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loltron #1 · Mar 8th, 2013 · · 1 ·

10/10 Best new fanfiction

Dayum Darf. Benefits of Princesshood didn't come out all too long ago and you've already got a ~12K word sequal.
I'm impressed.

.....Coulda sworn I had pants on......


Gotta say, this is actually better than the previous one of these series. Interesting how you made Twilight's dick look like a space station in comparison to Celestia's, dood.

I look forward to more futa twi, dood.

Is this what I think it is? :pinkiehappy:



darf #7 · Mar 19th, 2013 · · 1 ·

not if your downvote has anything to say about it


Oni #8 · Mar 19th, 2013 · · 20 ·

sieg hail, darf, sieg hail.

Oh lawdy.
I love this.
The only thing that would make this little mini-series better is a story with Luna.
My god o_o

Oh, look. darf wrote another clopfic.
I'm betting my soul it makes feature box today. Or tomorrow, depending on your timezone.
Oh, wait. I don't have a soul.

Well, shit.

Would favourite and upvote if not for the typical "Celestia gets off on being degraded". I'm not a fan of that portrayal of her. So, I won't upvote or downvote, because it's too good to get a downvote, but I can't upvote it either because of what I mentioned earlier. I'll just remain neutral. Still, it was mostly enjoyable and a pleasant read, character-portrayal preferences aside. Good work, all in all.

Yep, featured within half hour of you posting that.

Alright, welp. Yep. Second-favourite fan-fiction. (First is FO:E, 'cause that's a thing; but GODDAMN CAPTAIN woooo, Twilestia!)

Hah. Everyone seems to enjoy portraying Celestia as a secret submissive. I suppose I can see the reasoning; when one is a god, and ruler of a kingdom in their off time, I suppose it can be very liberating to give up the reins to somepony else. I'd still like to see Cele on top more often though. Nothing wrong with a girl with power enjoying being in power

That cover image. Can't wait to read this.

2289060 You talk of this as if it were a bad thing.

That certainly was enjoyable.

Just, Yknow, gonna read this a few more times. Don't mind me!

Seriously dude, I'm normally not one for futa, but this was damn good. upvote from me

Seems to be a metaphor of how the show writers treat Celestia. :/

Well, I certainly don't envy the poor sod who had to clean that mess up afterwards. I can imagine the sorts of requests the castle's janitors get:

"Oh yea, can somepony go down to Celestia's private classroom. Bring a mop; there's cum all over the floor again."

I guess it was foolish to hope the sequel would continue with Twilight and Rainbow's sexcapades. :ajsleepy:

Commence read.

A nice additive.

I have to go take a piss now...

Care to guess why?

I too would love to see TwiDash XD

All of my yes has been given. I don't have anymore. You took it. Greedy bastard.

For a futa story where Celestia gets off on being told she has a tiny penis, I enjoyed this far, far too much. People write clopfics, but so few of them make it so hot. :trollestia:

Exactly why wasn't I following you in the first place?

Alright, I'll admit: this is my fetish. Like, 20 o them sumbitches all rolled into one. Although, will you really only write clop from now on? I remember your post expressing discontent over being seemingly stuck writing it.

That was... hotter than I thought. I want to say something intelligent about the story and its mechanics, but it doesn't seem important right now. The story was orgasmic.

On every clopfic, I imagine everything that's happening.

I was imagining everything in this story. :twilightblush:

Oh my, well done. Its not just hot, its not just well written, but it also has good characterization and plot. This, this needs more. All kinds of more. A hundred types of more. :heart:

On a side note, though, I am curious as to their dimensions. I mean, is it where Twilight's princesshood reaches up to her forelegs? Scale! I need scale, or my mind will wander in dark places and in the shadows, perish.

Now I can't get Pinkie singing this out of my head. Also, don't listen to these fools, Sublestia is awesome.

2289421 When you see him write nothing but clop, you cannot help but grow resentful.
2289228 Guess I should find my soul.

These stories are great, I think you could definatly do more than one shots with them, I could easily see a series of Twilicorn learning to be.

With her luck, though, she’d turn herself into a feather but leave her new anatomy in place, and have to wag her penis in Celestia’s face as she attempted to drift into nothingness.

>Twilight as a feather wagging her penis in Celestia's face
Someone has to draw that. Now. At least draw a Twilight-colored feather with a penis.

2292098 Again, I see no problem with clop, especially well-written clop. Because God forbid he writes stuff he's not good at.

Not to white-knight and fanboy like a dickbag, but his non-clop works, rare as they are, have been featured as well. He's a hell of a writer in my arrogant opinion, he just likes to write porn.

But I can understand your viewpoint a bit. I reccomend being less competetive and more focused upon putting out stories, joining groups, getting feedback and (God forbid) friends.

Darf's fame is 75% good writing and 25% dumb luck. Ya never know, you might get lucky too some day. Just keep putting work out there.


I'd say something, but arguing's not my strong forte. I'm not set against clop - I would object if it's only mindless horse sex. If there is some romance and/or plot(heh) to it, I have no problem reading the story in question. Rape and incest, however...

I'm not really a fan of Twilestia. But this... I like this a lot.

I'm really hoping you continue this series of one-shots.

futanari twilight is best princess, darf you are my hero:heart::heart::heart:





Ow. I slapped my forehead so hard at Twilight's stammering 'teaching' of Celly that I literally have a hand mark on my freaking head and I may have opened a cut again. OW.

As for the story ... it's kinda fetish-y? I mean, I'm not for cuckolding or anything but it was written well enough I only had to stop once (same reason spoiled above) so there is that. I usually have to stop a couple times on clop. Problem is, this is written well - and I don't particularly like most of your works because of that. I read clop for 9/10ths humor, 1/10th clop and this is just not bad enough to be particularly funny.

Eh, just me.

The first half of this story is nothing but watching a fleet of trains of thought violently exploding. The second half is some rather decent porn.

I might be turned on by this if I wasn't so busy laughing at the sheer absurdity of it all. It's absolutely brilliant. I can only hope there is more to come from this, 'cause I love it.

Do one with Luna and shall win at life my friend

This was very well-done and totally deserves a sequel. This Celestia is just adorable and I want to see more of her!

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