• Published 3rd Mar 2013
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Apples and Tiaras - monsterlord18

goes to show that love can come from truly anywhere

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Hiding True Feelings

3 months passed since the little scare with Tiara almost dying. thanks to Zim, who gave her the kidney necessary to let her live, she's back to being her old plucky self. Speaking of plucky, her belly also got bigger; 4 months pregnant bigger. And it turns out Zim is one of those weirdos that find pregnancy sexy.


True to Tiara's word, the baby is perfectly fine and growing strong; and she should know, she's the mother. Speaking of parents, Green Star hasn't been seen since that little incident that put Tiara in the hospital to begin with. He doesn't care what happens to his own kid; what a asshole.

With Zim's permission, Applebloom turned a empty room in their house into a guest room for Tiara to use anytime she wants. she only used it twice, both because she was sad; sad that she always gets losers and big meanies. she's gotten a few dates in those 3 months and they all turned out to be as bad as Green Star. Well, not as abusive, but still mean.

Applebloom, on the other hand, has gotten no dates since her arrival. Maybe it's because she's too picky or nobody in town looks cute in her eyes. Zim and Tiara tried to set her up with a blind-date but she said no. During those 3 months, Applebloom had been sneaking off with her pet Crystal Dragon Helios and she never says where she's going or what she's doing. and with Helios, they can't follow her as he flies out of view faster then Dash. Where is she going?

Well, Tiara should find out tonight. Applebloom invited her over for a Slumber Party and Tiara asked if she could bring a few friends. After that little incident with Green Star, her friends listened to her side of the story and felt sympathetic to her.

She was able to invite them all: High Rise, a Pegasus Mare who wants to be as fast as her idol Rainbow Dash (won't she be surprised that Applebloom is friends with her), Loose Cannon, a Unicorn Stallion who's always running his mouth off, Blade, a Changeling Mare who houses a secret crush on the next guy, Gentle Breeze, a Dragon/Pony hybrid (with big emphasis on the Dragon part) who's surprisingly gentle for a big guy, and Snowdrop, a blind Pegasus Mare who you should all know well. Of Course, Zim is going to be there. it's his house, after all.

When the moon rose, the mares were already in their P.J.s and ready for the movie. the guys were getting the snacks ready. While doing so, they had a little game of truth or dare.

"Truth or Dare?" Tiara asked Blade.

"Dare. no no. Truth. Truth."

"heh heh heh. Tell me, who do you have the biggest crush for?"

the Changeling's face turned red and she covered it. "n-no. you don't need to know that."

"You have to. it's the truth."

"Spill!" the other mares insisted.

She really didn't want to say this. "Okay... hmmm...." she gulped and squeaked. "Gentle Breeze."

High Rise spit out her drink. "Breeze? the Dragon-Pony?"

"what's wrong with that, Rise?" Applebloom asked. "my friend's sister married a Dragon and their friend is married to a Changeling."

"I'm not saying i'm grossed out. just surprised. and curious why."

Blade scratched her cheek. "well... he's kind, sweet, gentle... very different from how dragons normally behave."

"Same as my friends sister." A.P. commented before drinking her drink though a straw.

"Plus... i may have a thing for dragons."

"As does..."

"Your friends sister, we know!" everyone exclaimed in the same monotone.

Blade rolled her eyes. "Okay. Snowdrop. Truth or Dare?"

"hmm... truth."

"well, keep in mind this is just out of curiosity, but... what's it like... being blind?"

that question caught her off guard and the men were able to hear that, stopped what they were doing, and leaned out to listen. The reason she was surprised was because she's surprised it took that long for someone to ask.

"Well... it's no fun and games. Not being able to see anything; no colors and no faces... it's a bit... a bit down-putting."

"Well, you don't seem to have any trouble with it. i've never seen you run into anything or trip." High Rise said.

"Yes, well, my mom wrote to the Princess', asking them to help cure my blindness. Luna came and couldn't cure it. so, instead, she magically enhanced them."

"Magically enhanced?" everyone asked.

"yeah. i can't see anything but i can see the outlines of just about anything. for example, i can see that Tiara is hugging a pillow close." she was. "And i can see the guys peeking out of the kitchen!" The men went back in.

"Speaking of the men, you guys almost done with the snacks? we're getting a bit peckish." Applebloom called.

"Yep. we're done." Breeze said as he was the first one out, carrying most of the snacks in his hands. Zim and Cannon followed after him. "Please tell me you picked up the movie."

"i picked up the entire Trilogy." Applebloom reached into a nearby bag and pulled out 3 cases for DVD's. "Prince Silver Saddle and his Adventures though Time with his Companion, Sunset Shimmer."

"Quite a mouthful." Tiara commented, still holding the pillow.

"That's why they usually call them by their surnames; Part 1: To The Sky, Part 2: Draconiqi Troubles, and Part 3: At World's End. figured we'd start with part 1 and work our way to the end."

"Well, put it in already. i love the TV show they based the movies on and i haven't seen the movies yet." Blade said, getting comfy. Applebloom got up and went to the TV to put the movie in.

"but first, one last question." Snowdrop said. The men groaned. "Tiara. truth or dare?"

