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[NOTE: Will be majorly overhauled and renovated in years to come. Currently on Hiatus for "A World Apart"]

With the seeds of disharmony and hate slowly growing, Discord becomes stronger and stronger, and the griffons are ready to take Equestria's fertile lands by force once their disunity makes them weak enough to be overpowered in war.

The world, technology, ponies, griffons, and the mane 6 will all be taken to their very limit, and then further, and further still until they break, so they can become the best, to do the impossible, and to stop the inevitable war.

Their weaknesses and shortcomings must be burned out, grievances cast aside, and the friendships forged in fire, and hardened like steel, or else the entire world will fall into war and chaos.

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I guess EASA here means: Equestrian Aeronautics and Space Agency

I'm so going to read this! We need more space ponies now that Our First Steps is finished. (Goodness I loved that so much. Even if it didn't answer some questions. Like what WAS that facility doing out there? Who were those strange guards?)

I'll have to carve some time to read this. I'm so far behind on my fanfic reading.

967243 oooh, close. "Equestrian AeroSpace Agency". Though they're really about equal. I just used EASA instead of ESA because the ESA is the European Space Agency, lol.


"Our First Steps" - that sounds interesting. I'll be sure to look it up some time, and I assure you, I've got a plotline written up, and I intend to leave no loose ends with this one, and I'm very pleased with what I have planned, and can't wait to get it written and published! :twilightsmile:

I'm confused. Half of this chapter is written in third person perspective, and the other half in first person. The switch is very jarring and disconcerting. Twilight's letter was also a bit sloppier than I would have imagined, and Luna not knowing the meaning of the phrase "to come together" was quite odd.

I'm still going to keep reading, but some of this is more confusing than it should be.

May the Grace of the Valar Protect You

Shire Folk

Is it a nuke? Please tell me its a nuke.

Am I crazy in thinking that Gilda was flying something similar to a MiG? :pinkiecrazy:

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