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Bastion Crossover

"It was quite a time ago since we first set sail with the winds. The Kid, a person whom I call a friend, made the decision for us of what was to be done with this floating sanctuary. I expected him to set things right and make things go back to the way they were before the Calamity.

Boy was I ever wrong...

The Evacuation protocol had us travelling for quite a time. We traveled for weeks with just the company of ourselves. Not once did we ever expect to end up in a land populated by sentient ponies though. The times are just becoming stranger and stranger it seems..."

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...And so an experiment begins.

Bastion + Ponies = :pinkiehappy:
Also like the fact that you used the Evacuation + saved Zulf ending:rainbowdetermined2:(best ending in my opinion).

And So,Another Adventure Unfolds,Some Will Pass,Some Will Stay.

2227150 I went to remaining faithful to the Kid's personality. Only made sense for such an ending.

A Bastion Crossover... You my friend have impressed me... please continue.

Currently working on beating the game. I personally love the story and hope you continue. There are very few Bastion fics period. This makes me rather sad. I have only found 23 total on FFN.

2238234 Currently managing two fics at the moment so you can expect a lot of spontaneity in updates, a lot of which happening on a whim. :twilightsheepish:

You sir makes me want to play it again. I loved the game and the Ending was wow, I was ready to Kill or Leave Zulf to die but then i saw him. Laying there after attack then left for dead. I couldn't leave him. He needed help and I just couldn't leave him there to die.

Good so far, and I love how you started the same way the game started (in a story).

That said, there were quite a few spelling and grammar mistakes. Most noticeable is the use of "could of," "would of," "should of," etc., instead of "could've," "would've," "should've," and I think you get the point.

Just remember: it is never *Word* of, instead it's the contraction you're looking for. Example:

"Still, I wonder what could of been;"

Is not correct. Instead, it should be:

"Still, I wonder what could've been;"

This is correct. Use could've (could have) instead of could of (which doesn't make sense). Hope that helps you.

2252929 Noted, but I am often going back to change up things in the story so I'll do that on my next run. But I also must thank you for pointing that out, it's often the minor mistakes that slip beneath my radar.

Still interesting so far. I'm honestly surprised you didn't bring up one of the lasts things Rucks said after the end of the game. He said he couldn't wait to see the looks on their faces when they dock that thing right on their land.

Anyway, I noticed a few problems again, though just minor ones. You seem to be a bit redundant at times. One example I saw is this:

He chuckled softly at the sight, such a thing had never happened to him before. Caelondia's dirt only got stronger from the Calamity making it feel like you were walking on stone more than you were on dirt, and this was certainly a comical change.

See the two bolded parts? Saying he chuckles at the beginning of that paragraph makes the last part (that it was a comical change) redundant. We already know it's comical, so you don't have to say it's comical again at the end. That part was also a bit drawn out. You could have easily reduced it to a line or so (just have a brief mention about how he found it funny that the ground was apparently soft enough to leave an in imprint in the ground, unlike the hard ground of Caelondia), but instead you have several paragraphs dedicated to that one unimportant detail.

Again, I'm enjoying the story, and I hope you find my comments helpful.


It's the same way for everyone. :twilightsmile:


Honestly, I'm glad you did. I made sure to finish the game (and by chance had the same ending you did), and I have to say that was my favorite ending. Seeing him carrying Zulf through the army, watching as everyone slowly stopped shooting and got out of the way, seeing how the one person who tried shooting was then beaten into the ground by everyone around him. It was just amazing. I wish more games had stories as awesome as Bastion's. Seriously, why can't big developers do that, and instead leave it to the small indie developers?

2253070 Any help such as that is greatly appreciated.

Might come back later on and change a few things around for the sake of sensibility.

Waiting, waiting, waiting.
Is the update pending?
Is this song annoying you~?

2308171 good things come to those that wait. Well, maybe...

Changing a bunch of things in all the chapters.

I think... I think I might have something finally figured out, stay tuned if you're still interested.

Always nice to see another Bastion crossover.

I love what Rucks says wheen you have certain loadouts, my personal favorite being if you take the Galleon Mortar, and the Calamity Cannon.
"Aw, come on now. That's just overkill,"

Pity this story has been on hold for a while. Its really hard to find Bastion crossovers this good.

Comment posted by Latch deleted Jun 15th, 2014

4530012 For well over a year it's been on hold. Not to put up expectations for this fic, but I will at least try to complete it. It's just been too long of the entire idea being within reach at every waking minute of my days and not bringing myself to complete it.

It may be a long ride to the end. Might be enjoyable, might be terrible... but it will certainly not be done quick.


And presumably this story has died, just like countless other fics. A pity.

6201778 Sounds about right.

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