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No Ponies were harmed in the making of this story.

What would have happened if the 101st Airborne never made it into France the night of D-Day? What would have happened if they were dropped into an entirely new world? Read to find out.

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Pretty cool....
There might be some things you can touch up on, but other than that, I say go for it!!! It's a great idea, one that i'd love to see come along. :raritywink:

An exceptionally decent idea! :D I like it so far. Nothing bad to say about it. I am entertaining the idea hat the things the ponies learn from whatever humans get sent to Equestria will bring about the Solar Empire/Lunar Republic war. Just a little scenario thing. :I I do that a lot. XD

Alright... I'll track it... But as soon as it goes terrible I'll leave... It all depends on the next chapter...

No pressure.:pinkiehappy:

This is great! Last one was good too, but man, this one was great! If there was a mistake, I missed it, because I didn't see any. Keep up the good work! Here, have some(5) stars. =]

I'm loving the new chapter just can't wait for more.

I can't wait for the next chapter. I wonder how the ponies get involved in the conflict. Hopefully they'll be able to conduct a truce between the two bands of soldiers, and also between the nations of the other world. I would love to see Celestia interact with the Germans. Hey, maybe she can visit Germany. That would be the most awesome thing ever! :rainbowkiss:

lets just hope there was no armoured divisioned dropped into all this... that could end VERY badly

I wonder if the Germans and the Americans will work out a truce when they realize they're not in Kansas anymore. I'd like to see where this story goes.
I do have a few critiques. You introduce each of the Mane 6 in detail, with a separate paragraph for each pony. This slowed down the narrative, since the amount of detail was unnecessary given that we're all MLP fans here and we already know who they are.
When Twilight spies on the paratroopers, it took me a moment to realize she was thinking to herself, not speaking out loud. For internal monologues, I italicize rather than use single quotes, so it's easier to differentiate it from dialogue.
More specific things:
On the other side of them, another C-47 had gotten one of its engines hit by a 20mm, causing it to explode, burning everybody inside of it to death. – I think that amount of damage is a little excessive for a 20mm flak shell. The engine would be dead and there would be a fuel fire, but the kind of explosive fireball you have described here is pretty unlikely. The plane is still going down in any case, but a good pilot might manage a survivable crash landing.
Josef picked up the mobile radio they had and began trying to get a hold of their Command Post, but to no avail. – A tiny detachment of soldiers on watch duty would probably have a field telephone on a landline, not a radio. In addition to being cheaper and more prolific, telephone communications are private, unlike radio in which anyone can listen in on your frequency.

Awesome! I I've been looking for WWII crossover for quite a while Cant wait for more:pinkiehappy:

I wonder what Celestia will do about an alien war being brought to her country?:pinkiegasp:

Tracking Online.....
W.E.B Connection Online......
Readying W.E.B Enhancer.
Fire W.E.B Enhancer.....


damn you beat to first!:pinkiesad2:

I just figured out that both the name of the story and all the current chapters up right now all start with 'The'.... Huh, fancy that.

Oh that nightmare just done fucked up trying to convince germans to do her as she pleases kekekekekeke.


Not going to lie, the reason why I did it is because the very first WW2/MLP fic I read was about a Canadian coming to Equestria and the Nightmare bringing the Germans to Equestria as well, and they agree to help her and to follow her without question. I literally facehoofed when I read that part, and made me infuriated because it was obvious the author didn't even bother picking up a book and reading about Germany and the Germans during World War 2.

Sounds about right. I mean I am german my self and I do despite the crimes against humanity my ancestors have commited but for once they were honorable soldiers that just did what they were told to do, but then again on every side of the war that's what they did obey orders.
Anyway I am always amazed by the way people write WW2 fics and I like this one the most given that there are only a few but duh this one is the most enjoyable to read from my point of view.(Also asking on a side note are you going to add a tank for the german forces or only infantry based weapons?)


only infantry based, think tanks would be a little be too OP for the land of Equestria.

Edit: Okay, so I lied a little and brought Shermans into Equestria, but that's because the other ending I had in mind had a few flaws with it. This ending kinda makes more sense.

447410 Okay.jpg
Actually is better that way as the tank would probably run out of fuel to soon and become useless.

I should stop editing posts 4 times after I post them.

Change very last line since I too was 50/50 on it since I didn't explain it very well. Just deleted it instead.

Hmm nice ending indeed. Though :trollestia: had to ruin the fun by bringing in shermans :< .

I think this whole thing about the two sides forging a truce and acrually cooperating was way too rushed.
You packed material for four chapters into a single one, which I think is a bit of a shame.:duck:

Anyway, it was still okay though.


meh, I sort of wanted to get this chapter done and such so I could focus on my other projects.

Sherman rush to the rescue yay!:yay:

this story looks interesting

Good job Pooticus :pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

Sad ending... why so sad! :raritycry::raritydespair:

I was really hoping Capps would get to stay and live.

wubwub i think i will stop reading now kk:twilightsmile::twilightsmile:

... Emm, did the German commanding officer not only rejected Nightmare Moon's offer, but pulled out his sidearm and gunned down an EVIL PHYSICAL GODDESS OF THE NIGHT?


Always hated the Nazis, but damn, that was awesome.



winters died last year????how did i not hear about this!?!? :pinkiesad2: Anyways i like this story so far...i thought this would be funny when i first saw it, but i actually like it and i think the fact that i constantly study ww2 makes this even better.

Congrats, you got mentioned on tvtropes (reality ensures)

Normandy Equestria: First Rendezvous With Destiny

Hope I see some comarads in the story

Soldier-"So, what you are telling me us that I f I kill my self right now...I would be alive when you cast the spell in my world
Celestia-"Well, yes but I think...
The soldier grabs his small GBB WE and pointed to his head
Soldier-"I going to kill my self and see if I appeared were I was. I going to call this action respawn....See ya in a day
He took then shot him self and landed dead on the dirt
Celestia-"Wow...that is a pretty awesome idea that he got there...

1182246 Nooooooooooooooo :flutterrage: you shall not live to see the light of day!!! Winters was an amazing soldier!

Capps thought of something he thought he had completely forgot about before being killed by the Germans. ‘Twilight.’

That one hit me hard... it's sad!

I have to ask did the entire area in which Operation: Neptune occured get transported to Equestria? Otherwise how are there both Allied and German troops present?


When I wrote it I believe thats what was going through my head, but it's been about two years since I wrote it and finished it. Been saying that I desperately need to re-write it for historical inaccuracies, misconceptions, misspellings, grammar mistakes, and of course let's all not forget me basically insulting the lives of the people who fought on D-Day by writing such a shitty fic in the first place.

Deat and Snow will rain upon the Everfree
clever bastard
also on a side note why would Zecora go all the way up to Canterlot when one of her friends is Princess Celestia's protegee not 50 miles away

Celestia is a BITCH she sent them back to there world to die while they were living perfectly in Equestria.:ajsleepy:

3813841 she had to send them back because it would have screwed every thing up in the world's timeline

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