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Whatever the problem Rarity faced, there was always a Spike and a wine for it. She was confident he had gotten over his crush on her long ago, and he had since come to be a dear friend who she relied on for support and companionship.

And surely he feels the same way towards her.

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Man, this one hit pretty close to home.
I empathize with spike here, i really do.
That of course means you're doing your job as a writer very well, so congrats! :twilightsmile:
You've got a great one here. :yay:

Wow, I did not think that this would turn out this well. The way you portrayed Rarity as knowing how terrible she can treat the ponies she has feelings for, but throwing all those misgivings to the side in order to give Spike the emotional satisfaction he so craves--even if she herself is doing it solely for his benefit is a spectacular twist of canon that is as well-crafted as it is undeniably believable.

This had better make the featured box, this is some quality writing.

This was excellent. I bow before your brilliance.

This was a good story man. Like I said, not really my ship but was really well written. Glad to see you got it up.

*sniff, sniff* :fluttercry:

That was a good read.

Wow. . . I don't know if you've read Best Young Flyer, but you pulled this straight out of my headcanon! And it's beautiful and awesome. You're fast becoming one of my favorite shipping authors. :ajsmug:

wow I didn't expect that ending! I have to say this was a very good story, their talking seemed so real, and they were on character all time. I didn't expect as much as I got when I started reading, so thanks for making my day ; )

And into the featured box it goes!

Congrats, man, you got that box!
Now to read it and provide a review, as usual... If it makes me write another song, I will personally hug you to death :twilightsmile:

Wow... this is a good one. SpikexRarity with a lot of development behind it.

I like it! :pinkiehappy:

Liked and Favorited.

vey good :)

Very well written, and completely enjoyable.

Excellent story, well written, both Rarity and Spike are true to their in-show characters. I will probably read this again sometime. Im not going to say you should write a sequel but you should definitely write a sequel. :heart:/10

Ahh, yes!! That's where this came from! :raritystarry:

It was that one little outta-the-way paragraph that jumped out at me and generally made me want to do this way back when I first read it! I couldn't for the life of me remember which fic that it had come from... it was your Best Young Flyer!! Mystery solved... :twilightblush:

Looking back on it... inspired pretty much word-for-word... :unsuresweetie:

It made an impression on me, what can I say!

That's so awesome! You brought the whole situation to life, exactly how I saw it in my head. So much love. :heart:

Spike! I feel your pain man. On a side note. TAP THAT ASS. MAKE THAT MARE WALK SIDEWAYS.... Yes well good job writer.


I would kill, or at least maim, to have written dialogue half that good.


2207647 seconded, it has been a while since i was amused this much over just the dialogue i feel like both of them were represented quite well, and i was reading this on the train and was laughing the whole way on just how cute and blunt it swayed to be, it was simply marvellous

I can't help but feel Spike was constantly blunt in this. You know what I'm saying?

Anyway, I think the characterization in this was spot-on. It was nice to analyze how Spike and Rarity would go about their friendship in the later years.

Oh boy! Another high quality Sparity in only 3 days :raritystarry: Must be my birthday or something. Fantastic story here. Love the amount of depth and realism you added into their conversations. Feels like something that would be cannon to the show, but also realistic enough to be a real life conversation between two close friends. Also really love your Rarity in this. Having her admit she does have problems as a person, how she treats others, but ultimately pushing all that aside to do what is right. I believe this persona of Rarity is one of the more... "believable" I guess you can say, of the character. She strives to satisfy for her own needs and wants but in the end, never truly knowing what she really wants or needs in life, but is willing to forget all that and follow what she believes is the right course of action. This right here, makes Rarity to me, a real and believeable character. She want to meet her needs and wants from others to better herself like everyone other human, but knows the limit that it should be exerted, and is willing to own up to her faults and strives to better herself from them. This is one of the reasons why I really like the Sparity ship. It can be some of the most realistic ships out there. When done right (like this fic :twilightsmile:) It can be some of the most emotional stuff you will ever read because deep down inside, you notice that this can happen to you in real life. Not word by word, but the same emotional experiences and conflicts. It's a conflict that we can all somehow relate to, and thats why this ship is so great, it is in us all in one way or another.

