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However this goes is up to the readers, if i suck at this then i suck at it i can only pack up my bags and leave the scene, if in fact people like this and want to read more i can continue but i leave that up to you the reader. I just wanted to get my thoughts out there and see if anyone can find enjoyment in this.

Theme Song/songs in general:
Music will be used to give of more depth as you keep reading, there will be scenes were it will be brought in to give more impact and immersion to your reading enjoyment, the artwork in the youtube video´s are an form of inspiration for song´s and not artwork tied to this fanfic, but i will try to however find appropriate art that might fit into the idea´s i had in mind.

All Artwork Credits can be found in the youtube video´s description once you go to the video clip´s youtube location.

The story is based 3,500 years into the future after leaving Equestria, for the purpose of survival and the discovery of a new home.

Due to war and an inevitable doom for the planet the decision was made to leave it, after three and a half millennia later during the time of which many have found their new home´s, and colonised new planets to live upon, there has been breakthroughs in magic and most importantly in scientific regards as well as new dangers have appeared on these new planets. Some of the planets share something mysterious yet others are as plain as day, new factions have appeared as well as new alignments of sovereignty that broke away from the former land of Equestria. To start fresh on an world which have no alignment´s to the former land´s of Equestria or its boundaries. To build towards one´s own independent destiny and to shape it by them self.

The story will take us to one of the planet´s on an lush and green world filled with life, which was one of the first planet´s who took the first step for it´s own independence, where ruins of an lost civilization where found and uncovered with new technologies to aid them. Two ponies will meet and engage in an partnership on behalf of their world for an militarized organisation that paired them together, while the organisation will send them out on missions that are beneficiary for business as mercenaries for hire, it comes down to other clients that ask for their services across the Equestrian Space with offers and problems to be solved of an nature that they them self can not.

The adventures that await uncovering what lies ahead of them as they are sent out on some of the most boring to the most insane missions out there, as the partnership between these two ponies grow we will find out more about who they are, having them evolve and mature on their path together growing found of each other, while finding their own destiny that will await them at the end of the journey.

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i say yes to you!

also advice: join a group and find a good cover art, you'll get noticed way more!

I have to say, that's an ingenius way to start out...leaves a TON of room for potential. :3

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