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This is a pony adoptition (NOT a troll fic u haters!! bcuz my OC is ALICORN not a troll!) of the best fanfic ever written except the original was too dark an goffik. So now it's abt sports and MEdal is Miss Harshwhinny's son. He does sports things and inspects cities for the inter Equestrian games. With his friends and sometimes his mom.

Written for the best group on FIMFiction which is about the best pony on FIMFiction! (But Medal is just as awesome too)

Also -> As seen on the Pony Friction Vault!!! w/ interview

Also also -> listen 2 dramantic reading by Skirider!!! (charp. 1-7) oH mY bUCKING aLICORN thx u

Alsalsalso <- now w/ith gUEST arthur Furzebert who is mUCH betar arthur then Madny!!!!!!! he ficced sum crapters.

Alsalsasalsaso --> MiSTificated with commentation by Thethorglame which it has swears so that means he liked it! Part 1 and Part 2

Also sports

Chapters (20)
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Comments ( 174 )

This fic makes Dostoyevsky look like a monkey flinging fecal matter at the backside of a restaurant placemat.

My body was not prepared for this.

That loks like useful referends thread 4 usful references but wats a colaca


noobody ever teaks off the meddles that wud be sick n wrong

'Colaca' is one of the leading brands of soda pop in Equestria.

oK 4 srs…… ponis r fked up if they ptu cola in ther things

but I fic the tru poni sexs so I will write that

Oh God, why?

I am torn between hysterical laughter and weeping. I had plans to write some existential horror. Now I know what it feels like.

I think I'm having a bad Fimfiction day.

Would you like to know something terrible? Truly awful? Today, I've read six stories: three from the feature box, one TVTropes recommendation, a blog comment by GhostOfHeraclitus, and this.

Excepting the blog comment, this is the best of them. Not because it's terrible. Because the prose is simple enough that it doesn't shatter under its own weight. Yes. I said it. Horizon rewriting "My Immortal" is, unironically, a better story than things appearing in the feature box. I can't even flame you properly, because this isn't bad enough to deserve it. I'm developing a newfound appreciation for the artistic merits of Legolas by Laura.

ok wen I sed "give me soem flames" it wuz a joke :applecry: :applecry: :applecry:

ow my ego

Dear Sir / Madam:

My name is Skywriter and I represent the legal counsel of General Mills, Inc. Your work of fiction "My Harshwhinnial", contains an unauthorized and irrevocably damaging use of our trademarked property, "Wheaties" (cereal). This blog comment will serve as a cease and desist request. We request that you cease development of this fic if you are unable to remove any materials that might contain reference to General Mills, Inc. products or related elements from this site and any site under your control and furthermore request you cease your unauthorized use of General Mills, Inc. trademarked properties.

Otherwise, great story!


Dear Skywriter:

This blog post will serve as a cease and desist request. We request that you stop calling us injurious names. Your continued use of derogatory monikers in reference to us is irrevocably damaging to our feels. We request that you immediately cease adding comments to this thread that make us all sad.

I'm confused. What happens if you keep princesscorning ponies? Does it just go back and forth like that or are their further tiers that we just haven't seen yet?

I'd personally like to be repeatedly princesscorned.

Comment posted by horizon deleted Mar 16th, 2013
Comment posted by horizon deleted Mar 16th, 2013

Hey there — Horizon's editor Baxil here. That's actually a really good question! I don't know if Horizon plans to cover it in the story but I'll start a thread in the HW forums to discuss it.

hay NERD u has 2 rede my latstest A/N
HAHAAAA c u cant sue mi intrenet law now

um iunno

ok i guess u tlak their

Yay, I'm, uh, helping? I think? :rainbowhuh:

I'd read the story linked in the description but I'd hate for spoilers.

