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Princess Celestia and Princess Luna are widely considered to be goddesses incarnate of Equestria. But goddesses have entities they must answer to. A thousand years ago, Celestia was challenged by one of these entities for the fate of her domain. She won, but at a terrible cost.

Now, the Game begins again, with Twilight Sparkle and her friends caught in the middle.
Cover art by Acceleron

Featured on Equestria Daily on 11/3/13

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Seriously.... SERIOUSLY do you realize how many mother bucking times this concept has been used not just here but bucking everywhere
thumbs down for now and then im going to read it and it better be one hell of a story
oh and FIRST

You know, if it offends you so much, you could just not read it.

2172653 You be judging a book by it's cover. And if it's over used, so what? People can have the same ideas you know

Damn I hate being proven wrong... make sure it stays that way

This looks like it's gonna be great. Definitely watching this one. :pinkiesmile:



This is great. I love the characterization of Lightning Dust. Very "show, don't tell", and the exposition was worked in really well too. We got one or two sentences after her dive, explaining about the Wonderbolts Academy, and the rest of her story came out naturally as part of the very interesting conversation between her and Arbosh.

And I just love Arbosh. He sounds cunning and sinister, definitely. Not sure if he's outright evil, or if he's just bound by some rules we don't understand. I like how you introduced him slowly: first the dice, then we see him, then we get Celestia's explanation. You've got me hooked! I can't wait to see what he does next.

Showing Celestia bathing in the sun was a nice touch too. I think you've got an interesting characterization of her.

2172653 You do realize that using "bucking" instead of "fucking" makes you look like you have autism, right?

So far, this fic has had excellent progression, characterization, and ideas. I eagerly look forward to the upcoming events, in the hope that you genuinely continue to update and don't just fizzle out. :)

2172675 Sorry to bother you but, does this have anything to do with the Chess Games of the Gods series?


I believe it has less to do with the series and more to do with the concept of gods/immortals manipulating mortal fate.


Nope. This is my own thing.

Princess Celestia and Princess Luna are widely considered to be goddesses incarnate of Equestria.

By whom? They've never once been referred to as such by anyone. They are not the objects of worship or religion in Equestria. The respect accorded to them is no greater than that of a particularly benevolent ruler (or, in Luna's case, a terrifying monster.) They do not demand worship.
They are certainly not all-powerful. Though more powerful than most ponies, they can be beaten quite readily. They don't even stack up against Norse/Greek style gods, whose powers far exceed them in pretty much every way. Perhaps they are equivalent to a Heracles or other demigod, but that implies there are greater gods to whom they are but ants.

Their use as epithets is not conclusive, either—historically, epithets can and have referred to people who were not considered divine, if they were sufficiently important or impactful, as I suspect a thousand year-old monarch would be.

This "Celestia and Luna are the literal goddesses of the pony people" thing really needs to stop. It smacks of non-canonical projection.


You didn't read the story, did you?

3442920 If someone had ruled over humanity for 1,000 years and we thought they were responsible for the shift between day and night (even if they really didn't but we just thought they did) I think we can assume that we'd think they were gods...or at least a good chunk of the world's population would.

Yet the ponies do not. That is my point.

I'm not commenting on the story. I'm commenting on that one line from the description.

This has potential. Looking forward to what comes next.

3443427 The ponies seem to regard her as, if not a god, but godlike.

thumbs-up for style. the scene with lightning dust where the villian does exposition felt a bit rushed though. telling a character what they think with no apparrent reason the other character would know this never sits well with me. i think you've got the potential for a solid story here. unfortunately, it's hard for me to read because for whatever reason, i'm just not able to suspend disbelief about the characters and motives and stuff. maybe it's the kinda fast pacing, idk.
regardless, keep going! i know i only mentioned the negatives above, but this thing has some real potential!

Lotsa smoke and mirrors so far, but the idea is interesting, so I'll see where it goes from here


I literally just read the first two chapters this morning(having waited since before the second chapter existed), in an attempt to start working through my backlog.

Well, it's been a while since I saw this. Glad to see it's still alive. It is quite a memorable idea, and I was wondering every couple of months if we'd see it again.

I like the headcanon on the six tribes. And the chess-like rules only reinforce that yes, this is actually a game, unlike what we saw in The Immortal Game, etc.

As a board game lover, I have to try this!

However, there are still plenty of ambiguities in your description of the rules. Do players sit at sides or points? What counts as a straight line on a hex grid? How is the board set up?

In any event, I'm still interested.


I'm working on a playable version of the Game of Six. I'll post rules in the author's notes when it's ready.

Oh, this is interesting.

The usual default for a straight line on a hex grid is with the grain, crossing hexsides and continuing on over the opposite hexsides of the hexes passed through.

Some games do make use of 'alternate hex grain', (crossing a point and then travelling along a hexside to the point of the hex two away), but that is almost never used for movement.

3963801 The thing is, that still allows for six directions. How is that different from "any direction"?

Also, from what I know of the rules so far, it sounds like the kind of game where draws would be relatively common. A lot more than in Chess at least. Maybe that is why Chess superseded it in-Universe.

I still want to try it though.


"Straight line" means that once that piece has begun moving in one of the six directions available on a hex, it must keep moving in that direction until the end of its move...or until it hits the edge of the board.

I was defining 'straight line', it is also possible to further restrict which of the six possible directions one can travel in.

3965252 Some pieces were defined as only able to move in a straight line and others as able to move in any direction. I'm asking what the difference is.

There are two likely possibilities:

The druid and fool don't have to move in straight lines, allowing the druid to reach any space within three hexes and the fool any space up to eight away that does not moving three or more spaces in a straight line.

Twilight is not Don Greenwood[1], the description given is informal and does not make a point of defining and then using carefully defined terms.

[1] Known in wargaming circles for writing rules that are highly precise and free of multiple interpretations.

Clicked this on a whim, color me interested in what you're setting up here.

WIll this ever be updated?


It will. However, my computer and my backup drive were stolen recently so I've been having to rewrite the next chapter entirely from scratch. It's been uphill going. Sorry.

So, will this be continued?

just found this story, kinda sad to see its been cancelled. i was enjoying it, and was looking forward to seeing where it was going

If I go back to it, it's going to need a LOT of reworking.

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