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Note! Zaria's narrating this time for a specific reason!

After another set of years pass, Maya and Zaria are back in for another adventure!

Ever since they defeated Discord and saved both Equestria and their world, Maya & Zaria are in it for another mind blown adventure when their own Elements of Harmony—given to them by Celestia—send them back to Ponyville. There, they unearth another quest: a new villain has no mercy over Ponyville and threatens to destroy it for an unknown reason. With no powerful spells from Celestia herself, and with the arrival of a brand new pony to Ponyville, the two girls find themselves facing a long journey, romance, and the possibility of being dead—whether they accept the quest or not.

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Comment posted by beirirangu deleted Mar 1st, 2013

2202637 well time to find/ decipher more clues.

i'm s***ing bricks. Are we there yet?

so i was put to Who know where and came out of who knows what. i wish i didnt knock out.

Ponies over friend, i need to invent a portal. for her sake.

I'm driving off to where ever married people go.

2225188 (sweating) um, this new.

Oh, there girls never learn, right?

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