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After Twilight randomly attacks Canterlot the place is in shambles. Her friends, Celestia, Luna and Discord must find her and bring her back. But not all is as it seems. Times are changing, and the brittle façade of peace in Equestria is wavering.

Continuation to Equestria Needs Saviors. You should probably read that to figure out what is going on thus far.

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And so it begins, nice chapter btw and happy birthday

Feliz cumple años amigo. Dude you seriously need a pre-reader.

2339954 Thanks man. I hope it gets the feeling that its going to be big. :twilightsmile:

2340121 Yeah I wish. Any ideas on where to get one? :rainbowderp:

2340808 that group you're a part of would probably be a good place to start

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