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I'm an irritating fangirl who also writes. A lot of my stuff is sad. I am sometimes overly sex-positive, so if you are sex-negative, I might have called you an elitist taint jockey. Sorry about that.


An entry for the 300 Member Writing Competition.

The theme I picked was 'Why Did You Do That?'

The main character of this story, Rose Water, is one of the main characters from my currently-in-editing FO:E sidefic, Long Shadows. These events are from before the events in LS.

Chapters (1)
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That was awesome! Fuuck.. I looking toward fic with her. Hope she will find some happyness, what she deserve. :twilightsmile:

Aww, thanks! I'm glad you liked it.

Yeah, Rose is introduced in the second chapter of Long Shadows, and she plays a pretty major role in the whole thing. (Which is good, because the main character in LS is kind of taxing to write. Hopefully the whole thing ends up being entertaining to read, though.)

*Claps* Very well done for your first chapter! That was a really nice read, and I wish you luck as you continue to write this story! :twilightsmile:

(Yay! Another FoE writer who writes in third person!)


Aww, thank you! ^.^

This isn't the first chapter, though. Long Shadows is...longer, to state the obvious. :rainbowderp:

Rose shows up in chapter 2 of LS. The events in this story aren't shown in LS, but they're hinted at in a few places. (Flapjack's probably going to make an appearance much further down the line, too.)

I'm hoping to have a couple chapters of Long Shadows up soon. I'm not as good with long-form story as I am with shorts, though -- fair warning. :)

remember your space after your illipses, because they look so much better that.way


Apparently style marched on without me. I'd never seen that used before in published fiction, from what I could tell, but now I have a lot of those to fix! ^.^ Thank you!

I think it is because it ain't a rule as such, but just more or less the norm when you write on the net becaue of the way a computer cut up words, and if your illipsis don't have a space after them does the computer think that it is one long word... yea computers are so "funny" at times


The ebook copy of the Chicago Manual Of Style shows a space between each period and each letter of the preceding and following word, so that's what I did.

I have been accused of being a little . . . perfectionistic, at times. But I'll get used to it. :)

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