"hmm.... Truth."

"as Blade was curious about blindness, i'm curious about this; what's it like being pregnant?" OH, that was a good one. if any of the other mares get pregnant, they'll want to know what to except. and for the guys... well, they'll never experience it. better to get a reference.

Tiara was expecting this to come. "well.... best way i could describe is... you know the feeling you get when you're, like, super nervous about something; butterflies in your stomach?" they all nodded. "Well, it's like that. except it grows bigger and bigger and bigger. and in a couple more months, it's gonna start kicking."

"any symptoms or anything. you know; anything life threatening?"

"except for that incident with Green Star, no."

Applebloom hit the close button and put the DVD in. "Okay. movie is ready to go. we're golden."

5-and-a-half hours and 3 movies later, the trilogy got to the part where Silver Saddle and Sunset Shimmer are about to have their first kiss. The mares bit their hooves, eagerly awaiting this moment. this was the first time any of them saw Part 3 and were pretty emotional and on edge. The men just wanted this to end.

{"Trust me, Shimmer. i would never, ever betray you. You are the sun in my eyes that has set upon my heart. i love you..."

Shimmers eyes grew glassy due to the excess of tears forming in it. she began to softly cry as she smiled. "I love you too... Prince Silver Saddle."

finally, after what felt like an eternity, the two of them finally kissed under the setting sun.}

the movie ended and the Mares were wiping away tears. "Best... Ending... Ever..." Tiara and Rise softly cried. Blade wiped away her tears to see Breeze holding her hoof. he didn't seem to notice. eh, close enough, she decided.

"That was a'ight." Zim cold-heartingly said.

"WHAT!?!" Snowdrop exclaimed. "But it was so beautiful, so romantic."

Zim shrugged. "Guess i'm not a romance kind of stallion."

Steam out of the blind Pegasus ears as she huffed in anger. How cold hearted. "You must be a HUGE hit with the ladies." She said sarcastically. "I bet you never managed to score at least one date."

Zim scoffed. "I got dates. okay. just... never got a second one."

"Gee... i can't help but wonder why." Snowdrop sarcastically said. "and i think i know why you always drive them off."

that sounds like a challenge. "You do, do you?" the Pegasus nodded. "okay." Zim got up and looked her right in the face. "You. Me. Next week at the Alfalfa Mustafa. i'll show you how i do my dates and you'll see why i hate romance."

"Fine with me."

the other Mares and Stallions didn't get between them. they knew this would be a deadly fight if someone got in the middle of it.

"i have to go to the bathroom." Tiara said as she got up. "Silver Crown thinks my bladder is a hacky sack." she got up and took a step when she slipped and fell backwards. Applebloom quickly got up and caught her. she didn't expect how heavy she'd be due to the baby and she fell down with her.

"You guys okay?" Cannon asked.

"Ow..." both mares whined. they rubbed their heads, both hurting from their drop. they opened their eyes to see their mouths just inches from each other.

"OOH!" The mares all went.

Both Tiara and Applebloom stammered and turned a bright red. "un... eh... un... uhm..."

"Un... don't you need to go to the bathroom, Tiara?" Rise asked.

she completely forgot about that. "Oh. that's right." she quickly got up and headed upstairs. She's going to think of some excuse, and the Mares aren't going to let her. they followed up after her, not going to give her a chance to think of one.

Applebloom remained where she was, shocked that she and Tiara's mouths were so close to touching. Breeze snapped his fingers in front of her, snapping her out of her trance. "wa--wha..."

"You okay, Appleboom?" Cannon asked.

"Un... yeah."

"you sure? your face is as red as a strawberry."

"i-it is?"

"You can't deny it, Tiara. we saw how red your face got." Blade said. they were outside the bathroom to give her privacy but they had the door open just a tad.

"b-b-but i just like her as a friend. the blushing was just... was just out of nowhere, that's all."

"Liar." Snowdrop said. "my ears are fine-tuned to hear for the slightest hint of differences in people's voices, and i hear lust in yours. plus, one of the enhancements Luna didn't seem to have noticed to have put in is that i can see changes it people's Aura's whenever they're sick or emotionally distant. You.... you're horny. that may be the pregnancy talking but it flared when you fell on Applebloom."

the toilet flushed and Tiara walked out. "What? that's preposterous."

"The nose doesn't lie, Applebloom." Breeze said, tapping his snout with his. "You have the hots for Tiara."

"N-No i don't!" Applebloom got up. "She's so arrogant and pig-headed..."

"Bossy and egotistical..."

"Selfish and mean-spirited..."

the both of them said this: "and just down-right nasty!" but they couldn't lie about some stuff.

"But... Tiara has the best smile... and a nice laugh..."

"Applebloom does have great hair... and her eyes are pretty to look at...."

they can't deny it any longer. they can't tell the other but they can tell their friends.

"Breeze, Cannon, Zim, Don't tell Tiara this, but..."

"Blade, Snowdrop, High Rise, don't tell Applebloom this, but..."

they both said this at the same time.

"But... i think i'm in love with her..."

Author's Note:

also, how many Brony references can you find?

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