Woo... didn't mean to type that much... :twilightblush:

Oh well. What's done is done. Just wanted to say this is a amazing fic. I'll be watching to see what you'll come up next!

Truly great job for a one-shot tale like this one. :twilightsmile:

Very nice. I particularly enjoyed how Spike's feelings were so genuine. Even though he was still in love with her, he decided that anything was better than nothing. The guy practically suffocating himself. And it was that same devotion that brought forth Rarity's deep seeded feelings.that she had ignored over the years. Truly wonderful dialogue.

That was great! Excellent one-shot!

Of course it will. All the Sparity fans will make sure of that.

2207898 That there is a thing of beauty.

Truly awesome, first time I, personally, have been sold on a Sparity ship. Your grown up Spike is just so... believable. Rarity is always one of my favorite characters to read about because of her complexity. Love it. :moustache::raritystarry:

Wait, what? What's this little thing doing up that big box reserved for popular stories? Huh. :twilightblush:

Yay, thanks! As I said... I really wasn't sure about this one... glad you and people are getting it/liking it!

Awesome, thanks! This one came pretty close from home... :unsuresweetie:

Yay, and your welcome! That's what I'm here for, I guess! :raritywink: Glad you like where I went with it.

Aw, thanks! It tickles me pleased as punch that people would cause bodily harm to others out of appreciation for something I did! :twilightblush:

Thanks! Glad you liked it!

Hey, thanks for such an epic comment!

Yeah, I'm starting to think that may be my 'thing'--doing fics that are strangely realistic seeming... or something. I suspect people saying my Rarity seems so believable is probably because she's the character I can relate best to... so that's probably why I write her with so many flaws! :twilightblush: But... maybe a little bit more self-aware of this fact than some portrayals? I dunno.

I've honestly never really read that much Sparity before... this idea really came from a specific little line that jumped out at me from bookplayer's fic, which I mentioned. I agree though, it does seem like a ship that'd be rather realistic! Another reason I chose this ship is because of the way I could connect this fic, and the stuff I imagined them feeling, to my own experiences and stuff!

Thanks for the comment!

That was... beautiful. I don't know what to say. So, maybe this image will express it better than my words.


Hmm, yeah... I imagine I was thinking that he was thinking he was coming off as cavalier and not very serious--at least at the start. Like he was trying to just be making a joke about it or something by being really brash?

Thanks about the other stuff!

Thanks! ...Doubt there'll be a sequel to this... (oh sweet celestia, trying to write more of this... *shudder* :twilightoops: Um... suffice it to say, it was a taxing experience to write, for some reason!:unsuresweetie: Maybe just all the feels that went into it... dunno!)

Thanks! It's also nice to hear your interpretation of it! (All-in-all... I think that's a very optimistic outlook on the events of the story! Makes me feel good about things! :yay:)


"How long" "always" -.- screw HP "OH LOOK A POWERFULL DEATH WAND I WONDER HOW WILL WE DISPOSE OF THIS ITEM OF GREAT POWER" and they just snaped it in half, where IN LOTR THERE WAS ENTIRE 3 BOOK STORY ABOUT THEM DESTRYOING THE EVIL THING ARGH like really they almost throw us from the theatre when my ex wanted to see the last part of HP when at the part of snaping the wand i stand up and yelled "FU** YOU MOVIE"

...oh look a story! so...yea

great like always, i might not like a shipping, but when someone does it well i can dig it, and you did well. I was a bit confused about Spike age but half into the story i was like "oh he's bigger now i guess" it would help my imagination a little if there was something about his age or size early in the story, not flat out told "SPIKE IS 2432432 YEARS OLD NOW" but some hint that he's tall or bigger then her or something like that...

soo anyway, now that you're not showing yourself on skype, how did you like the season 3 finale? : p xD

Holy... just... wow.

