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An Iowa class battleship

Battleships may have once ruled the seas. But it is the legacy of those that still stand today to remind us of the days that their battles were won by the men that served on these ships.


OCTOBER, 1945.
Humanity's biggest bloodiest conflict has ended no more than a month ago. Many countries are in ruins while many more were untouched. The Soviet Union controls over half of Europe with the Allies still in control of France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain, Italy, Switzerland and the U.K.
In the Pacific, the United States has total dominance over the ocean since the defeat of Japan.
With peace restored the U.S begins to degrade it's military forces in the Pacific. But one day, something out of this world happens.
A rift between space and time opens up within the Midway atoll. On the other side, an enemy like nothing we've ever seen before attacks the island base and the moored 2nd US Pacific Battlefleet. But with greater numbers and firepower, U.S Pacific forces overpower the attackers and pushes them back through the rift. In response, the U.S Government organises a campaign to find and bring those responsible to justice.
An expeditionary fleet, led by Fleet Admiral Chester Nimitz, is sent through the rift where they are transported to a world that defies everything we know. The arrival of Nimitz' battlefleet will not only make contact with an intelligent Equine race, But an ancient evil that once brought this world to ruins a thousand years ago has returned with a cold vengeance and a powerful army, unleashing a new war that will bring both worlds to ruins.
(Story is undergoing a total rewrite and extended with a brand new storyline. There will be major changes in locations, time, new characters, and the new storyline will follow on from an alternate WWII timeline. More changes will be listed as they come. So for the time being, all work on the sequel is on hold till then.)

Chapters (4)
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Boom! That Iowa Class Battleship is still strong as ever! :twilightsmile:

Guys. The 'Big E' is an Aircraft carrier. This ship is a Battleship.

we all know she's a carrier, that's the reason everyone and everypony is picking the enterprise?
oh, and i'm changing the count from one to two ships that will appear in the fic. and a special someone as well.

2779674 What would be her use? If the Enterprise got sucked through the whirlpool then only the planes below deck would survive. All the others would be destroyed.

That's a very good point, I'm still figuring out which planes she'll have at her disposal, she'll have the usual aircraft along with some uniques in between. All will be explained in the next chapter

Is it the USS New Jersey?

Also, heres a Video Clip that I think goes well with what just happened.

EDIT: By is it the New Jersey I mean is the second ship the New jersey since we already have established the first.

Who ever said the next ship has to be american?

We've passed the 500th view! hoping for the same outcome for Rails of Destruction?

need more ponies.... *searches e-mails for more fics*

Keep 'em coming! With Mighty Mo and Big E and Alaska.....things will get very interesting

another good chapter. :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:


Comment posted by lockheed deleted Jul 7th, 2013

kill them all :pinkiecrazy: but good chap you get a :moustache:
pinky vacuum activa te:pinkiegasp:

Wait, can P-51's launch from carriers?

Maybe, I really don't know, if they have foldable wings, then yes. We need a P-51 expert to confirm this.

I'm pretty sure they can't. The carrier aircraft were always Hellcats or Corsairs at this point. (Not going to dislike for something as small as this, though. Still a nice story.)


The runway of an aircraft carrier is to short for take of and landing of mustangs, best way out of it is putting a catapult and the arrest cable system on the Big E (experimental of course).

Well, they are in luck, the Big E had a catapult, rewatching battle 360 has paid off.

Would there still be enough room for her normal complement of CAP?

Who is Empress Medusa? My guess is that she's Chrysalis's mom.

Getting colder, but I'll tell you, but not everything.
Medusa leads a nation of OC's in the Fic, she's not related to Chrysalis in a family way, but associated with her and was once a dear friend of Tia and Lulu.
The rest will be revealed next chapter, but you still win the vodka, Comrade.
Apologies if that was too much?

2950409 That's fine!


"Swallow it all in one gulp."

SEE?! I'M 20% DRUNKER...


Battle 360 was such a great special.

As a wise man once said "dis gonna be good"

Probably not but one can just say that she didn't have her full complement mainly because she is coming home from a battle and the other planes are mainly "tagging along" for the ride home.

Makes since. Still, I am kind of having trouble believing a ship like Enterprise was traveling home with just Alaska and not in a full fleet. I thought they changed that after Indianapolis sank.


Who says they weren't in a full fleet? The events leading to them being in Equestria was very confusing and the escort Battlecruiser was close sure but the rest of the fleet could have been miles apart, of note would be the picket line. As to why they were spread out on their way home, one can infer it was a show of force and as a simple precaution against being to comfortable just because they one. Well that's how I see it at least.

Casualties from the fight to get to Japan is another simpler reason.

Makes since. I'm not trying to hate on the story. I'm not OCD or stuck up to the point where I let a few small errors get in the way of a good read.

2844070 really the ijn yamato really.... this story clearly takes place at the end of the war lol


Doesn't mean you can't write a story about it. Here watch.

The changelings quickly declared open war on the ponies with the intent to kill or enslave them all. Twilight and Celestia looked to the sea in despair, hoping for a miracle. That miracle, would never come. The changelings knew this, and prepared for their final assault to topple Celestia and capture the capital of Equestria.

"The Yamato was our last hope," Celestia said despondently, "without her, we are done."

"There has to be someone who can help us, Princess!" Twilight yelled.

"No Twilight, they were all we had left." Celestia replied, hanging her head in sorrow.

Though the Yamato and her crew were a formidable fighting force, they would not be able to make it to Equestria in time. Had it not been for the fact that the Americans had sunk her and and killed most the crew, she might have been able to save the ponies, and save their nation in the name of their god-emperor. Instead, she lay on the bottom of the Pacific. The once mighty warship, reduced to a heap of metal on the ocean floor.

And they all died happily ever after.

The End.

Boom. There's the Yamato's story.

Now, if you need me, I'll be in my rack.

I wrote that for you just now. Consider it a short story to how Yamato would fit in here.

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