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... Well... It's dark and disturbing... But my most significant emotion is... Confusion.

*5 Stars anyway*

What. The. Heck. :pinkiecrazy:
He killed her mother and the priest, and left his bones in the booth? :rainbowderp:

Not exactly my taste, but I find this one was a rather intriguing read. But this part was weird
"Forgive me father for I have sinned..."

What father? Are you sure he was referring to Celestia?

Overall 4/5 :twilightsheepish:

He's talking to the priest. That's how you start a confession


I *think* he killed his mother and the priest... but... I'm not sure, it's rather odd really. good emotion, but it could have been a little clearer as to what was going on.

Very strange, very chilling. Not bad at all. :)

208099 But the priest was dead! He was rotting, and his bones dry and brittle.


Any reason of not spelling it: komboloi?

So he kills his priest(who is also his biological father) and his mother on the night his "father" dies. And then vacates the church and leaves their bones there. And then uses it as his own personal confessional.

:twilightoops: Awesome

Just finished reading this with the following video playing.

You've earned a fave and follow. It was perfect.

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