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It was an ordinary day for Twilight Sparkle. She had just gotten a letter from Shining Armor on his honeymoon, Celestia had given her the day off, but a third letter was going to change that. Now a stranger is living in her house, unsure of his new form or why his powers seem to fail him. How will he react to the new challenges he faces, Twilight Sparkle's crazed obsessions, Rarity's devotion to her work, Rainbow Dash's brash and active lifestyle, Fluttershy's difficulties around others, Applejack's blood, sweat, and tears farming, and Pinkie Pie's nonstop energy?

Big thank you to The11thWonder as my editor.

Chapters (12)
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Comments ( 21 )

I will see where this goes

More please? :pinkiehappy:
Really good, nice plot... More more more please :twilightsmile:

I put the important plot point I forgot in my exhausted state right after Sapphire Spell was named. I also fixed grammar mistakes, and added a little of Sapphire's analysis of the Elements. I'm working on "Day 2: Twilight Sparkle" now.

Please forgive my mistake. :fluttershysad:

I guess she will believe, also continue and don't disappoint.

Looking Good So Far Comrade.I Await The Next Chapter.

GoodLuck On EQD Accepting Your Story!:pinkiehappy:

An invisible heart is attacking me! Help:pinkiegasp:

Next Chapter

Day 5:Fluttershy

I'm Not Sure About This,But I Just Know It.

Good Luck,Fellow Brony.:moustache:

I just disliked my own story and I can't undo it -_-:facehoof:

Hmm... Interesting i looking foward to seeing more :twilightsmile:

Awww Yeah!Sapphire Spell FTW

congratulations on graduating :D:yay:

I certainly like how some of the mane six think he's crazy and are mean towards him because of it. It's very original, in most stories they believe the-human-turned-something-else immediately when she/he/it says he/it/she is, well, was a human.

Well,shite is about to be stormed

not cool in my opinion the story should continue with him moving away and the others begginig to think that he is really a human :ajbemused:

Starting to think that Lyra's influencing the guy.:applejackunsure:

Wonder when Turquoise'll show up:rainbowkiss::rainbowlaugh:

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