• Published 27th Feb 2013
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The Magic of Love - Hailey-chan

Rainbow releases her love for Twilight in the strangest way

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Prolouge- Look into the Future

This day was a joyous day in Equestria. The birds were singing, the sun was shining as Dash got ready. Rarity was helping her get ready for the most important day of her life. Today was her wedding with the most beautiful mare in the entire wide world of Equestria, Princess Twilight Sparkle. Yes, Dash was marrying the newest Princess in Equestria.

"Dear, stop fidgeting! You will ruin your hair and make your suit wrinkly darling!" Rarity sighed tiredly. She has been working none stop to make sure Dash and Twi's wedding would be prefect. Of course she had help from the girls, Applejack took care of the catering, Pinkie the reception, and Fluttershy took care of the music, but Rarity over all had more jobs to do, such as creating the suit and dresses, designing the wedding hall, and of course, manging.

" Sorry Rares, I'm just really nervous." Dash said. Rarity just nodded as she countined her work on Dash. Dash looked around the room to find something to at least think about. She was bored. Dash thought about how lucky she was to get the Wonderbolts to perform. Rainbow also got to do a sonic rainboom for Twilight, who did not yet know. Dash smiled as she imagined Twilight's shocked, but happy face as she saw the rainboom. Suddenly the door opened and stepped in Fluttershy.

"Um.... Rarity sorry to bother you.... but they need your help in the wedding hall..... they don't know where to put the gaint ice sculpture...." Fluttershy said queitly. Rarity just sighed and mummered a goodbye and walked out of the room. As soon as Rarity left there was a awkward silence in the air. Rainbow and Fluttershy hadn't talked much since that day. Fluttershy mummered a quiet ' sorry' and left the room. Dash just sighed and got herself mentally prepared for wedding. She couldn't help but to be nervous about her wedding, after all she would be a princess afte she married Twilight. Suddenly a thought struck her. Twilight was a alicorn and would out live her by millions of years. Dash knew she had to except the fact the after she died, Twilight might remarry. No matter what, she knew Twilight loved her and that alone would last forever.

" I'm back!" Rarity strolled into the room and got back to work. Following her was Fluttershy, Pinkie, and Applejack who were all dressed in dress.

" You guys look nice! " Dash complimented with a smile.

" So do you Dashie!" Pinkie yelled while bouncing around the room, looking at everything. No matter what ( Happy ) event Pinkie was always over excited. Dash smiled at the thought of Pinkie, who was one of her closest best friends, and Dash knew she could tell Pinkie anything. Applejack gave her a smile and went back to her agruement with Rarity over being able to wear her hat at the wedding. Dash couldn't care less about her wearing the hat, but Rarity thought it would be rude to wear the hat and she might make such a bad impression for a Canterlot wedding. After all anypony who knew anypony would be there, including all the Princesses and the Prince. Fluttershy didn't even look at Dash, causing Dash to frown. She knew this was hard on Fluttershy, but she could at lease be supportive for her. Dash turned her back to Fluttershy and looked out the window. She couldn't help but see the Wonderbolts training for their performence soon. Dashie longed to be out flying in the clear blue sky with her Twilight.

" I can see you want to be out there." A new voice spoke up. Dash turned around to see her sister and best mare Rainbow Night.

" Yea, but Twilight is worth it." Rainbow replied, smiling at her sister. She hadnt seen her sister in a very long time and she is so happy to see her again. She sighs sadly, her other sister Rainbow Sky couldn't make it.

" Never said she wasn't." Rainbow Night smirked at her. Rainbow Dash then just remembered how awesome it was to hang out with her sister, and Rainbow lived for awesome. Her sister left to go get ready as Rarity started on Dash's make-up. Dash just stood completely still and let her work without a word of protest. As soon as Rarity was down Rainbow sat down and watched Rarity get ready. Dash then started to hum a song and soon went into full singing. The room went quiet as Dash song, but Dashie didn't notice and she kept singing. Once she finished the song she notices them looking at her in suprise as if the would have never guessed that Dash could sing. Dash just smiled and started to sing again and Fluttershy soon joined in when she heard the song. Dash just rolled her eyes and kept singing. When they finished they were awarded with applause from them. Dash smiled and laughed at there shocked faces.

" Darling, you never told us you sang!" Rarity said in astonishment at Rainbow singing skills.

" Yea I rarely sing in front of other ponies." Dash said. It was true, only on some special occasions did Dash sing in front of other ponies. On of those occasions was her first date with Twilight and Dash smiled at the memory of that moment. That was one of the best moments in her entire life. Dash thought back to her and Twilights beginning and smiled. She is so far happy with the results of their future and she was looking forward to their future. She chose to think of those moments before the wedding starts. She wanted to remember every single moment, every single word, every single kiss, and every single tear. Dash looked towards Fluttershy. Without that mare she wouldn't be marrying Twilight right know. Rainbow just wished that she didn't have to hurt Fluttershy for her happy ending. Though Fluttershy forgave her, Dash thinks Fluttershy will never really be happy again intill she meets someone. It all started one summer day when Fluttershy asked Dash out on a date......

Author's Note:

Hope you like! I tried to improve this story to be better then my last one :)

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Comments ( 7 )

shes in love with Twilight!!


Before anything, your description gives away the entire plot. Why am I as a reader interested in opening your story when you told me exactly what is going to happen already?

For example:

Rainbow Dash has always assumed she loved Fluttershy, but a proposal of a date from Twilight makes her wonder.

Unaware of the brooding feelings for Fluttershy building up in her friend, Twilight asks Rainbow Dash on a date.

These are both terrible because I know nothing about your story but they're still better than what you have there.

Also when you don't spell-check your description it bodes very poorly for the quality of the story contained within. As a viewer if I see a short description riddled with errors such as yours, I have even less reason to click the link to read your story.

Protip: Never release *just* a prologue when you post a story. Have at least a 1st chapter to back it up:facehoof:

Why are you in hiatus! I can think of several directions to take this in. Just write a chapter!

Lots of grammar errors might want to get an editor.

...is this readable? I can't tell.

I'll edit this for you if you'd like.

Interesting story, granted there are a few grammatical errors, nothing to really thumbs down about it I think.

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