growls however were only growing louder. Roseluck continued to back away as tears rolled off her cheek, the bush growing smaller in the distance. And then the forest fell silent.

Roseluck paused for a second trying to stop her shaking before letting out a deep breath. And then she felt it.

The timberwolf struck swiftly pouncing on the filly's back before tearing a large chunk of flesh from her haunches. Roseluck screamed in agony, bucking the beast off her in a swift kick before scrambling away into the trees. The timberwolf quickly pulled itself from the ground letting a snarling before chasing the trail of crimson into the forest.

To her credit, Roseluck certainly wasn’t the helpless prey the timberwolf had expected. Despite her injury she had managed to avoid the timberwolves follow up attacks. Unfortunately, the trail she was leaving behind her meant that the wolf was never lost for long and soon enough she ran out of places to run.

No!” Roseluck cried, bursting into tears as a large stone cliff obstructed her escape as she burst through a patch of bushes. She slowed down to a slow trot before slumping against the wall, eyes filled with fresh tears. The timberwolf bursted from the treeline soon after and Roseluck finally got a good look at her assailant.

The timberwolf was far thinner than the ones Ms Graphite had shown them in the textbook. It’s teeth were jagged and broken and its wood was quite rotten. It paced back and forth dark red eyes focused on Roseluck’s every action and keeping its distance as a red pool began to form under it’s prey.

Roseluck squeezed her eyes shut, unable to bear the pain any longer and buried her head in her hooves.

For what seemed like an eternity Roseluck sobbed into the blackness. The low growls of the timberwolf being the only other sound accompanying it.


Roseluck’s head darted up the same time the timberwolf spun around, both pair of eyes focusing on the large dark figured glaring at them through a thicket of bushes. The timberwolf growled at the figure, lowering it’s body and showing its teeth. Roseluck wiped the tears from her eyes as she watched as the timberwolf inched its way closer towards the figure growling and barking all the way. Slowly she began to trot slowly away. She was almost out of view when she heard a loud snap followed by a howl. See spun to see the timberwolf being dragged into the thicket by a scaly clawed hand. She resisted the urge to scream and galloped away as silently as she could manage, ignoring the sickening cracks behind her.

* * *

“I-I don’t feel so good,” Roseluck groaned. Her creamy coat was now painted in a sickening shade of maroon. Her head felt like somepony strapped it to Pinkie on sugar for an hour and she was quickly losing her balance. She stumbled forward a few more feet before unceremoniously emptying her stomach’s contents onto the grass, though in her current state the bad taste in her mouth was the least of her worries. She stumbled only a few more feet before her legs went numb and she suddenly found herself tasting the delectable Everfree grass. How am I not out of tears, she thought as fresh wetness doused her face. As her vision began to fade she noticed what fate had placed next her.

“There it is!” she exclaimed in a weak state of delirium as she dragged herself closer. A grin spread across her face as she noted the features. “A single red flower coming out of a healthy... brown... bush,” she muttered before going into a fit of coughs and sobs. She grabbed at the bush frantically, ignoring the cuts of the thorns looking for a single green leaf. Her vision was almost completely black when she lost consciousness the last thing she saw being the dying petals of the last Everfree Rose...

A flash encompassed the filly's dying body. Soon after another flash encompassed the rose bush.. Every flash was accompanied by a sharp breath and the sound of crackling leaves. Then all was silent.

* * *

“My word, I feel horrid. It’s like someone stretched my leaves out and covered me in tiny thorns.”

Roseluck’s eyes flew open. “Hello? Who’s there?” Roseluck shouted as she scampered back up to her hooves.

“Oh my, you can hear me? My word, it’s been forever since I’ve had an intelligent conversation. How long ago was since Orianna passed. Two or three years by now. My company has been scarce. Except for those cursed Poison-”

“Um excuse me, Miss?” Roseluck stammered still looking for the origin of the mysterious voice.

“Oh dear, I must have been rambling dear. I do apologize. My name is Zira and I am the last Everfree Rose.”

Author's Note:

It's been a long while since I've released anything and while I may always find some way to improve it I'm overall happy the way this turned out.

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I like it. Only a few problems I've run into, and here they are: "A flash encompassed the fillies dying body." Fillies should be filly's. There's only one of them and the filly owns the body, so filly should be singular and an apostrophe should be added before the 's'. "The timberwolf struck swiftly pouncing on the fillies back before tearing" same problem as before. "She winced as she thought of her moms reacting to their prized flowers being over-watered," Moms should be have an apostrophe between the last m and the s, so it should be mom's. "her escape as she bursted through a patch of bushes." Bursted should just be burst.

Ah! Excited to see you got this out, man. It's a good read. Interested to see how you're going to take it further from here!

Wow, this is actually quite good, except for one thing...
THE CLIFFHANGER!! :raritydespair:
Pleeeease make some more, after all, there aren't that many fics like this out there that capture my attention like this, despite only having one chapter.

Well now I just feel like I have to write once summer break starts (tomorrow if you were going to ask)

I'm pretty sure it's Zyra not Zira. It not only looks a lot better spelled that way, but that's how it's officially spelled. And yes, I know where you got Zyra and Orianna from.

SHHHH. I'm trying to create an Easter Egg here. And yes I know its y in the game but in the story I went with i. But In all honesty, the Graves pony as my icon gives everything away :rainbowwild:

2666178 Yeah, once I saw that icon I was like "he knows and plays it and still spelled it wrong?! FOOL! :flutterrage:

I love it. Also, I tried harder in /fic/. Check it out.

Kewl, continue soon NAO

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