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Twilight Sparkle decides to find out about this new book that's circulating around the Dragon Lands, so she orders a copy. As she's heard, it's a book about a parallel universe that acts kind of like a game.
What she fails to reckon is that dragons have their own type of magic, and although they can read the book without any trouble, ponies experience side effects.
And, as it just so happens, she decides that her friends would be interested in this book too, so she invites them over to read it with her.
It's going to be more exciting than any of them thought.

Crossover with the little-known MMO 'Oberin'.
A One-shot to keep me going.

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I must say, very nice job with this story. The character dialogue is very humorous and captures the personalities of the ponies very well. I would love to see a sequel, as I feel writing one myself would not do justice to your quality of writing. Also, I'm very surprised to hear about a Mac-only MMO; I'll have to check it out.

2342653 Yeah, the mac-only is probably the weirdest thing about Oberin(Even though it's possible to play it on Windows). In fact, that was how I found out about it. I was so stinkin' darn frustrated about making accounts on MMOs that eventually turned out to be Windows only, that I put into google: 'Mac only MMO'. And it was a good decision, because Oberin is awesome.

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