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Apples and Tiaras - monsterlord18

goes to show that love can come from truly anywhere

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A New Beginning

Applebloom rested on the couch, having unpacked the last of her boxes. “Ah! Sweet relief.” she contently sighed. “my poor hooves need a soak.”

“Your hooves!?” her cousin Zim Zam exclaimed. “you want to talk about course hooves, look at mine!” he exclaimed, holding one up to showcase the blisters on them.

now fully mature enough to move on and go out into the world to find herself, Applebloom moved away from Ponyville to Trottingham to become a good veterinarian. she heard Trottingham had the best facilities for a Vet to start up. she moved in with her cousin Zim Zam, who was the cities... i don't know the term but he's a carpet maker.

she didn't come alone. Helios, the Crystal Dragon she took in following the Winter War that gave her the idea of being a vet, came as well. but due to his size, he had to stay outside. Applebloom and Zim are working on making him a shed for him to live in. and soon because Winter was approaching.

she kept up regularly with her friends, who have all gone their separate ways but still keep in contact. Dinky and Pipsqueak left with Dinky's aunt Daring Do and her husband Silverbolt to find ancient ruins. Scootaloo and Feather Weight moved to Feather Top, the Gryphon Kingdom capital, Scoots to become a Reporter and Feather Weight a professional photographer. Babs Seed, who's still in Manehatten, mentioned she hooked up with Silver Spoon. that surprised Applebloom a bit. she doesn't think those two ever met.

and Sweetie Belle? she went on to become Sapphire Shores protege. she's quite well know for her angelic voice. and she recently wrote that she met back up with Rumble.

the rest of their school chums are doing great as well; Twist is a author, Snips is a professional wrestler and Snails is his manager (couldn't ask for a more scary combination then that), and her niece Peppy; her sister Applejack's daughter, is currently trying to set up a shop specifically for Hearth's Warming Eve.

“ew.” a knock came from the main door. Both of them were beat so they flipped a coin and Applebloom lost. Defeated, She got up and headed to the door. “you know, you’re never going to get a girl, acting like that.” Zim shrugged and plopped down on the couch. Without look, Applebloom opened the door. She should’ve looked first.

“well, looks like my vision wasn’t deceiving me. Applebloom, here in Trottingham.” Diamond Tiara said with a smug grin.

“Tiara!” Applebloom yelled in surprise. “What are you doing here?”

“I live here, stupid.”

“HERE!?” she yelled, gesturing to the house.

“no, stupid. In Trottingham. I moved here, remember?”

Oh, yeah. She forgot that Tiara had moved to Trottingham just after the Winter War and when her parents divorced. She and her father moved to Trottingham, the city farthest away from Ponyville. She kept up regular letters with Silver Spoon, who became a friend to the CMC after Tiara moved.

“I completely forgot about that.” Applebloom nervously said.

“I’m not surprised. You were always the lamest out of your little playgroup. Still a blank flank?”

Applebloom frowned at her. “Really? You know I got my Cutie Mark when I adopted Helios.” she showed her flank, showcasing the crystal-dragons head.

“Oh, right. That dragon thing. How is it?”

“he’s out back. Look, did you come here to just insult me?”

Tiara shrugged. “well, that’s half of it. The other half is to just say hey.”

That part, Applebloom wasn’t buying. “really? Just to say hey?”

“yeah. First time in years I met someone from Ponyville, much less a friend.”

“a friend? Hahahaha. Tiara. We were never friends. You were a very mean bully, border lining on torturer.”

“Girls gotta have a hobby.” the smug ‘princess’ turned to leave. “see you later, blank flank.” she left, leaving a steamed up Applebloom behind.

She slammed the door shut, grabbed a pillow, and yelled into it. “FAUST, SHE’S PRETENTIOUS!”

Zim, who had gotten comfortable, looked at her without a care in the world. “I take it you know her?”

Applebloom removed her head from the pillow. “Know her?” she tossed the pillow. “She basically tortured me during school. Ugh, and I was hoping never to see her again.”

Zim just sat there with a mug of cider on hoof. “if you say so. But fate can work in mysterious ways. Maybe you two were supposed to meet again.”

Applebloom couldn’t help but laugh at that. Fate, meeting back up with her? “yeah, right.” she laughed.

“okay. Ignore me. But something tells me you’re gonna see her again.”

Applebloom ignored her with a sputter and walked out to check on Helios.

She should’ve listened.

The next day was a wet one with a storm raging outside. To save a description, it was raining cats and dogs.

The mare from Ponyvlle looked out a window to the raging storm. “wow. Remind me to tip the weather team.”

“ditto.” Zim agreed. Applebloom went to sit down in a beanbag with a mug of cider when, much to their surprise, a rapid knock came at the door. Whoever’s behind it is really frantic. “Who could that be?”

