• Published 16th Mar 2013
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Every Night After - General_Darkfang_NLR

As Equestria is once more shrouded in eternal night, the very land begins to die. One lone mare desperately tries to hold an entire nation, and herself, together.

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Meeting the Locals

Shining stepped out onto the platform first, breathing in deeply the crisp night air. It was so much purer here, he quietly reflected, away from the crowded halls and rooms of the palace. As he did the rest of the squadron orderly filed out of the car, forming into a straight line along the length of the transit car. Then their Wing Commander Spitfire, former Captain of the Wonderbolts herself, came to a stop beside him.

“What are your orders, sir?” She asked him. Unlike the rest of her ponies she stood at ease, knowing full well that they did not need to be so formal with one another.

“We're going to leave four of the ponies behind to guard the car. Then have five of your best scouts go on ahead of us to the town, but tell them to be subtle. There is no need in making our presence known before we arrive.” He replied.

Without hesitation she turned to her men and relayed the orders. The five scouts took to the air as Shining, Spitfire, and the other 16 troops slowly made their way toward the town. As they walked Spitfire spoke up, her voice concerned.

“Sir, pardon me for asking but, what exactly are we doing all the way out here? It's not exactly as if the town needs assistance with anything.”

Without stopping he replied, his voice calm. “Don't apologize Spit, it's only natural to be curious. We are here because... well because of a 'gut feeling'.” He paused for a moment in speaking, his voice suddenly troubled. “And even though it has never let me down before... I am hoping it's wrong this time.”

Spitfire nodded and continued on, not needing any other answer. A soldier's life hung on so called 'gut feelings'. If something didn't feel right, then it probably wasn't, and not trusting that feeling could get you killed. As they continued on toward the town it started to rain, and Spitfire began to have such a feeling herself. Something was wrong. Where was everypony else? Why were there no lights in any of the windows? And why the buck hadn't the scouts reported in...

“Sir..?” She started to ask, but was cut off by a nod from Shining.

“I know. Get ready.” Was all he said. Then, as if on cue to his words, it all went to Hell.

With a cry black armored ponies came rushing out from behind buildings, their swords raised high in attack. They all wore the regalia of Nightmare's troops, their polished black helms hiding their identities. Not that it really mattered anyway.

Shining barked out an order and eight ponies swung around to face the attackers on the right, while the other eight faced the ones on the left. Even though they were outnumbered they had the advantage of months of training.

The first few of the black clad troops foolishly rushed the line of armored Pegasi on the right, only to be swiftly cut down as they came within striking range. Shining allowed himself to flash a grim smile under his golden helm. Perhaps it wasn't as bad as it looked, after all if things went the same from here on the battle would be over very quickly. He was about to order Spitfire's troops to advance when two ponies stepped out from what looked to be a building made entirely out of candy. What in the name of Tartarus..?

One pony was clad in a dark robe, with a dark violet mane billowing out from beneath their helm. The robe, as well as the small horn protruding from a slit in their dark helm with white coat, signified them as a spell caster.

The second pony, whose mane seemed to be a light pink, stood next to her in the usual black armor. However, unlike the rest of Nightmare's troops, this one carried two knives in either pink hoof.

Upon seeing the two ponies the attacking forces became more organized, beginning to surround the double line of troops in a circle of black. Shining knew if they let that happen it would be over. They could not defend against a simultaneous attack on all sides for long.

Butting Spitfire with his head he pointed to the spell caster, who was now on their hind legs with their hooves in the air. Without a word Spitfire nodded, acknowledging the silent command. With a leap she took to the air, speeding toward the unicorn in a golden flame-like blur. However the armored pony next to her intervened. They... They jumped half way across the clearing towards Spitfire? How the buck was that even possible?! There was a terrible crash as the two ponies collided, and the two fell hard onto a dark blue tiled roof. There was no time for thought. Shining broke from the rest of the troops and charged the spell caster, his strong legs carrying him across the distance swiftly.

The spell caster saw this, and quickly pointed a hoof in Shining's direction. With a yell a dark blue bolt of lightning shot out from their hoof and arched towards the charging Shining. Quicker than should have been possible, Shining erected a magical shield around himself to ward off magical attack. He was however unprepared for the force behind the strike, which shattered his shield if it were made of glass, forcefully knocking the golden helmet from his head. But he did not once stop his charge.

Not giving the unicorn time to react he reached the stairs, and used them to swing his hind legs around. In one swift motion he bucked the spell caster with his hind legs, putting all his strength behind the strike. The sheer force of the strike sent the unicorn flying through the air, only to crash against the wall with a large bang. Growling as the pain from hitting armor, even the simple chain mail beneath the dark robe, with his bare hooves lanced through his hindquarters, he went up to the now unconscious unicorn, drawing a gold dagger from his belt. It was time to put an end to this. Raising the deadly blade into the air he prepared to bring it down though the unicorn's heart... only to stop at the sound of a terrified shriek.

“Stop it Shining! Don't kill her!” Cried a voice from behind him. He knew that voice.

It couldn't be...

Dumbfounded he turned around to see who had spoken, only to realize the voice had originated from one of the black armored ponies. All of the enemy had stopped their assault, laying their weapons down in surrender. The pony who had cried out was now slowly approaching shining, her empty hooves raised up in surrender. As she drew nearer Shining could hear sobs coming from the mare, and he thought he saw...

Oh no! Oh no no no! This wasn't happening.

The pony slowly drew off her helmet, revealing a long flowing pink mane with a yellow tear-stained muzzle.

It was Fluttershy.

“Please don't kill my friend...” She cried, rushing over to the fallen spell caster.

Shining watched in horror as Fluttershy removed the spell caster's helm, knowing all too well what he would find. There at his hooves, unconscious and bloody but still very much alive, lay Rarity. Looking back to the other troops he saw them removing their helmets as well, revealing them to be the other townspeople. Applejack was among them, as was Pinkie Pie whose battered body was being dragged along by a not so better looking Spitfire. In the distance he could just barely make out the five missing scouts leading a group of black armored Pegasi toward them. At their head was a badly injured Rainbow Dash.

With eyes filled with fear, and a voice full of dread Shining spoke in barely a whisper.

“Celestia help us.”

Author's Note:

Ahh Ladies and Gentle Colts,
The first story in the series written by yours truly~


*Comments are very appreciated, and I will reply to as many as possible

** If anyone would like to apply to be a potential editor for the upcoming chapters I would appreciate it, as my grammar is... inadequate. To say the least.
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Kudos to G33kySt3v3 for editing this chapter. They will be editing chapters from now on for me, and I am super grateful for their help ^^

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