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A bro, who sparkles.


I was bored, and wrote something I'm sure most of you could see coming from a mile away. Zecora has always had a problem with certain words, and this is quite a pain to her, especially when it comes to her favorite fruit.

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This is funny, man....frikkin hell....I got the giggles now. Dammit, I'm never getting to sleep, am I?

Putting orange into a rhyme isn't so hard,
'tis a secret known to any good bard.
If you wish to make poetry on the dime,
Just make sure orange isn't the word you rhyme.


I once had a succulent and ripe orange,
But alas! My nephew stuck it into my door hinge.
T'was a day of great rejoicing and terrible woe,
Because it was then I learned words that rhyme only have to flow.

Challenge completed.

Edit: Needed more pomp and circumstance.

Ctrl A, Ctrl C, Ctrl V.


Well they all can't be rhymes.:twilightsheepish:

Nice Idea for such an original story.:twilightsmile:

A funny little story about a zebra's worst foe,
A word that cannot be rhymed, no matter which way you go.
Although, a word to the wise on rhyming with silver:
A female lamb can be known as a chilver!

You know, she could've just used the name of the type of orange, such as satsuma, tangerine, or mandarin.

Why are all the little stories I write when I'm bored the ones everyone likes? Maybe I should stop thinking, it seems to work better. :pinkiesmile:

Comet burst had it right about the orange's flow
But the rhymes so far have done nothing but blow
Let the primo chocolate pony show you how it goes
When he lets loose a rhyme that knocks you off your toes

Brosparkles: dilemma, not dillema. (di, two, plus lemma, something assumed true. Thus a choice between two incompatible assumptions.)

You really think orange sounds like or-inge? No no no no.

I do live in the Sunshine state
Where I have an orange tree outside my front gate.
Words can be hard to rhyme, like this vile foe
But there is more than one way to pronounce the word, you know.

Orange is two syllables. Or*ange. The A sound can be one of two ways, thanks to the inconsistency of the English language, making it either stressed or ignored. The stressed A has no rhyme, but the ignored A can be rhymed.

You mistake me, dear sir, for I just write for fun.
All I do is joke and make a silly pun.

You know, there's something I've always wondered about Zecora: does she make a conscious effort to rhyme, or is it habitual?

I mean, from this fic, one would have to assume the former, but that just begs the question... why?

The one I point to with hoof
you insidious doof.

Best character and best fruit? Here's my fav.

Zecora and Oranges are awesome. Hell, all citrus fruits are amazing in both taste and smell.

2260341>>2260591 Thanks to both of you for pointing that out, it should be fixed now. :twilightsmile: EDIT: Derp, still didn't fix it for weeks after I said i'd fixed it.

There is NOTHING in the English language that rhymes with orange or silver.


Sporange rhymes with orange.

Pilfer is an imperfect rhyme with silver.

4691634 Is sporange a real word?

4692741 Yes, it's the part of plants and fungi that forms spores.


Yeah, what Brosparkles said. The ninja. :rainbowlaugh:

Never link to Funnyjunk pictures. They don't allow hotlinking images. :unsuresweetie:

btw, full pic of your cover, rather than the google cache version you put as image source:

Now why does no one ever think of that?

Author Interviewer

That was funnier than I had expected. :)

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