Applebloom got up and headed to the door. “I don’t know.” she opened the door and gasped when she saw a beaten and bruised Diamond Tiara standing on the other side. “Tiara?!”

“I’m sorry, but I didn’t know where else to go.” she said with a crying shiver.

“un, come in. come in.” Tiara did just that. Applebloom took her coat and put it over the shivering mare. “Un, Zim, think you can make some hot cocoa?”

“sure.” he ran into the kitchen and got started on it.

Applebloom lead Tiara into the kitchen and sat her down. She wiped the hair away from a bruise and winced. “What happened?”

Tiara wiped her eyes. “my… my now ex-boyfriend did this to me.”


Tiara sniffled and wiped her eyes again. “because I said hello to you instead of being at home, doing… doing the deed.”

“unbelievable.” Zim said. “he beat you, just because you wouldn’t put out? Unbelievable.”

“it’s worse.” she felt tears run down her cheek but she didn’t care. “I found out that I’m… I’m pregnant. With his child.” Applebloom gasped. It’s just like what happened with Twilight back in Feather Top. “I found out a few weeks ago and he beat me for that.”

“Didn’t you tell your dad about this?”

“he doesn’t care. He’s so focused on his work, he never cared about what happens to me. I could loose a few legs and he couldn’t care. It‘s been like that ever since I was a filly.”

Tiara was surprised to have Applebloom hugging her out of sympathy. “I’m so sorry, Tiara. I never knew.” a realization entered her mind. “wait. Was that why you were so mean to us?”

The beaten mare slowly nodded. “part of the reason. The other reason is because… I was so alone in life and I couldn’t think of any other reason to hang with you all. I knew I had a reputation as a bully and I played the angle. That didn’t work out for me, did it?”

She was a bully… just to hang out with them? Applebloom lightly chuckled. “you dork. You didn’t need to do that. You could’ve just asked ‘hey, can I hang with you’? that’s all it could’ve take.”

“I know that now, but I was a filly. We were stupid back then.”

“no argument there.” Applebloom chuckled at the antics she and her friends got up to.

Applebloom flicked the light on in her room and pulled back the blankets. “you can sleep in my room tonight.” she told Tiara.

“what about you?” a concerned Tiara asked, walking in.

“I’ll take the couch. It’s the least I can do for you.” she headed to the door and grabbed the handle.

“Applebloom…” Tiara said, making her stop in her tracks. “thanks… for helping me.”

Applebloom gently nuzzled her. “What are friends for, Tiara?” she said with a smile. Tiara smiled back.

Applebloom walked downstairs and went looking for blankets. “So how long is your friend going to stay with us?” Zim asked.

“just until she gets back on her feet, Zim.” she found and grabbed a blanket. “she just had her boyfriend beat her and found out she’s pregnant. Wouldn’t you feel down if that happened to you?”

Zim shrugged. “you have a point.” Applebloom set one blanket on the couch and tossed another one to the other end. “but be careful with her, Applebloom. I met mares like her before and they’re likely to be scared by something like this.”

“I know, Zim. My aunt Twilight went though the same thing when I was a filly and she got out just fine.”

Zim yawned out of drowsiness. “if you say so. I’m heading to bed.” he headed up the stairs, shutting off the lights behind him.

“Good night.” Applebloom replied. She turned off the lights in the living room, laid down on the couch, and fell asleep then and there.

When Diamond Tiara woke up, she felt horrible. Her boyfriend left and beat her, she’s pregnant with his kid, she was forced to stay with a mare she basically tortured as a filly. When did her life turn into crap? A knock came from the door, forcing her to open her eyes. “Who is it?” she said with a course voice.

“it’s the pizza man. Who do you think it is?” Applebloom replied. Tiara rolled on her side, looking away from the door as Bloom opened the door and walked in. “un… Tiara? You okay?”

“no… I’m not, Applebloom. I just had a… really bad day yesterday and I brought you into it. I’m sorry for that.”

Applebloom chuckled. “it’s okay, Tiara. It’s okay. What are friends for?”

Friends… just thinking about that word made Tiara both chuckle and cry. She treated Applebloom like crap but she’s helping her. She turned around. “Thanks, Applebloom.” she noticed that the mare was carrying a breakfast tray on her back. “You made me breakfast in bed?”

“yeah. Figured it’s the least I can do for you after what you went though.” she walked over to give it to Tiara when she stepped and tripped on a teddy bear. Applebloom yelled as she fell, causing the contents of the tray to spill all over and for her to fall face first into Tiara’s mouth, kissing her on the lips.

Both mares went wide-eyed then immediately broke the kiss. They just laid there, looking at each other, turning as red as strawberries. They didn’t move; they just stared into each other’s eyes.



They didn’t move or tear their gaze away from each other.

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