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She was once a great mare, the pride of Equestria's rulers.
The sole wielder of the element of magic...
Now but a shell of her former self after just one tragic night... and the long months that followed.

Because what would it be like to have your closest friend violently taken away from you?
Even after a full year with no sign of him, would it ever seem possible that he would ever be seen again, or that he was even alive?

Twilight Sparkle, with the help of her friends, attempts to rebuild her life from the ground up after a full year of dwelling in the past, and trying to find any trace of her former assistant.
Spike's gone, but does Twilight have what it takes to bring herself back from the same void?

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 161 )

More!! I love this :heart:

jesus...fucking...CHRIST man

dude...my heartstrings were tugged something fierce by this story, i'm anxious to see what goes on

though i fear for that "gore" tag i saw:twilightoops:

keep up the exceptional writing Streak

have a 'tash:moustache:

creepy celestia stare is creepy:twilightoops:


oh god my feels :fluttercry:

My feels.... what in Celestia's name have you done to my feels!?

Holly shit!!:twilightoops: Streak you had my heart string move a little, though I read this with impassivity, I can understand. It's not fun watching a friend sink into a deep pit, it's even worse when there's nothing you can do about it, I can understand that. I'm eagerly awaiting the next chapter. The gore tag has me a little worried its noting I haven't seen before. COME AT ME BRO!!:moustache:

These feels are for reals.

Oh god, I can already tell that Ima be either very sad or very excited after reading this

Uh-oh..... I have a bad feeling about this...

Dude... sadfic is sad.

Excellently done, friend! I feel such pity and sorrow for Twilight. I hope we find out more about what happened to Spike.

Upvote, fave, and a mustache for you! :moustache:

Wow very few stories really hit me hard like this one did. I will now wait in hopes that the next chapter will do the same.:pinkiesad2:

I thought for a second that you were going to have them reunite in the end, but then I realized that spike wasn't in the character list.
Now I has a sad.

It's incomplete so hoping to see Spike return later on.

2201761 Your avatar emphasizes your request by 10x! (・_・;

:raritydespair: WWHHHHHYYYYY


This story is great but my feels are feeling. :raritycry:

This story is pretty good and the concept has a lot of potential, but the writing could use some work. Nearly the entire story so far is just the reader being told what's going on. While this is technically proficient, one of the great adages of writing is 'show, not tell', and telling is exactly what is going on here.

It can be very tempting, in any scene, to tell the reader precisely what is happening. After all, you don't want the reader to be confused, do you? Don't. Descriptions are more accurate, but actions have more impact. This story so far: it's emotional, it's interesting, but it's sort of boring.

Anyway, that's just my opinion.

Through the months I have watched the site of Fimfiction.
I have read, cried, and laughed within its url.
And in time, I have experienced it, lived it.

Nowhere on this site have I met a man equal to myself.
A soul willing to write in the name of destiny.
Capable enough to make even the strongest men feel.
Cunning enough to hide and show those feels.
And charismatic enough to raise an unstoppable army to conquer all of Fimfiction.

"What are you going to do?"
"I'm going to read."

"If I want to read, I read. If I want to feel, I feel."

"You are the leader of the writers now. Unite them, StreakTheFox, and take back Fimfiction."

If I ever did meet such a man, if that man entered this site. I know exactly how I would welcome him.

That's sums up my feelings and praise for you.

Oh, and if you didn't get the reference.

Alrighty, I'll follow this for now. You have my attention.

Could use another grammar pass though. There are some little things scattered throughout (could of, etc).

Now that is a sad story... I truly hope Spike will come back alive, and that things will get better. I wonder what happened to Rarity too, and if the princesses are still sending ponies to search for the baby dragon.

>>The Belgian Brony

Wow. I felt the feels just roll off of that comment....
And stab me with a hidden blade
Good job to you as well author:moustache::moustache::moustache:

I... Love Streak for making this story. I love the real life aspect that's brought into this. Especially the pill thing... Pills never work.

Have 'stache :moustache:

Damn good story but......, WHY THE HELL DID YOU WRITE THIS?:raritydespair:
Oh Luna, the feels are EVERYWHERE!:fluttershbad:
I hate myself for thinking like this but, if she doesn't get better and continue's down a path like this, she might end up trying to take her own life, if that's the only way she can think to be with Spike again.:facehoof:

Non-manly tears have been shed.

Meh. It felt a little bit melodramatic.

Oscar Wilde once said that "Only a man with a heart of stone could read of the death of Little Nell without laughing."

Sad stuff is fine, but if you make it over the top (like with Twilight friends torturing her to keep her under "control") than you've crossed into comedy territory.

Damn, pretty sure if Twilight pulled this here on Earth as a human she would be court ordered to attend therapy. Especially after what she did to Rarity. On that note, what DID she do to Rarity?

Wow, that was a good beginning. Definitely going to follow this story since I am a sucker for Twilight in some form of pain. I agree with an above comment about the whole "show not tell" point. Can't really say I can critique this in anyway since I can't find much wrong. Good start for sure! :twilightsmile:

I hve the feeling spike is alive but either changed and will be back in his changed state or he comes back and dies in her forelegs. Thats what I think.
other than that. them feels.

2202583 I can't take your question seriously with that avatar :rainbowlaugh:. I can't even read it without hearing Willy Wanka's voice saying it out loud.

DAMN... just, wow...


I thought it was good. Tragic =/= overly dramatic. But to each their own, and all that.

“LIAR!” Twilight's horn began to glow, and the eyes of her three friends widened with fear. “You all hardly cared at all! You just went back to greedily farming all your damn apples, or sleeping your days away like some lazy bitch, or going back to your pansy little forest animals because that's all you're good at!”


2204162 Nope, it's definitely tears.

write the next chapter......just do it.............

Oh, the feels. Why why why why why why why

Well down my good sir, have an appropriate song befitting of yon story.

Damnit, I'ma go cry now.

Not bad, I'll keep an eye on it.

The only thing is that it repeated itself so often. Kept going back to emotions and seemed to repeat itself to much. This doesn't mean it's bad, just used to much.

First Chapter 4/5 Keep up the good work.


somethings poking my chest

Fluttershy's reaction..... oh god... all of their.. .reactions..
Twilight was ... :pinkiecrazy: <- not even close to that... way worse... im hoping none of my friends ever snap like that..... it may be not so manly but i probably wouldve reacted just about the same as fluttershy... man that was scary though twilight snapping like that

please... continue?... and what happened to rarity? shes... not dead too right? or like in a coma? :fluttershbad:

2202927 I second and applaud your usage of win in pure form.

And oh the feels. I am both excited and terrified to read more. Keep up the good work.

Well, now that I read this, I can only say that this is great.
If you'd pardon me, I have some tears to shed. See you in the next chapter.

well then, didnt that make any skill i had as a writer become inadequate. well done. very detailed and easy to read... also.. poor Rarity.

Dude. There's an advertisement stuck to your story.

where was the gore ? ok it had a bit of blood but that was kind of it :rainbowhuh: i really liked it though it really touched me inside :raritycry:

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