• Published 3rd Mar 2013
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Apples and Tiaras - monsterlord18

goes to show that love can come from truly anywhere

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Green Star

Applebloom snored up a storm, laying on her bed in a very.. awkward position. Zim, in the next room over, was used to snoring back in his old home, his brother would snore like there's no tomorrow, so he's used to this. Applebloom pleasurable moaned in her sleep, thinking of her getting her own special somepony and them doing... IT.

in her dream, she and her lover were doing... IT, with sheets strewn all over and the room- that's right, the room - a complete mess. after a wild night of passion, Applebloom and her lover retired to the bed, where they... finished.

Applebloom rolled off her lover and gasped for air. "That... was... awesome..."

her lover rolled over and wrapped her light-pink hoof around her waist. "Yeah it was." Tiara said. wait, Tiara?

that unexpected aspect woke Applebloom up in a start and a yelp.

"That... that came out of nowhere." She gasped. she shook her head, trying to get that image out. "why was it Tiara?" she shook her head again. "ugh. this hasn't been my week."

Applebloom rolled out of bed and groaned. First she got turned down for a loan, now this sex dream. Trottingham hasn't been nice to her. Maybe she should've moved to Baltimare.

Zim was already making breakfast when Applebloom came down from the top floor, tried as heck and her hair a COMPLETE mess. Zim took notice and reacted. "WOW! what happened to you?"

"rough night." she groaned. she reached the kitchen table and slammed her head on it.

"must've been. i heard you moaning. Erotically."

Applebloom squeaked, her mouth dropping as far down as it could. "You didn't!"

"I did." Zim evilly chuckled.

Applebloom cried and slammed her head back onto the table. wait. he just said moaning. he can't know who she was with in her dream. "Have we heard from Tiara yet?"

"No. and i'm starting to get worried."

Applebloom felt the same. It's been a week since she last came over. A WEEK. And they don't know what happened to her. they're worried that that Green Star fella Tiara mentioned could've taken her. They hope not.

A knock came from the front door, making Applebloom groan again. "Who's here at this hour?"

"I don't know. go check it, will you?"

Applebloom gave him a foul look then snarled. She angrily got up and went to the door. "Dang Trottinghamingtons. Ponies from Ponyville like to sleep in on the weekends, not wake up at the crack of dawn!" She opened the door, ready to give the person a piece of her mind. On the other side was a surprisingly cheerful Diamond Tiara, carrying a saddle bag on her back.

"Hey Applebloom." she said with a smile.

"Tiara? What are you doing here? and this early in the morning?"

"Sorry about that. i finally got probation." she said as she walked in.

"Probation?" Applebloom closed the door, confused beyond reckoning. "Okay. start at the beginning because you completely lost me. Start with why we haven't seen you in a week."

Tiara sighed as she sat down at the kitchen table.. Zim heard her come in- without Applebloom saying anything - and made another batch of his breakfast.. "Well, i told my Dad of my... predicament. when i told him, i was afraid he was gonna blow a gasket and berate me. but... instead, he locked me in my room for a week."

"Wait wait wait. he locked you up?" Zim asked, trying to make some sense of this.

"that was a poor choice of words." Tiara muttered. "he didn't 'lock' lock me up. i wasn't stuck in my room 24/7. i wasn't allowed to leave the house."

"Still, that's a bit extreme."

"That's how Dad works." Tiara sighed. "The Probation thing is me finally being able to leave, but under supervision."

"Supervision?" Applebloom asked.

"Yeah. he has some pull with the city council and he hired a couple officers to keep an eye on me. think they left when they saw me enter."

Great. they're being watched. Zim didn't want this. "So... what did you do for your week of imprisonment?"

"Research. i had the maid check out every book on pregnancy, foalbirth, and motherly duties she could from the library. i'm pretty much prepared for the next 10 months."

"well, i wouldn't be so sure about that." Zim muttered. she put his breakfast on a plate and sent the skillet into the sink. "I have a friend of mine who got pregnant during our sophomore year in High School. she did the same thing as you; saw the positive, did a lot of research. but, there are some things books do not tell you."

"Like what?" Applebloom asked, having paid no attention during biology class in High School.

"Branston-Hicks Contractions, Miscarriage, you could become crippled. a whole number of things can happen; none of them good."

Tiara scoffed. "i think i can manage. but that does remind me..." she reached into her saddle-bags and pulled out a book. she handed it to Applebloom, who took it and looked at the cover.

"A Father's Guide: how to help your special someone though the most magical time of their lives?" Zim gagged, poking a toothpick into his mouth. "What is this?"

"well... the baby's father won't help and i couldn't ask Dad. so... i was hoping you would help."

"Me? why me?"

Tiara sighed. "cause you're the only friend i have right now, Applebloom. Green Star spread it around that i was a slut and slept with him until i got pregnant. Truth be told, he mounted me. IN my sleep!"

"Ew." both Zim and Applebloom said.

"And thanks to him spreading those rumors, my friends aren't talking to me anymore. they practically abandoned me. you're the only one i have left. Please, Applebloom."

Applebloom didn't respond at first. She felt a little odd that Tiara is asking her to help her though all this. she looked down at the book, then back up to Applebloom. she had that same expression, those same eyes, she had that night last week. Applejack taught her to help a friend in need and that's what she's going to do. "Okay, Tiara. i'll help."

Tiara happily smiled then suddenly hugged her. "Oh, Thank You, Applebloom!" Applebloom nervously chuckled and blushed out of Embarrassment. Zim used this is a opportunity to make a joke. he started making 'Erotic' music with his mouth.

"Bow binka bow ke bow. ke pe ko po ke po ke po."

both Mares gave him a soul look, making him stop.

