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after falling in love and having a small filly, life is hard, especially for teenage parents with apple cutie marks.

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My Little Pony: Capitalization is Magic.

2274969 :rainbowlaugh:
I think your comment is better than the stroy

2274969 not sure if insulting or not...

xDan #4 · Mar 16th, 2013 · · 2 ·

my little pony: capitalization is magic


Applejack and Big Macintosh are canon brother and sister.
Apple Bloom is their little sister.
They have canon parents, who are (canon implied) deceased.
So...yeah....I'm not sure how to even react to this. You pretty much completely ignored the canon. At least add an "Alternate Universe" tag if you want to do that.
Plus the spelling/grammar/capitalization errors... :facehoof:

2275171 ok I will add a tag, and thank you for giving me advice rather than just disliking and leaving

2275158 ok...repeat a comment...for no reason...


You're welcome. If you can, try and get an editor to help you. There are groups for proofreaders and people who are looking to edit/pre-read fics.

2275171 also the grammar take that up whit my editor

xDan #10 · Mar 16th, 2013 · · 1 ·

Are you really dense enough to not see the joke?

2275230 are you really stupid enoth to post a comment twice?

I'm the proof reader and corrector. Explain my errors, if my grammar is insulting such audience, I apologise.

I, however, do see the joke how you address yourself with a TF2 profile picture in an MLP forum

2275294 best...girlfriend/editor ever....


if there is an issue with proof reading, I should've been contacted directly. Not you

2275316 to be fair, I should link you in the story.

So you're saying that everyone MUST have a picture of a pony on a pony website. What are the repercussions for not having one?

2275497 looking like a idiot?

I'm really not sure if I should explain it to you.


I'm talking about the picture in general. It is your face on Medic's body. The content looks humorous, therefore, I claim it to be a joke.

2275525 but to be honest it is not your pic that makes you look like an idiot its your personality.

It's not mine, actually, it's knighty's

Well, ain't that fine and dandy?

2275549 you have a pic off someone else's face on your profile...dude that's creepy!

I could say the same for you.

2275565 uhhhhhhh...how? i only have one pic..of a pony

Yeah, I know! Putting a picture of a children's TV show as your avatar is incredibly creepy, man!

if you will criticise someone else, make sure you know your own errors first. Otherwise, you are no better. And for one, your attitude had been more repulsive than the subject of the fanfic

2275573 it is a MLP site also what do you assume my age and gender is

Fair point. Counter point: Why should I care what other people think about my attitude and general way of self-expression? If I should be ridiculed, then by that logic every person on this site is just as bad as me. Take you, for example - although you might see yourself in one way, I, as well as any other person, could see you as the most detestable and vile piece of wretched filthy scum to ever inahbit this universe. But I do not. Rather, I see you as a level-headed person who is defending the author for whatever reason and does not understand the intended irony of an capitalization title regarding capitalization. What is your point in saying this?

The intended audience of the show: a small girl.

2275606 two thing I am NOT a SMALL girl (well I am a girl) and she is sticking up for me because she is a devoted and kind girlfriend, something I expect you to without.

that's what people saw it as.

2275616 alternate universe head cannon...

What? Please elaborate.

2275630 what do you mean...I am insulting you...that is all

my point is that any criticism and appreciation deserve explanation, which is something you didn't offer

2275646 that tends to be what people do in an argument.

What argument?

please, guys, this argument is getting nowhere. Derpylicious, you have been told about your mistake and corrected yourself. Dan, I understand your point, but I'd like you two to forgive and forget about this.
Isn't this what MLP is about?

This is completely irreverent but your profile pic cracks me up. Not sure why, but if you added the word "wat" to the pic it would be even funnier. :rainbowlaugh:

LOL i have to agree with that


If you're the proofreader, then there's a lot that you missed. You need to be a grammar nazi if you want to be a good proofreader rather than "lol I had my gf read my story and she was like "ya its ok""

Like, I had my (ex)-gf read my fanfics, but she was very grammar-nazi-esque and would mention almost everything (although she still fell into the "Well im going out with you so I'm going to ignore then things that suck so you don't get mad", and pretty much almost ruined my fanfic).

I suggest finding an actual dedicated editor, because if this is the kind of quality that an EDITED story is, then its the fault of you for not writing it better and the fault of your editor for not getting on you about the quality.

Also it's not required to have a pony avatar, and I feel like you're just being like "um um um oh well i gotta get him on something. . . um. . . YOU HAVE A FUNNY LOOKING NOSE. HAH. TAKE THAT"

And I'm scared to even read the story, because of your attitude as well as the low quality of the writer and editor.

What scares me is that this isn't your first story.

2277858 actually she is a grammar nazi... and ok I was a little childish to be fair.

i'm not responsible for the subject of the story. Only grammar. The source of the idea comes from the author and I have written NO fanfics.

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