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Hello there, Bio reader! The name is James Jackson. I'm the head writer of the story, "Apples'n'Wrenches". Other than that, there's not much else really interesting going on down here.


"Sweet Apple Acres has a small problem, and only the town repair shop has the means to fix it. However the Apple family gets a lot more than what they asked for when an old friend of Applejack returns to lend a helping hoof."

(Not all appearing characters listed in "Characters" checkbox. Woulda' been crazy full. I could probably say more about the story, but I don't want to spoil it.)

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:flutterrage: Ficks!! Why?!!?

Awesome story, by the way. I've always enjoyed stories not so much of grandeur, but of the simple concerns of common people, and in this case ponies, and their lives. It's more realistic in a way.

Keep going and keep writing, delightful duo! :yay:

Good job, Ficks! normally, i don't go for OC ponies, but yours is so well done i can't resist. Can't wait for the next chapter!:ajsmug:

Please please please please
Tell us there's a part 6! TELL US THERE'S A PART SIIIIIX! :raritycry:
Er, I mean "us" as in the community. No Royal Canterlot Voice for me, thank you.:trollestia:


Fret not fair reader, Chapter 6 IS in the works as we speak. That'd be a terribly sad note to end it on, yes? We're estimating ~10 chapters, we're still unsure. Glad you guys are enjoying it though, and we have plenty in store for ya'!

Ah, there we go. This is HM from the Exile forum, finally got around to this. You already know my opinions and thoughts. Great work. I'll be keeping a close eye on you, Mr. Mister.

Oh yeah, and are you also Wolfjedisamuel or no?

So....AJ is the kind of mare to get angry-jealous if the stallion she likes hangs out with a mare that isn't her?

Hey Ficks!

I come from Magic in Exile too.

It was just yesterday that another fiction that I love made it to FIMfiction. And now this one too!? I'm feeling spoiled!

That was pretty damn good. Reading more.:pinkiehappy:

3.14 in the duch law and order its stands for theft and poaching XD what cutie mark huh?

You know, a lot of folks have a big problem with OC's being shipped with the mane 6. But in this case... Well, it's just too damn well-done. I like this matchup.:duck:

Also, I have to say that I don't like the direction our little love story is taking...if this doesn't have a happy ending, all the fires of Hell shall be as nothing compared to my wrath unleashed.

I've been tracking this story since it was first posted on EQD, and it's a great story, it really is. But my main problem is that by the time it's updated I have to go back and read the other chapters to remember where we left off last.


Don't worry too much. It'll be worth it in the end I assure you.


Don't worry too much. It'll be worth it in the end I assure you.196634

We're so sorry about that, too! Life gets in the way, but we've set a deadline for ~Valentine's Day. So expect it by then! If it isn't up around that time, WE HAVE FAILED. :(

But that shouldn't happen. :D


She is irrational at times. We figured that fit rather well.

A note to the readers.

Life and romance is filled with bumps, steep hills and hardships. Nothing worth it, is ever easy.

'Tis worth it though.

I didn't mean that you failed by any means, i'd rather read a quality update than something that's rushed, I do love the story after all.

Heh, your OC would make a perfect engineer in TF2. :rainbowlaugh:

thats an aweome pic at the end.

that jusk breaks a hart >.< hes so not in his element around others


That is extremely relieving to hear, my good man. Extremely relieving.

Nevertheless, we ARE setting that deadline. We're going to try our hardest to do it right. Goodness knows we've had the time, eh?

Aww, Nut should have beat them up before Oddball escaped:unsuresweetie:

damn son
head exploded when they kissed
had to clean up my computer
really hard without eyes
or a face
oh well

i wonder wen rainbow coming in the picture

apple with out her ribon... thats so freaking hot...

Romance you say? :pinkiehappy:
On my reading list, definately will come back to this

gotta love assumptions, they make everything better!

Wow... I just found this, and even though I was dead tired at the start and only intended to see if I liked it, I just read the WHOLE THING! :yay: Those are some long chapters btw, lol.

When Applejack was like, "it was just a kiss", I was like, "Ouch!" That kind of rejection, although indirect, is crushing.

Btw, someone probably thought of this already, but changing 1 letter of Ficksitup's name creates another name that aptly describes the character. ;P Was that intentional?

I can imagine Ficks' reaction to her letting her mane down: DAYUM! :pinkiehappy:

Can't wait for the update. This story is good and I feel emotionally attached; a rare occurrence. Write on. :ajsmug:


1: No, that was completely unintentional. However I am fully aware of that, and the letter change is a little bit of an injoke between a few friends and I. Fixitup would accomplish the same thing, but for whatever reason we simply preferred substituting X with CK, to make, "Ficksitup". Puntacular names, always quite the thing in MLP:FiM eh?

2: I wouldn't say it's rejection. We figure it's more of a deflection. Somewhat nervous response to a significant event.

Glad you're enjoying the story! We have more coming up!

Wolfjedisamuel, a quirky friend of mine on DeviantArt.

Hey big bro...

When are you gonna stop dragging your hooves around and just ask her out? Dork.

aw! I think I'm in love with Ficks! I kinda wanna cuddle him lol I'm loving it so far!

This is an amazing story, if Ficks doesn't manage to confess to AJ, this is going to gain a 'Tragedy' tag. Poor AJ.:ajsleepy:

keep it up, i think there is a lot of originality in it which makes this story even better :eeyup:

I mean Applejack was like :ajsmug:


AJ with Ficks: :ajsmug:
Pinkie walking in on them::pinkiesmile:
then, OKIE DOKIE LOKIE::pinkiehappy:

When ficks kept on talking, I wanted to bite my fingers off! :twilightangry2: Great work! I want to see more

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