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When I first came to Equestria, I had no real desire to get involved with anything. I lived below the radar, minding my own business... but plans change. The Hive needs help, and no one else will give them any.

This is the first story I've ever written, I hope it's up to snuff, as it were. I'm no auther, just some guy who had an idea, so criticism is welcome.

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Okay,Generic Pony Names........I Can't Think Of That Many Generic Names,But Here Are Some Of My Favorites Of The Bunch Of Names(Generic And Non-Generic):

Aerial Ace(Yeah,Pokemon Move FTW),Money Maker,Sweet Tooth,And.........Ballon Popper?

2237592 Thanks! :pinkiehappy: I used one of them already in the next chapter. :rainbowdetermined2:

2239187 Your Welcome,I Often Help My Fellow Bronies:pinkiehappy:.

I Love How You Made Aerial Ace Into Arial Ace :D:pinkiehappy:

I Await More Epic Chapters.I Am A Bit Sleepy Before Reading This But"SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK!:pinkiecrazy:"

Awesomely Epic Chapter With A Side Of Yes.'Nuff Said

Although some parts with the flash backs and the parts with the changelings confuse me a bit, I feel it'll all work out nicely, anywho please continue this story! :twilightsmile:

2441653 I'm writing it, so it all flows together pretty well inside my head, but what do you mean that it confuses you? Is it the lack of dates or labels, or something else?


Well kind of the lack of dates and stuff but that doesn't really bother me now that I re-read it. No worries anyway. :twilightsmile:

Ehehe I'm starting to enjoy this story :pinkiesmile:
Liked and faved.

Great chapter!
I somehow think he is not going to mind all that much.

Awesome! Yes! Superific! Magnifique!


Is that a criticism, or..?


That is just freaking sad.


Really? Or are you being sarcastic? It's hard to tell from text.

3531289 Not being sarcastic. The end was pretty sad.


:pinkiegasp: Happiness is! I couldn't tell if I was being over-the-top or not.

3531295 Just swing the guilt hammer around in some chapter soon :moustache:

Ah, this is the type of revelation anyone from another dimension avoids

Do you hear that?
That sound...

It's the sound of multiple Grammar Nazis dying at once...

Need moar Chryssi.


She'll be back in roughly two chapters, depending on how things go as I write them.

That'll be a while though. I haven't even started the next chapter yet. :twilightsheepish:

Well, I guess any chance at Pinkie and Cotten getting back together are gone.

A good but short chapter. Good luck with chemistry! :twilightsmile:

You're! ALIVE!!!!!

Poor guy -- He should have discussed the structure of the atom to Twilight or done something with science that magic can not replicate.

Well... this is me on my off days at school:rainbowkiss:

Is this story dead?

I don't want it to be, but I'm just having a really hard time doing any writing. I don't know why, but every time I sit down at the computer I just don't want to have to do anything...

I'll try to do more writing this summer, but...

No! Bad scientist. If you want to understand a phenomenon recreate the experiment, and study it. Good start though I think recreating the event is probably his best bet for getting home if he begins to understand it.

Sorry to anyone who was waiting with baited breath for another chapter, but I've decided to stop beating around the bush and just label this story as on hiatus. I've got way to much going on right now to put any of my free time towards writing this, as much as I'd like to. the way things look now, I won't be having enough free time on my hands to focus on writing until around Christmas, and fortunately my next semester (last one, W00T!) will be much lighter on my brain.

See ya'll in January.

I had to look back early chapters to follow. It has been a while.

Almost lost hope
But in the end it was worth the wait


thanks. I figured that after a year since the last chapter most people have lost interest in this story. I know I do after a story hasn't updated in a few months...

He is still under the spell of discord right? Celestia can fix it... I mean before discord he controller himself, but after that he had become infatuated, irritable and sad almost too easly. I hope you fix that


It'll get fixed over time. It's only been about a two and a half weeks since it happened to him, and the first four days of that were spent unconscious. I imagined having a tight control over ones emotion torn away from them would be similar to suffering some sort of emotional trauma, and you don't just get over those overnight. Similarly, it will take Cotton a while to rebuild his mental barriers, as it were.

"...The waiting game..."

I am horrible at this game :raritydespair:

By this point I'm not sure if you're intentionally doing your best to make the main character as unlikeable as possible, but you're certainly succeeding beautifully either way.

The long waits makes me sad. This is one of the few HiE turned pony stories that are worth reading.


I'm sorry. I don't like disappointing the people who like my story, and I know exactly how you feel. There are three stories I track on fanfiction that I love, that only get updated once a year. :fluttercry:

I wish I knew how to get my creative juices flowing better so that I could write faster... But it's like I get writers block every time I bring up the edit window. I'll sit with it open in one tab for hours, and only get a sentence or two written while I constantly think about how I want the scene to go. There might be a word for it, but I just can't bring myself to type anything in until I already know exactly what I'm going to write. Couple that with playing video games, reading other stories, and watching youtube videos, and you get a lot of thinking time, with little to no writing.

Still, it means a lot to me, knowing that there are people who think my story is actually good enough to put up with how slow the updates are. :twilightblush:

!!!! I MADE IT !!!!
... And now back to the waiting game. :applecry:

Excuse me, but WTF?!
WTF?!!! Why?


I cant wait to see the next chapter!~ I'm gonna die!

Oh well.... anyway I love the story, gonna wait for January or February now... Fuck why didn't they invented the crio sleep already? It would made my life easier with all those cool stories that are unfinished xD.

I have to congratulate you on this work. You put a lot of thought and effort into this that I just can't help but to say thank you for this gift.this is one of the best stories in this site and I have been reading for 2 years now(just made an account to I could up vote this) and this is the crown jewel. I can not wait for more but I will have to.


Wow... thank you, that is so nice. It's probably because I'm half asleep and starving because I haven't eaten dinner yet, but reading your comment actually made me tear up for a second... Sorry if that sounds weird. I'm always so paranoid every time I post a new chapter. I always think, 'this will be the one'. The one to start raking in the dislikes and mean comments.

I must really be out of it right now, I'm never usually this emotional. Thanks again for the nice comment though. :twilightsmile:

This is still one of the extremely few human turned pony stories that actually read, and I still come back for more so you must be doing everything right.

Great chapter and I hope the next one isn't too far out :pinkiesmile:

This is my favorite fan fiction right now.
Can we expect more updates?

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