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Apples and Tiaras - monsterlord18

goes to show that love can come from truly anywhere

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She's Alive!

Applebloom silently snored in Diamond Tiara's hospital room, finally able to get some rest for the first time in 45 hours. and she needed it. Tiara and her baby almost dying thanks to no kidneys... it took a toll on all of them. and yet, Green Day never showed the most remote kind of remorse for putting her in there. how cold-hearted is he?

As far as Applebloom knows, Tiara is still in surgery with Applebloom's cousin Zim. He's the only one who was a match, and she hasn't gotten word on what happened. so, Applebloom did the only thing she could: sleep. and hoping that her friends would come out of this alive.

"Applebloom.... Applebloom...."

the sweet and almost tantalizing voice reached Applebloom's ears, causing them to twitch. she stirred and opened her eyes to see a familiar face over her.

"Waky waky, Applebloom." Tiara said, trying to coerce her out of dreamland.

"4 more minutes, Tiara." Applebloom muttered before going back to sleep. Tiara's mouth pursed to the side, a bit peeved that Applebloom is still sleeping. Applebloom snapped her eyes open. "Tiara?!" she got up and looked at the smiling mare with a big smile of her own. "TIARA!" she jumped onto Tiara's bed and hugged her tight. "You're okay!"

"Ow ow ow ow ow!"

when she said that, Applebloom instantly let go. she looked down at Tiara's abdomen and saw a scar on the side. that must be where the Kidney is. But that product is far in the back of Applebloom's mind. Tiara's okay, that's what's first and foremost in hers.

"I can't tell you how happy i am to see you're alive!" Applebloom said with cheer.

"thank Zim. if it wasn't for him, i would be dead." Tiara said, feeling as spunky as ever.

"i will when i see him. first off, how's the baby?"

"it's fine. it's fine." Tiara touched her stomach. "they were able to avoid it and focus just on the kidneys. in 10 months, it'll be as vibrant as any normal foal." Applebloom breathed a sigh of relief. Thank goodness; She was worried that this would end with the baby dying. Thank goodness that didn't happen. "by the way... thanks."

Thanks? "for what?"

"for agreeing to be Silver Crown's surrogate mother in case i died. it really boosted my spirits and i needed it."

Applebloom smiled. "Of course. that's what friends are for." Applebloom got off the bed and went to the window to open up the curtains. "but... to be honest, i was having second thoughts about it."

"Second thoughts?"

Applebloom scratched her neck. "I... i wasn't exactly keen on being a mother, even if it was for a friend. I was just... just not ready." Tiara looked down at her stomach. she knows the feeling well. she's not prepared to become a mother either. "i was... i was afraid."

"What changed your mind?"

Applebloom closed her eyes and smiled. "Celestia."

"The Princess?!"

"Yeah. Me and her had a talk while she was passing though and... and she taught me that i should follow my heart. and my heart told me to help you. that's why i agreed to do it."

"i see..." Tiara glanced away from her for a moment. "Well... what's past is past."

Applebloom sighed. That part is surprisingly harder then she thought. she had to change the subject. "So... Silver Crown?"

Tiara chuckled. "Yeah. it's a bit of a family tradition to be named after a gem and a piece of jewelry. My grandmother's name was Sapphire Bracelet, my mom is Emerald Brooch. I'm Diamond Tiara..."

"I get it, i get it." Applebloom laughed. "but Silver Crown?"

"What? Silver's my favorite color. and Crowns are awesome; just look at Twilight and her Element of Harmony."

"Argument made. Argument made." Applebloom yawned again. "Man i'm tired. and hungry. how long was i out?"

"2 days. you must not have slept in a long while. Dad said you never left my side."

"of course i didn't. i couldn't sleep knowing you were dying. i also couldn't eat... i was just so worried."

She was worried that much about her? Tiara felt her heart warm up. "Oh. well, when lunch comes, i'll be sure to give you the jello."

"Thanks. i think." Applebloom yawned again and sat down in a chair. "Where's Zim?"

"He already went home. he heals fast."

"well, he is part Diamond Dog."

if Tiara had a drink, she'd be spitting it up. "Part Diamond Dog?!?"

"yep. his dad. He and his mother met 34 years ago and ended up having him. Zim told me they died 14 years ago in a accident. During the Winter War."

"i heard about that. but i don't remember there being any Changelings in Trottingham. of course, me and Dad were on vacation in Mareami at the time and came back only to see the damage; and Changelings running around."

"be glad you weren't around. it was deadly and messy."

"again, i heard. but back to the subject at hand, Part Diamond Dog? huh. he doesn't act it."

"well, he's learned to keep the creepiness on the down-low. Did wonders for his libido, from what i heard." Tiara whistled out of amazement. Applebloom yawned again, her eyes getting heavy.

"Applebloom... have you ever been in love?" that snapped her awake.


"Have you ever been in love? has there been someone who you wanted to spend the rest of your life with?"

that question came completely out of nowhere and left her unprepared. "un... well... i had some crushed on a few ponies but they never went anywhere. why do you ask?"

"well... Green Star was the first i loved, but he turned out to be a horrible creature." no argument from Applebloom. "and... i'm worried that if i love someone again, my heart will break again. i'm asking you if you have any advice if i get into this mess again."

"un... i... i don't know what to tell you. i never fell in love with anypony. Prom- went alone. Homecoming Dance- alone again. i don't know if there are good ways or bad ways to fall in love. you just have to hope that whatever you do and whatever comes will be enough."

"Wow. that's a bit profound. did you make that up on your own?"

Applebloom shook her head. "Cadence. she had a chat with my niece Peppy before i left about this."

Tiara lightly chuckled. Applebloom knows a lot of ponies in high places. guess that's revenge for calling her a blank flank. she was about to catch some shut eye when, "Tiara?"


"just so you know... i'm here to help you, no matter what."

Tiara smiled at her. "i know, Applebloom. and thanks. i really appreciate that."

Applebloom lightly snored in her chair. Tiara softly slept in her bed with a smile, knowing Applebloom will be there for her. the door to her hospital room opened and her father, Filthy Rich, walked in. he headed over to the bed and lightly tapped her on the shoulder.


Tiara stirred and slowly opened her eyes. "Dad?"

"hey, little gal. how you feeling?"

"Fine. and the baby is fine too."

"Thank goodness. i was so worried." he heard the light snoring and looked to Applebloom. "you know, she never gave up on you."

"i know. she couldn't eat, couldn't sleep." she looked to her sleeping friend. "She was worried sick about me."

"yes. i know. she told me that her heart was close to breaking."

heart close to breaking? "Applebloom never mentioned that."

"well, that's what she said." Rich looked to Applebloom again. his concerned face changed to one of anger. "i have a feeling she's in love with you."

Tiara scoffed. "In love? with me? we're just friends dad."

"Still... you know how i feel about Filly-Foolers, Tiara. and if she turns out to be one, i won't be responsible for what happens." Rich walked out, leaving Tiara to soak that in.

"Dad. Applebloom's not in love with me..." Tiara looked to her again. Applebloom muttered in her sleep and flipped over. "...at least... i don't think she is."

Tiara suddenly felt her heart go aflutter. she held her chest and sighed. "and... am i...?"

Author's Note:

uh-oh. we're getting close to the romance part of the story. least a few more chapters till that.

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