Feeling hungry for lunch and wanting to get out of the house, Tiara and Applebloom left for the markets to get something to eat. Since Tiara's father was filthy rich, she can pay for just about anything. having never done it before, Applebloom went and pigged out at one of the coolest restaurants in town.

"Wow. you were... really hungry." Tiara chuckled, looking at the piles of plates in front of her.

Applebloom sat back and burped, having never felt that full in years. "Sorry. i never got the chance to pig out before. I can see why some Stallions or Mares are fat." she picked her teeth and burped again. "and it shouldn't have been 'all you can eat'.

Tiara chuckled again. Since she was eating for two now, Tiara had a big plate as well, but it wasn't as big as Applebloom's shmorgasboard. she felt good for now and put down her fork. "Excuse me. waiter." The Gryphon waiter heard her and came over. "Can i get something to put this in to go?"

"Certainly. I'll be right back with that and the bill." he said with a french accent and flew off.

Applebloom got off her chair and sighed. "ZIm is gonna be angry when he finds out we had a shmorgasboard."

"yeah. he's gonna be upset. and he can't say i didn't invite him."

"no he can't." The waiter returned with a box for Tiara's leftovers and the bill. "well, i'm gonna wait outside." Applebloom said, grabbing her saddle-bags and almost burping again. "i gotta work off that Grapefruit Steak." Applebloom left, leaving Tiara with the bill.

normally, she would ask for her companion to half-pay the bill but Tiara made a exception. Applebloom was special that way.

Applebloom exited the restaurant and waited out front. she reached into her saddle-bags and pulled out the book from before. "How To Be A Father..." she still can't get over the bad title. "well... if me and Zim are going to help her, we may as well study up." she opened it up and began to look at it.

"..... hah hah hah. that Mare was so easy, it was hardly worth my time."

Applebloom looked up at the voice and saw a Gryphon boasting to a group of friends. He looked like every other Gryphon she came across; brown and yellow and short tempered. but she noticed a oddity on his fur; a mark on his left shoulder that looks like... "a Green Star." Applebloom slammed the book shut and got angry.

This must be the Gryphon who knocked Tiara up. OH, Applebloom has a bone to pick with him. She headed over, ready to pound his head in. "Hey! Green Star!" She yelled.

That shout made the Gryphon to look her way. being the pig he is, he got naughty thoughts instantly. "Well, Well, Well... what have we hear? a new girl, and a country one at that."

"Keep it between your legs, you pig!"

Green Star lightly chuckled. "my my. what a mouth. i'm gonna enjoy watching you use it."

Applebloom got steamed. "Are you even listening?! i said you are horrid Gryphon."

Green Star scoffed. "who told you that? just who are you, anyway?"

Tiara walked out of the restaurant, box of leftovers on her back. she noticed Applebloom across the street... and Green Star. Fearing the worst, she headed over.

"My Name is Applebloom and i'm Diamond Tiara's friend!"

Green Star and his friends stood there for a moment, then burst out laughing. "HAHAHAHAHA! HAhahahahaha! YOU? a friend with that slut? oh, that's funny!"

"Slut?" now Applebloom was getting really steamed. "She is not a slut! you just spread that rumor around after you knocked her up and broke up with her!"

"oh Tiara's pregnant? guess all that time lying down on a bed finally caught up to her." he said in a joking manner. Applebloom couldn't believe this. this guy is a complete monster. Tiara arrived, but at the worst possible time. "oh, here's the Whore of Trottingham now."

"Shut it, Green Star." Tiara said though her teeth.

"um... how about NO?" Green Star said with intimidation. "so i heard you're pregnant. With my kid. i'm not sure if i want my kid to be raised by a useless pony such as you."

"I wouldn't be in this situation if it wasn't for you!" Tiara yelled. "I wasn't the one eager to get into bed. and that Black Eye and that trip to the lake? that was all you, you womanizer!"

in all this time, Green Star's friends never heard Tiara's side of the story. they always considered his to be true. "that true, Star?" a female Changeling asked.

"yeah. so what?" The Gryphon flapped his and flew behind Tiara, hovering on his back. "but this Mare is useless. nobody cares what happens to her."

Applebloom stepped in between them. "I do! and so does my cousin ZIm."

Green Star angrily frowned. "You know, i think Tiara spoke about you when we went out. Yeah, Yeah. she mentioned that you were her punching bag; the center of her 'attacks'. Pyah. you're helping her because you feel sorry!"

"yeah. i am! but i'm also her friend and i'm not gonna let some punk who thinks he's high and mighty."

Green Star got very angry. "Shut It. Country Girl!"

Applebloom got equally angry. "Make Me, Lizard Lips!"

Tiara got between them. "Stop this!"

the Gryphon snarled. "You stay out of this!" Green Star kicked Tiara down to the ground.

Applebloom angrily snarled then punched him in the face, making him fall to the ground. "Don't you dare do that to the mother of your child! you touch her again, i'll do far worse then punch you!"

Green Star wiped blood from his mouth and snarled. "You're gonna pay for this, you country brat." the Gryphon took to the air. "No one does that to me and gets away with it!" He flew out of view and, Applebloom hopes, out of their lives.

Once he was gone, Applebloom helped Tiara up. "you okay?"

"yeah. i'm used to it." sad thing is that it's true.

Tiara shook it off and started brushing her shoulders off when a sudden pain hit her in the stomach, causing her to bend ofer and hold it. Applebloom, who was getting Tiara's leftovers, saw her hold her stomach, stopped what she was doing, and ran over to her.

"Tiara! you okay?"

"i... i don't..." another pain hit her, this one more intense.

Applebloom is afraid that that Gryphon did something bad. she helped Tiara up off the ground. "Come on. we got to get you to the hospital."

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