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For a long time, ValleyClan and WoodClan have lived in peace, only quarreling over such as boundaries and 'stolen prey'. However, prey has been disappearing and cats have been fighting even more. In this chaos, the medicine cats and their leaders discover a prophecy:
"At the peak of chaos, six will become one and hope will return."
During this, in a different world, the Mane 6 decide to spend the night outdoors. The later awake to find themselves in a new land...

I do not own the Warriors series, nor anything of MLP FiM. They belong to their rightful owners.

*This is a fan-fiction crossover of Warriors and MLP FiM. I have made up the Clans and the cats within them (unless I accidentally use a copyrighted warrior name, I'm sorry) but I do not own My Little Pony or anything related in any way.*

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Hmm. Definitely done better than most of the Warriors crossovers I've seen. Still, it could use some
work. I commend your ability to invent two entirely new clans full of cats, but some of the names come too close to cats in the actual series. Another thing that caught my attention was how fast Flamestar accepted six new cats into the clan. That scene could have been fleshes outmore than it was Anywho, impressive star, you many of these crossovers. I sahll be eager to see where this goes.:twilightsmile:

2264617 Thanks :derpyderp1: But I do know that some things need working on. I may or may not later add a type of allegiances (like in the Warriors books) before the prologue and I may revise some parts. But thanks for letting me know about the name issue, and I'll try to work on that. Thanks again! :pinkiehappy:

2265450 there was really only one name that really stuck out: Flamestar.

2269154 Okay, I'll work on that. (Note: Just in case, he was not meant to be like Firestar :twilightsheepish: ) Thanks once more! :ajsmug:

Y U MAKE DIS SO SHERT :flutterrage: :raritycry:

2299203 It's not done yet :applejackconfused:

2302743 I know but this chapter was so short :raritycry:

2302890 I know :ajsleepy: but I have been thinking about adding a little more to it or starting the next chapter soon. :raritywink:

SOMEONE HAS A CRUSH, SOMEONE HAS A CRUSHH! :yay: Unless it something different.... :unsuresweetie:

2307829 No, no, you got it right :derpytongue2:

this is kinda short,but still pretty good.:pinkiesmile:

2307855 whats with the sadish pinkamena face?:rainbowhuh:

2308040 Dunno :applejackunsure: But it had a smile yet sad, so I chose it. Don't ask why I do somethings because I will not know. :derpyderp2:

Methinks Rarity makes for a rather poor warrior. Like cloudtail was back when he was a 'paw

2327310 For now, that's the plan; that she isn't really the best warrior/apprentice :rainbowwild: In the show of FiM she does seem like she wouldn't be the best warrior but she also wouldn't be a bad one (my opinion) :raritywink:

Wow this was great! so far.
You've honed into the ponies personalities and also brought in the knowledge of the clans! congrats! :raritystarry:
You get the derp face of approval: :derpytongue2:
You also get to see my feelings about when I read about the kits;
Dont cry...:fluttershysad:
Dont cry...:fluttercry:
DONT CRY...:fluttershyouch:
*five minutes later*
THEY'RE ALIVE! :pinkiehappy:

2334563 Thanks! :pinkiehappy: It's great to know you like it so far! :twilightsmile:

I love both MLP and Warriors! Love it!!!!!!:derpytongue2:

2335721 I recommended it to my bud because she is both a pegasister and a warriors fan so...
:pinkiehappy: for you!
(by the way, I have the steampunk Pinkie Pie you have as your avatar as my phone background)

2335934 Glad you like it! :raritystarry:

2335989 Sooooooo............ When's the new chapter comin' out? :pinkiecrazy: It says it's incomplete, so I just figured that there's going to be a new chapter.

2336009 I usually do new chapters every day to one week, depending on how motivated I am to doing a chapter at that time or day :derpyderp1: However, I should make Chapter 8 later tonight, tomorrow, or the day after :pinkiesmile:

2307829Wait wait wait wait wait wait.... Who has a crush on who now? :pinkiegasp:

2336025Thanks! Sorry if you feel like I'm taking up your doing this and all (because I hate it when I do that:rainbowwild:) But what pony is what warrior? I mean like how Fluttershy is Brightfeather. I forgot the rest! :facehoof:

2336077 You're not taking up my doing this :twilightsmile: Also, for I while I also had trouble remembering which pony was which warrior :applejackconfused: But there are some ways you can use to remember, like thinking about the names and the pony's names; Icefur being Rarity because Rarity had a white coat, and cats with Ice in their name in warriors usually being white furred :raritywink: Appleheart shouldn't be too hard to remember as Applejack because Applejack works on Sweet Apple Acres; Duskshine being Twilight because she can be she is purple coated as a pony and dusk is kind-of-sort-of purple and blue-gray is slightly close to purple ! You can probably guess the others by now but I will let you know if you want me to and now this comment IS VERY LONG :rainbowderp:

2336112Thanks! Yeah, we all have those ' Oh great, this is a long comment' moments! :twilightoops:

2336136 You are very welcome! :twilightsmile: And yeah, long comment moments... they're long. :applejackunsure:

2336049 pretty sure spottednose has a crush or something like that on brightfeather :derpytongue2:


2336208 Well, I was kind of a mousebrain not to see that! Thanks!

Liked, faved, and tracked. Don't see nearly enough of warrior cats on fimfiction. Like your writing style alot. One thing I could say is longer chapters would be appreciated.
An avid reader

What a wonderful FIRST story. This is the FIRST crossover of warrior cats I have seen here.

2339620 Thank you for the feedback! :pinkiehappy: I usually try to have at least 475 words so that the chapter isn't tiny like a speck but I'll have to raise that minimum a bit if I want to make longer chapters :twilightsheepish:

Guess what? Guess what?:pinkiehappy: I'm making a song about this fimfic, just because I'm bored and have no life!!!:derpytongue2: It's called "Meeting in the Middle" and it's going to be posted on YouTube when I'm done with it! (<- This deserves a 'yay'!:yay:) It's not done yet so don't waste time to go look for it!:raritywink:

OMIGAWSH!!!! I just realized that the name of this story is my YouTube username!!!!!! :rainbowderp:

- Bye!

2339643 Very interesting :duck: ( :yay: ) I'll keep watch for it :pinkiehappy: And, that's so weird yet cool yet awesome and other things that the book is also your YouTube username :moustache:

2339660Thanks! I think you'll like it. I don't know. Maybe....... Well anyways! Hope you like it when it comes out!!!!!:twilightsmile:

2339718 Oh my gosh! I am so sorry! I didn't ask if I could do the song! :fluttercry:

2339841 :rainbowlaugh: It's alright; I don't mind whether you make it or not :raritywink:

YYYYAAAAAYYYY!!!!!! Chapter 9!!!!! :yay:

2349588 :derpytongue2: And there may (or may not; I do not know) be Chapter 10 later today. But I don't know yet.

I know this is getting old, but THIS IS SO AWESOME!:yay:

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