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Pegasi fueled tornadoes are no joke, and require complete synchronization and teamwork. Even when everypony works together flawlessly, accidents can still happen and ponies can get hurt. Luckily that wasn't the case here... or was it?

Edited April 1st 2013 for paragraph spacing and general mistakes/rendundancies/tautologies/repetitions

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Great fic! You really got fluttershy's personality down. :yay: Yaaaay...!

I came expecting some sort of weather-related disaster. But this works too. :twilightsmile:

It's actually a pretty good slice-of-life story, building on the relationship between RD and Fluttershy. I'm impressed. Good story!

I feel for that bear, :fluttershyouch: I really do

Wouldn't she have been better off just going to the spa? One would think that Aloe and Lotus would know about wing cramps.

2274390 oh yeah? :fluttershyouch:


DANGIT :flutterrage:

I knew I was forgetting something. :facehoof:

does this take place during lesson zero???

2277159 No, it specifically takes place the day after Hurricane Fluttershy.

This was a good read :twilightsmile:

I have to admit, I kind of felt bad for Fluttershy. :fluttershysad:

2338572 Thanks!

It's alright, Fluttershy's tougher than she looks. :yay:

Different character speaking = different paragraph. It's really hard to read as is, can't tell who is speaking when. Aside from that, I didn't notice too much else. It's good, but the paragraph thing is bugging me.

2350988 Yeahhhhhhhhhh I've been meaning to fix it but I've been pre-occupied with other projects. Once I finish my latest chapter I'll go back and fix the spacing here!

The bath scene is sick!
Cringing the entire time :applejackconfused:

For goodness sake she never thought of asking a doctor. Twilight is very smart but she isn't experienced enough to understand what she is doing and the local hospital has probably treated all sorts of conditions for ponies and would have been able to help easily.

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