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Inspired by her many trips through the Everfree Forest, Twilight gets an idea for a book. With a little help from her friends, however, what began as a single passage quickly evolves into an entire universe, with the Mane 6 as its goddesses.

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2223436 She's still training herself to use the correct vocabulary; she hasn't mastered it yet.

2223524 I've understood such a criticism from the beginning. However, look at this from Twilight's POV. Her life revolves around magic, as does all of her world. She can only imagine what a world without the one abstract, non-living thing she holds so dear would be like. I have plans for addressing this in greater detail in later chapters, but the first few DO make a point to show that humans aren't inherently evil, just that the malefic side of our world is more visible than the benefic side.

For the briefest of moments, I was hoping Dash had written about the Spanish Inquisition. It was only so I could make a "No one expects the Spanish Inquisition!" joke.

Lyra comes by and bring the "Last surviving Human (because they suceded in destroying their world) arrive in equestria thanks to the power of science" Idea

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2224219 Did I ever write "humans are evil" at any point in this fic?

2224284 That sounds very good :)
Consider me intrigued. :ajsmug:

Author ,just remember the most important question that defines a human : "Why", it is the crucial question that ensured our survival, but also created the most useless and bloodthirsty aspect of humanity: Spirituality.

2224287 Someone got one of the many references in this story, YAY!!!!!
Here, you deserve this: :moustache::moustache::moustache:

2224332 WHOOHOO! I love Celldweller, so as soon as I saw that I remembered the song.

So, no actual descriptions of these "people" other than nasty, then?

2224441 Yet

Character Development takes an author time. I'm fully expecting this story to be a reconstruction of the idea that humanity is good.

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Not necessarily marks of an evil being. The majority of humans are insecure and judgmental of them most are capable of acts of charity that astound the soul and delight the heart. What I believe is the point is that humans aren't evil, they are, well... Human. We all have faults and pros, even the ponies are human in a way; Flim and Flam? Hoops and co.? Humanity's "hat", if you will, is this greyness turned to the max. Though I have to agree with you though, there has been to much dwelling of the negatives. Someone get Gandhi up in here.

As for me; I love this story, it's rare to see the ponies looking at humans as a work of fiction, though my spidey senses are telling me that somepony will fan-fic Twilight's work. *coughLyracough*

2224548 too be fair as a species umans are all those things are diversity in personality and morality is a strength and a weakness. humans have lead pointless crusades to murder thousands of other humans based on a relatively stupid difference. on the same note some of us would jump infront of a truck to save someone crossing the street. your percieveing everything from only one side here. that being said a few of the god humans could use an appearence. and last i checked humans had magic at one point, we just gave it up for science.

Needs more chapters before i can render judgement...

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In that case, I agree with you. Though I'm sure the next chapter will have Razalon focus more on our positive traits. From what I understand we have Twilight's framework for history, while her friends inject the positive traits, so we will have to wait 'til Flutter pony stands up for us and give us Gandhi. I'm getting the impression Twilight has a prejudiced view of magic and the bonds of friendship unlikely to form and fragile without it.

The society that Twilight has written would implode upon itself in less than a hundred years. If everyone suffered from Chronic Backstabbing Disorder, then a complex society couldn't exist for a lengthy time. Large societies would be impossible, and so would our modern day cities of millions, due to the fact that only exceptional individuals could hold a group together, and after the death of that individual everything would fracture, and war would be inevitable until a powerful leader rose again. Our society exists because Humans are extremely social creatures. We have strong senses of empathy compared to most species, and we are driven to find like minded individuals and befriend them.

If I may make a suggestion? Factor Human ambition into the equation, stress how double-edged it can be. How it can form wonders of technology and create pinnacles of societies. But also point out how, left unchecked, it can spiral into darkness and lead to despair.

I can't help but think that the end of the Cold War is going to be really anticlimactic. I mean, after all that buildup, the Soviet Union just collapses under its own weight, and the United States wins by default? Boring!

oh that's cold dash:trixieshiftright:......real cold:trixieshiftright:

and i would've joined in:rainbowlaugh:

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Comment posted by Razalon The Lizardman deleted Sep 3rd, 2013

2224755 Don't get your hopes up. I'll reference 1984 before Brave New World.

Comment posted by psychicscubadiver deleted Sep 3rd, 2013

hmm perhaps a pony could suggest those horce races

maybe pinkie pie could add PARTIES[what did you expect?}

Comment posted by Razalon The Lizardman deleted Sep 3rd, 2013

2225568 I think it was because that particular war forever changed how humanity viewed the concept of war itself.

Out of everything, I'm most interested in how the idea of equine being work animals will be created. Or will Twilight's world not have that?

This is a mockery of Humanity, created by Ponies! BAH, THEY'RE NOTHING TO US! THE MULTI-VERSE AND ALL BEYOND IT ARE OURS!!
I'ma read it, just to see what happens. And I would like Rainbow to be a goddess.

i espected dash to put planes in

2226323 That was already covered. She was at first worried that Applejack and Pinkie Pie would misjudge her intentions with putting Earth ponies in as subservient to humans.
2226328 Oh don't worry, what I have planned for her should make everypony happy. :rainbowkiss:

I was worried by the first chapter of this fic, but as the other members of the Mane 6 have given their input, the story's view of humans has moderated. I like where this seems to be going, so I shall follow.

2226764 Crap; my memory sucks :raritydespair:

2224196 Which turns into a complete disaster.
No, humans will NOT be appearing in this fic. No way in hell is that gonna happen.
Though it would be nice to see their reactions...:trixieshiftright:

lol Dash wrote about turning horses into glue thats hilarious.

Los Pegasus becomes Los Angeles

YES!:pinkiehappy: Someone else see's this!

I wonder which pony will be responsible for the invention of Australia? A miniture death world where humanity not only survives, but thrives through the concept of ingenuity, mutual support and the concept of 'Mateship.'

'Even the cute little birdies will try and kill you.' (refferancing budgies)
'...The humans there would be terrorfying...'

interest piqued, story favorited, awaiting more patiently.

Wtf did Dashie do? Did she create the Vietnam war? Nukes? 9/11? Whaaaat could be worse than World War I and II?
I'm sure it's not thaaaat bad... >inb4 It was something I could never imagine/remember.

I find this Idea Interesting, maybe some alternate history could be inserted? Liek America Wins Vietnam instead of losing stuff like that? THat would be cool. All in all though its excellent

2226955 no no no not "human in Equestria" (I already read 7 of those) but a pony (Lyra here) saying and pitching a "what would appen if a human stumbled on Equestria" idea only to get a rebutal from twillight "nah it would not work on so many levels. Humankind is an Orderly Disarmonic race destroying their Chaotic Harmonious world if a human came here it mere presence could free Discord". Fluttershy adding "you could... you know... maybe... write a fanfiction on it... if you want to" and we never get what in it just some overall comment on it - just as Twillight said - not working
"I heard Lyra is writing a fanfiction on the book Twillight wrote and while the book has a dreadfull story it is well written. the fanfiction? It's just REALLY bad I heard"

2227273 I always referenced it as "Las Pegasus" thinking it was "Las Vegas" when I should have used "Las Pégase"

2228304 To the ponies our names would seem random. And by the way, my real name is German-Italian in origin and can be translated to mean "wall of sugar", and my parents gave it to me not because it meant something, just that it sounded nice and unique.

“So,” Lyra said, “How long before the sequel?”

motherfucking lyra:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

i should have seen that coming:twilightsmile:

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