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As usual, Twilight tucks-up Spike in his bed, looks out the window, and goes to sleep... Unknowing this will be the last of her normal days.

That night, a human calling herself Dreamstrider, the very first human magic-wielder, enters her life and flips all her perceptions of the universe upside-down...

Only to find, she is just the start.

Note: The categories/tags for this story may change over time because I don't really know specifically what will happen, it just happens.

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you realize that you described your views?(which are the same as mine):moustache:

2208533 I'm about to ask a really dumb question here, so I apologize in advance (i'm quite sleepy at the time of replying to this :ajsleepy:), but by describing my views, is that referring to a comment I made in my editors notes or something else? And is it a bad thing? (I have no idea :unsuresweetie:)

The description interests me. There are a fair number of mechanical errors from what I've read, so you might want to fix those. However, sir, you have found my interest.

I've never been fond of the whole dude becomes a chick transvestite theme, if that's what this boils down to then its not my cup o tea. If it is not then I will probably keep reading. You may also want to get an editor too.

2208655 its ok,i just have an impression that your main character views about humans and yours are the same,:moustache:

Comment posted by Alasdair Edom deleted Mar 4th, 2013
Comment posted by Alasdair Edom deleted Mar 4th, 2013

2211324 Oh well that's easy to explain.

It's because Dreamstrider as a character, is actually based off of me. Probably not the safest idea when it comes down to tying to make an in-depth story, but I couldn't get the idea out of my head so I just started writing.

As for her views on the human race, it is as close as you can probably get to mine. Although when it comes to any kind of belief system, (christianity, ect) I am trying to steer around it, however I might make references to spirituality due of the magical nature of Equestria and its similarity to mythical areas on earth/other dimensions (eg: the aether. or the plains of the animal spirits.)

So when it comes down to Dreamstrider's views on the human race, and the way she reacts to situations I try to keep it as close I can to the way I would think due her to being my incarnation of me in the story.

I hope that clears up a few questions. :pinkiesmile:

2211298 I'm not combating your opinions on the story by saying this, i'm just attempting to answer any thoughts that you may have. :twilightsmile:

The reason for the human/pony transmutation was due to obvious reasons that the character didn't wan't to be a circus act by the townsfolk.

As for the gender change (which is what your comment was actually about, I tend to ramble :ajsleepy:), the motive was already explained, and I have also explained in a reply to somebody else why the character was a guy in the first place and why he/she acts in the way he/she does

Again, i'm not combating your opinion in any way, i'm just trying to answer any thoughts you may have. :scootangel:

2209743 Thanks for the heads-up, I will look around for those mechanical errors like a mechanic over a vintage Spitfire.

And thanks for the compliment! :twilightsmile: It's nice to think somepony out there has interest in my ametureish writing.
So thanks again! :pinkiehappy:

(edit, this is old and irrelevant now, chapter three is up now! ^_^)
*Picks up megaphone* Alright everypony i'm sorry but Chapter three is coming down and going through complete revision. :ajbemused:

And now having the basis for the story setup, I need to plan what is going to happen next, not just spontaneously write stuff that vaguely matches the storyline.

As of now, the Chapter three that you have come to know will be wiped from the face of the planet. *MUAHAHAHAHAAAAA* :pinkiecrazy:
But really though, right now for me this entire storyboard makes as much sense as a cat wearing a top-hat... Oh wait... ANYWAY, that and it completely lacks depth to the plot, *harhar*, so I will be in the darks for around the week until I can resolve this mess.

Remember, life is a par-SUGARUSH!!!

I hear that. I usually have 4 maybe 5 a day.

Other than that keep up the good work.

I'm sooo sorry that I'm taking so long to finish the next chapter, but my writers block isn't budging. I might have to mark this story as On Hiatus if this keeps on. :fluttershysad:
I PROMISE that I will get around this writers block, I'm just having some trouble at the moment as I'm writing about everything but the next chapter.
I'm really sorry everyone but please be patient, I'm working on it as hard as I can :heart:

Hopefully I'll have the chapter done some time this millenia. :twilightsheepish:

Come on! This is an awesome story. Buck up and show that block who's the mare! ;)

2702875 Thanks for the encouragement :D I'll buck that block to the moon! (Obvious reference) :rainbowlaugh:

I've made a little progress on the next chapter, but I'm (very) easily distracted, and I've been occupied with writing chapters for my concept-stage fics, and the next chapter of my other fic. But I will get round to making chapter eleven! I won't quit this story (Mainly because if I did, my mind would get full of crazy again), and the next chapter is inevitable :raritywink:

I'm also glad someone thinks my story is good ^.^ I personally don't think it's that brilliant, but I still write it because I find it fun.

Thanks for the encouragement, it's what turbo-boosts my day x

Np, I just spent today rereading it for the third time.

2703168 Dayum! You've really re-read it three times? I feel honoured :pinkiesad2:

I enjoy your story simply because I feel like myself and dreamstrider have a number of things in common (minus the magic)

2703211 Well, score for me I guess :3

(On a slightly unrelated note) I've actually contemplated if Dreamstrider's magic is too powerful and makes him/her too powerful, and as a result he/she will have some special rules put in place when using magic so I don't end up writing a Mary Sue.

As long as she cannot destroy the universe, or the planet for that matter, on a whim then all's good IMO.

One request, when dream can fly properly, make her do a barrel roll!


2703267 She won't, she's far too sensible for that... Right? Anyway, I will most certainly carry out this request :3

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