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Well, nothing to lose. Unless there's something even more severe than pony hell.

2176147 What about Super Hell
It's like normal hell
Only super

2176177 Don't even get me started on Super Ultra Hell


What about Infinite Hell?
Or Omni-Hell?

Yes I'm bad and I should feel bad. What else is new?


*insta punches*
No. My fiancee. You hear me? MINE!

2176250 Oh boy, here we go again :ajbemused:

2176346 You haven't been spamming this pic around, have you? :trixieshiftright:

2176360 Well, only a little...

2176377 Well, yes.

Now that was damn hot and good! Well done, well done!

"Come on," she moans, "put it in my party hole."

Not actually the weirdest/silliest/Pinkie-est euphemism I've heard!

I normally chase away second-person stories (by the way, this is second-person, not first, might want to change that description) with a chainsaw, But I gave this one a shot, and boy am I glad I did. This was really good. Thanks for sharing.

Please make more of this. :pinkiehappy:
Don't let it just end in a one shot. :raritydespair:


Hm... Good enough.

i guess you could say that pinkies breast were....


i'm horrible...

"Well, it was my party," you reply with a smile, "and I appreciate you going to the trouble. Just trying to say thanks, eh?"

Fucking Canadians.
Anyway, this was ok as far as second person clawp goes. :moustache:

Oh, god. That was... amusing. I don't know why, but that last line from Twilight made me laugh.


As you're locking your door it occurs to you that the invitation doesn't actually provide you with an address, and you briefly wonder how on Earth you're expected to find the place. As soon as you think this, however, a man in a brown suit walks up to you with a helpful smile on his face.

Now headcannon-ing as the Doctor. No one else in Ponyville would be wearing a brown suit would come up to you out of thin air.

Very nice! Sweet, well written, hot. Please to be making more? :twilightsmile:

Man, my friends suck compared to this.

Especially since fun-sized usually means small, and her's most definately weren't. I must admit, I'm rather fond of larger...

2178896they were big, so i consider them fun-sized:pinkiehappy:

I like your way of thinking, I really do. :rainbowwild:


"You're in ponyville now. This is how we roll."


Well, in the pornyverse version of the Ponyverse, that's how Pinkie would greet everyone who's new in Ponyville. That makes sense.

O-Oh.... God...
I think I died...

I'm not even going to say anything, because everyone knows what I'm going to say.

Though the writing, crisp it is.

The story was actually very well made in terms of utilization of the second-person perspective. Immersion is only to be expected, but one thing that wasn't expected was how pleasant it was. Sure, it's humanized Ponyville, but in terms of character usage, scenery description, and the actions of various characters, especially towards the end, I just generally felt good while reading. :twilightsmile:

Of course, this was also likely due to how there was no errors in typing or grammar, and anyone who has read my comments knows that I always start by reading and proofreading the story, though in this case, I really couldn't do much of a proofread: It was written without errors, at least, from what I saw. :unsuresweetie: Maybe I missed one... Heh...

The story could have had a bit more build to it, but it certainly displayed how 'friendly' Pinkie Pie is for new arrivals in Ponyville.

... I can't help but think of Corpse Bride when I say "New Arrivals"... freaky. :twilightoops:

Well, what advice can I really give? Nothing, I suppose. Story is well made, though I would be eager to see how well you work with other characters, were I to know they were possible story opportunities. Regardless, very nice work on this story.

Comment posted by ShimmeringStallion deleted Feb 26th, 2013

A nice quaint town that's 80% female? What's not to like?!

Oh, well, they forgot to mention in the guide booklet about the Tantric-Pagan summoning rituals to some pair of goddesses. The Feds can't prove anything and the local police, who happen to be all females curiously enough, never seem to find anything "illegal" going on despite single, unmarried men occasionally disappearing only to be found dead with the biggest grin on their face and stiffer than a overdose on an entire case of Viagra. The only known survivor, who now resides in a mental institution, could only babble on about something to do with bananas. :trollestia:

2179472 Look, my first comment was a bit foolish, so I'll elaborate with something useful: If you're going to post a comment like that, then just say it. Otherwise you're just saying "Hey. I've got an opinion. People probably know it. Bye".

It's just inconsiderate to leave a comment like that, man. Either speak your mind, or don't post at all. Both positive and negative comments have something of value, and that just... doesn't. :ajbemused:

2179812 Oh, you mean voice my displeasure so I can be hated upon. Sure. All that gets me is hate followers who thumb down every story and comment of mine because I said something they didn't like.

2179856 So you'd rather forfeit your chance to say something because someone will react in a negative way (yet make your presence known as being "the usual comment of [yours]", essentially trading your chance at having an opinion, with stereotyping yourself as "[Your] Comment"), than actually produce an opinion that the author might be able to take into consideration in future works?

Do you think that lowly of your own opinion that it's so... expendable? :ajsleepy: Really, if you're displeased with the possibility of recieving negative feedback, then one of two things need to change: Either your comment, or your perception of the importance and/or meaning of someone clicking "Thumbs Down".

... You wanna keep your comment as it is? Be my guest. But know that if you'd rather have comments like:

I'm not even going to say anything, because everyone knows what I'm going to say.

Once you feel content with having these comments associated with your existance, you don't have the right to comment anymore, even if you think you do. On any story. Ever.

2180244 Well someone took a heavy dose of justification today.

Take me up in PM if you wish to continue or something. I'm not going to start a rap here and I sure as hell can't bear the reception right now.

2180244>>2180257 Someday I'm gonna make a ponified fic of this conversation.

I'm sad that this is a one-shot.:fluttercry:
WHY MUST THE GOOD DIE YOUNG!? This lone chapter burned bright, but ended with little hope for a comeback (*glares at "Complete" tag*)

Wow that was actually good...
Pony Satan or Hades or whatever take me, for I am content

I wish that would be my Welcome to Ponyville present... :pinkiesmile:

We can't stop here. This is Friendship Country.

...I'll just show myself out...

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