I can relate to this story.

It's like... right on the verge of being poetic... :rainbowderp:

Wow, your dialogue is so well crafted... I wish I could write at a level even close to this. I think this sums up what a future Spike and Rarity would look like. I read Best Young Flyer ages ago, and I wondered about them..

10/10 :moustache:

I'm not typically much for Sparity, as with the age variance and blatant worship dynamic to the relationship, it's extremely hard to render believably, let alone well.

This has done it well.

Spike is pitch-perfect in his resigned devotion to be as much for Rarity as he can, even if it means he has a front row seat to every time some random stallion gets what he's always wanted; all the more flawless for his having been selfish at first, quietly cheering when the relationships soured, but growing beyond that to just be there for her. That thing there, that Spike did, under another name, is true love. Sometimes, you don't get a fairy-tale ending. Sometimes, you have to let her go.

And then we have Rarity, listlessly searching for her own fairy-tale ending, rifling through stallion after stallion trying to find a prince buried in the pile. Constantly getting her hopes up, constantly being disappointed, constantly taking advantage of Spike to hold together afterward. She's a terrible, selfish mare, who knows full well the pain she's inflicting and hasn't even got the courage to admit it to herself. The very picture of generosity.

And then, when it comes down harder than most. Things get said, feelings turned loose after how many years buried beneath pretty little lies. Spike's still in love with her, Rarity finally admits to herself, faced plainly with the truth, and what does she do? Does she nobly reward his lengthy devotion to her? No, she rebounds, she selfishly takes advantage of the comfort, the safety he offers her, for her own sake, knowing full well that he's powerless to turn her away.

And after a few weeks, or months, or maybe a year or two, she's going to wake up beside him and realize she's in love.

It couldn't really have gone any other way. And for that, I say bravo, author. You went done good! :twilightsmile:

Taxus #41 · Mar 4th, 2013 · · 1 ·

Well... Damn. That was beautiful.

Awww.. Sweet Sparity fics... :pinkiesad2:

AL #43 · Mar 4th, 2013 · · 1 ·

sweet C:

I stood up and clapped for that ending. Good job!

I'm a bit confused.....I did like the narrative, it seemed to be an accurate portrayal of the relationship between the two, maybe it's just the conflicting emotions that are abound here between the two that confuses me. I mean at one point it seems that both of them are completely O.K. with just being friends. Hell Spike has said point blank at several points that they weren't gonna become any more than just being good friends. Rarity reciprorates this by entertaining the fact that it was a crush and that like all other things (and apparentely every single other stallion suitor so far :raritydespair:), it would come to an end......But near the end it seems like now it's a complete 180 and now they're inseperable.

It's a good fic, but damn, why was it so bi-polar?? I'm still confused...

At the beginning they we're simply lying to themselves and each other. Spike told himself that he was over her so he could be by her side and Rarity let herself believe him so she could still have him as a friend. But years of growing closer and getting to know each other plus a nice amount of social lubricant(wine/alcohol) let them finally drop the facade and face the truth. And they chose to stop being selfish and give a relationship a real chance.

Unrequited love is so beautiful and sad, yet sometimes it gets a chance to bloom. :twilightsmile:

Congrats on featured, bro.

First off this sentence, "You’ve grown such spines since then!” That is simply wonderful word-play. :pinkiehappy: I'm a sucker for good word-play
Finally, I just want to say that this was one of the most believable SpikexRarity I've ever seen
Ciao darling:raritywink:

Alrighty, here goes. *Deep breath*

Ball, you know I respect you and I positively love your stories. This was an amazing one; it seems that objectively, this is your best. I beg to differ; I like it, but I feel like it is not better than Mercy, for example. To think about it, though, I can't really compare those. This is a deep, philosophical, marvellous story. Your depiction of Spike is beyond words. Love you, man.

Expect another crappy song soon :twilightsmile:

I offer congratulations on the feature, a like, and a favorite; you earned it.

Kinda makes me glad I can't relate to this situation. Either side.

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