• Published 8th Mar 2013
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Roses and Rainbows - Brian Jacko

Rainbow Dash and her friends find a some pony special.

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A Mysterious Rose for Rainbow

Rainbow Dash awoke in her bed and stretched her limbs. With a deep yawn, she got out of bed and looked at her calendar hanging on the wall. "Just a few more months," she thought to herself. "A few more months until the big race."

Rainbow's mind flashed back to when she was much younger, competing in the best young fliers competition. She remembered the anxiety that plagued her and how terrified she was to go out and perform. She also remembered years ago when she had to race against Lightning Dust to determine who would be the next Wonderbolt. Sadly, she was humiliated in that race and had to wait a few more years until she could try to compete again. The Wonderbolts only accepted the best of the best and being in second place was considered failure. She wasn't the kind of pony who accepted failure very easily. In her mind, it would be different this time. She had changed her diet completely and trained harder than ever. She was still young, but she knew time would be running out soon if she didn't get into the Wonderbolts. This was going to be her last attempt. She had to make it in. She just had to. She had performed in front of the Wonderbolts numerous times already and hoped that this final race that determines who gets to be the next Wonderbolt, wouldn't cause her to be a complete nervous wreck again.

She went off to the kitchen and devoured a big bowl of hay and oats. She went about the rest of her morning routine and decided that another walk out in the woods would be a good idea. Fluttershy had suggested that she go out for a walk along a peaceful trail to help get her mind off of things.

She opened the door and spread her wings out for takeoff when suddenly she spotted something red on her front step. Upon closer inspection she realized that it was a rose. "That was odd," She thought to herself. "Some pony must have delivered it to the wrong address." Rainbow Dash shrugged. She picked up the rose and put it on her table in the living room. She looked at it for a moment. No pony had ever given her flowers before and at that moment she wished that some pony would. She studied it for a while, taking in its beauty before turning around to leave.

She took off from her door step and flew down towards Ponyville, but before going to her usual walking spot, she decided to take a slight detour and stop by Twilight's library to see what she was up to and to perhaps tell her about the strange incident about the rose on her door step.

Rainbow touched ground and opened the door to Twilight's library. She was shocked to see that all five of her closest friends were gathered around a table having some tea.

Rarity noticed Rainbow standing in the door way and waved a hoof for her to come over and have a seat.

Rainbow trotted over and sat down with the girls. They all smiled at her and welcomed her.

Rarity used her magic and poured Rainbow a cup of tea. She levitated it over to her.

Rainbow looked surprised and said, "Oh, thanks for the tea, but I'm really not here to stay and chat."

Twilight cocked an eyebrow and said, "But wait, I thought we had this all planned out?"

Rainbow looked as if some pony just smacked her across the face. "Wait, what?" Rainbow asked.

Twilight continued, "The date is today, Rainbow! Don't you remember the letter the Princess sent us?"

Rainbow's mouth hung open like she wanted to say something, but nothing came to her mind. She sat there completely confused.

Twilight put her hoof to her forehead. ”The challenge Princess Celestia sent to us last month. The date is today."

Rainbow's mind couldn't process anything. How in Equestria could she not remember a special challenge for her sent by the Princess?

Twilight sighed. "Don't you remember when I read the letter to you last month? Princess Celestia challenged all of us, this Hearts and Hooves Day, to find a some pony special to go on a date with. Princess Celestia said that it would be a fun and healthy experience for us. Did you find anyone?"

Finally it hit Rainbow Dash and she remembered. Rainbow threw herself to the ground laughing. "Oh that silly thing!" she said. "Twi, you must have forgotten that I have a serious competition coming up in the next couple of months and I don't have time to fool around. I have a lot of practicing to do, and besides, I'm waaaay to cool to date any pony."

"But Rainboooooow," Twilight said in a slightly whiny voice. "This isn't a serious date. This is something just for fun. To meet new stallions and see if anything happens from there. It's going to be a great social experience for us."

Rainbow flapped her wings in defiance and hovered in the air. She put her front legs on her hips and said, "Wait a minute. So you're telling me that ALL of you have a special some pony to date tonight? I can't believe that! Who are your dates? Oh, don't tell me! I can't even imagine how badly this is going to turn out!" Rainbow pointed her hoof in an accusing manner at Fluttershy. "Imagine Fluttershy on a date! She's so shy and quite! How is she going to get the courage to talk to a stallion on a date!? Her date would probably get the same amount of conversation out of talking to a wall. Oh, and Applejack! Why is she even bothering dating some pony when she spends the whole day working on the farm? She has no time for that. What about you, Twi? Are you going to take your date back here and start lecturing him in mathematics and Equestrian history? I bet you'll bore him to death. Oh, I can only imagine Rarity ending up with another date like Prince Blueblood. Do you girls remember that? It was hilarious." Rainbow looked over to Pinkie Pie and scratched the back of her mane with her hoof. "And Pinkie! Well, Pinkie is just in a class of her own." Rainbow looked at all her friend’s faces. They didn't look too happy.

Twilight shook her head and said, "Rainbow, I've already told you, this isn't a serious thing. It's just for fun. No pony is getting married over night you know. Why don't you just come early with us and we can help you find a some pony special to hook you up with."

Rainbow crossed her front legs and turned her head upwards away from them. "No," She said.

"Awww come on Rainbow. Please?" Twilight asked.

"No," Rainbow replied.

Twilight bounced up and down on her hooves. "Pretty, pretty pleaaaseee."

Rainbow's ears lowered and she looked at her friend and yelled "NO! I'm not dating any pony! This is all such a silly idea. I'm out of here! See ya!"

Rainbow turned to run outside, but Applejack reached out and grabbed her tail with her mouth. "Hold on a second there partner. If ya didn't come here fer the special date tonight, then what did ya show up here fer?"

Rainbow Dash scratched her mane and spoke, "I uh, just wanted to see what you girls were up to and..."

"And?" the rest of her friends all said at the same time.

Rainbow let out a depressing sigh and said, "Some pony left me a rose on my front step this morning. It was probably a mistake and delivered to the wrong house, but I wanted to know if you girls knew anything about it."

Suddenly Rainbow found herself being circled by Pinkie Pie. She hopped around Rainbow Dash chanting, "Ohhhh! Rainbow Dash has a some pony special. Rainbow Dash has a some pony special."

Rainbow swatted at the pink pony and said, "Hey, cut it out! I do not!"

The rest of the girls were giggling. "Sorry Rainbow, but we don't know anything about it. Perhaps you have a secret admirer," Twilight suggested.

Rainbow rolled her eyes and said, "Yeah, sure Twi. You just tell yourself that. Listen, I'm going for a walk to clear my mind. You all have fun on your dates tonight. See ya!" Rainbow left the library and made her way to the trails in the woods.