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Spike is curious about other dragons, and so he turns to Twilight for a lesson. She's got just the thing he needs - a book on dragons, of course!

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♫♥I look forward to reading what happens next in your story♥♪

*In a bad Yoda voice*
A very interesting premise, you have.
Wait to see what comes next, I can't.

That's a lovely story. I've always wondered where Spike's egg came from. You'll write more, I hope.

TIs is awesome, FYI.

My ass has finally decided to read this fanfic!

It hungers... for mooooore.


Interesting. I gather this is pre Secret of my Excess, or will it be explained that Spike's rapid growth was never seen before and therefor not in the book?

"Dealing With Wild Dragons" should be italic, and its "With" should be lowercase.

"Twilight closed her book" needs to be preceded by an indentation and another line break, as does "Twilight sat thinking".

Man, do you know that you can use the Tab key to make an indentation? It's more reliable than hitting the spacebar eight times; look at the size of the eight spaces before "Twilight looked at the worry on Spike's face"!

this is amazing i wish you to continue this

and possibly write an actual guide to dragons :trollestia:

"A Pony's Guide to Dragon Companions" Spike continued reading aloud
Check out date yadda yadda turn in ..............date yadda yadda Rarity ?

"Hey Twilight Rarity's had this book about fifty times, Wa sup with that?":moustache:
:raritywink::heart::moustache: Spike!:facehoof:

Just stumbled across this story while browsing through the FimFics with the lowest ID numbers. The grammar's a little sloppy in a couple of places, but overall, you were off to a pretty good start!

I know you haven't logged on since 2018, but if you ever decide to continue this, you've certainly caught my attention...

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