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A conference of foreign dignitaries due in Canterlot will be making a stop in Ponyville, making Twilight anxious at the prospect of embarrassing herself in front of Princess Celestia's very important guests. Now she's worried about not having enough food, or chairs, or that her tail is completely unkempt...

...and then she meets Larkspur.

Cover done by the ever-so-talented Ficficponyfic

Chapters (2)
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Arby #1 · Jan 21st, 2014 · · · Doe ·

loljk :scootangel:

Don't expect long explanations from her, Twilight. Teal Deer tend to be pretty brief.

I like it, I like it alot!

It's nice to remember Larkspur... Man, I can't believe how long those threads ended up going!

I hope you do decide to do more!

Yesssss.... Can't wait to see what happensssss!

Honestly larkspur is so adorable can't wait for more

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