Masterfully played, Nightmare Discord. This is clearly the villain at the height of his powers. Let's hope that this is a ruse, though; I want a happy ending after all we've been through with these characters!

their r noo spolars in mY iMmoral i dunno think it evan has cars

RUSE?!?!?! y u no thank my fic is suprising enuf :applecry: u hart me w/ith ur flames

FINE!!! i show u in next carpther!! :rainbowdetermined2:

Is "rarisection" when you take apart a Rarity?

RareMeddle is best ship, unless they can have a threesome with an earth pony, because then it would be RareEarthMeddle, and I confess I've always been fond of Ytterbium.

Huh, the story appears to have taken an turn into postmodern surrealism. (That means it's Legit Art now, guys!)

2295132 2298440
Hai guyz im balk from my tripe…… I cant not meak sexs w/ith the Raricron bcuz my STOPPID SISTER KILLD HER… sry :applecry: No rarisections no moar

i dont get ti is ytrium earth poni naem and Meddle w/tih earth poni EWWWWWWWWWWWW GROSS :pinkiesick:

sry i nto haeving good dya thx 2 STUPAD SITTSR :fluttercry: :flutterrage:

Was thsi nerd flamme? Bcuz u need 2 flambe MOAR sence this si carpter from STUPUID SISTR AARARARHGRHGH


i fax this i prombise :applecry:

You could resurrect her. I mean, anything's possible with the imagination, right?

I hope this guest author stays forever! She makes great plot decisions and is in all ways superior to previous, more inferior authors!



Logically, it makes sense for me to rescind my comment rather than face death.

plz donot rescind commant…… u alridy scind it 1ce… && i c it then

i stil confussd… how i rarisect her if seh died? Is'nt that necrofillya??? ew

I honestly have no idea where to even start.

That's it boys, Lets pack up and go home. There is no hope for the rest of us now!:twilightoops:

I got as far as 'Chapetr 2' and lost it. XD

As soon as I saw what fanfic this was based off of, I knew. I just fucking knew.

2320357 Woww dis srtory is terrible!? grammammar's iz sooo bayd tht eye ciried.

(godl bar meenz eyem prfessional brony. Deel wit it.))

When can we expect to see this on EQD so I can tell the plebeians who flock to this work of obvious and epic quality that I liked it before it was cool?

This is the greatest thing I have ever read.

I give up at pone horse words

you win

I love you

Keep doing this

This Lunarcorns is best Lunarcreonz

From now on when I think of art, this will come to mind. When I think of perfection, this will be all I can imagine. This is everything I strive for in my writing.

Well, the chapter length makes it easy to read

Hang on a minuets. If'n ya'll do something purposefully not mainstream, does that not, in itself, make it mainstream to begin? And then, what is this stuff here writ, monsieur JJoyce, eh? Alas, Tolstoy more prevails on me, ya know? But see, see,seeseee, here, this aint so hard as it all seems yet to be, if hard it doth appear(??): andyone with ADHD can simply do this all just like that, I mean, I myself do had ADHD, and I can write just liek this. It's very modern though, very Joyce. Very mainstream.... It has that "perpetual entertainment" to it. Lo, here I ramble, if only for rambling's sake, and in some way mean ill, though I don't intentionly mean it: I mean only a strange, round about inquiry into this story. Alas, I can get it easily enough, but where's the truth?.....:applejackunsure::trollestia: Why am I here??:ajsleepy::derpytongue2:

2355982 wat did u loose? i hope u fond it agan

2356805 2357366
+2 postive revues :yay: :yay: AT +10 i FIC NEW CARPTER!
……I guess bcuz thats' how "My immoral "does it

Btu how can u b perfectional brony if u NERD FLAME me????? Ow my ego :applecry:

Fic is 2 HOTT 4 EQASTRA DOILY! I submint it && they say sexs is 2 sexy! They're loss :scootangel:



r u 1 of Mandys freinds?

ur quastion make my brane hurt but i think u define "manestream" in parodicxial way liek, set which has all sets it dosent' has… they were making nerd bla blahblah abt that in Miss Harshwhinnny Best Pony poll thrad

2359765 em perfectiomal brownee cuz neighm haz gowld bar.

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