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Chapter II is THE most drama I've ever written

Princess Luna had it all, being a princess. But when she realizes she has feelings for one of her guards, she has to live down the shame of dating him openly. And a certain little author of a "factual" book will definitely be taken down along the way.

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Comments ( 12 )

Pretty good, yo :pinkiehappy:
I like the picture, by the way. Very well done

This deserves a track. From many ponies.
Watch, it'll get featured.

540325Thanks, it took over an hour and a half so, you know. :yay:

540419Really? That would be so cool! After the last chapter I got busy and I started avoiding the story:fluttershysad: but I wanna work on it again:scootangel:

I will tell you this; if it makes me want to read the next chapter, then its good:twilightsmile:

I just have to say, no matter how many downvotes the haters give, this story is great, and deserves another chapter. And you don't want to know what will happen if there isn't another chapter...:pinkiecrazy:

554127 I'm making chapter lll:pinkiehappy: It's just taking a VERY long time. . .

You should really rename this, There's already a masterpiece going by the same name and the title will piss people off. Not saying it's bad, just that people WILL dislike it based on the title alone. Which is grossly unfair.

EDIT: Just realized this was 8 weeks ago. Sorry about this.

Fave'd and tracked, keep up the good work.
BTW i just finished chapter 1 on a crossover of halo and MLP, I think you should check it out.

1194814 Oh, wow. Thank you!:pinkiehappy: This pleases me!:twilightsmile:
What's the halo crossover called, though?:unsuresweetie:

Celestia is stupid heres why:

Has knowlage that one page about Luna is fake -> reads another about Luna -> believes the second one is real

1874725 And this is why Luna is best princess

Dude your doing really well but could you please make the chapters longer? Other than that , great job! :twistnerd::moustache:

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