• Published 24th Feb 2013
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Strange Feelings - Fallen Dreams

A love tail *snickers* between Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy that has more to it then the eye sees.

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Chapter 1

Chapter One

One morning after I was sitting on a cloud after my first shift as weatherpony, it was time to take my nap but yet I couldn't feel but compelled to see what Fluttershy was up to. I knew that she would be either feeding her animal friends or be in her garden. She was nothing but predictable, but yet I went to go see her. As expected she was tending to animal when I had arrived but moments ago. At first when I arrived she was startled when she didn't hear me land behind her, which she seemed to be too far involved with her routine than usual. As I come up behind her, I give a hearty hello and she jumps to the sudden sounds that came from behind her. I started to playfully tease her about it, but when I noticed she had been extra timid I felt as if I were a monster for scaring her. What was going on? Why did I stop? Why did she seem so fragile? I don't know, but what I did know was that I needed a nap.
As I turn away, I could barely hear talking to herself in a hushed but frantic voice. "Did my hair look okay?, what did my breath smell like?, how long has the stain on my coat been there? Oh... I hope she didn't notice". I had to say something to calm the shy pony. "Hey Fluttershy!" I yell from mid flight "you look great today!" That worked because I could see her bright red as she tries to hide her face from me. I couldn't help but blush a bit myself. A bit later I make my way towards sugar cube corner to have my fair share of sweets when I show up to see Pinkie behind the counter serving another pony a chocolate Sunday with a bright red cherry on top. Although it look great, I had to resist due having to stay in top condition if I ever wanted to join the Wonderbolts. But what can one cone of ice cream possibly do to my athletic condition? I will burn the extra calories off when I practice any way. I sit up at the table when the pink mare asks “what can I do ya for Dashie?” I cringe at the nickname she just called me but I brush it away as Pinkie sets the delicious double chocolate with vanilla cupcake batter mix of heaven on the table in front of me. For a moment in time, I forget my manors as I dig in getting the ice cream on my face but soon realize I am not alone and find the nearest napkin to wipe my face with.
Then…she…walks in… she’s beautiful. Her pink main, how her amazing yellow coat glistens with every step she takes. Absolutely gorgeous, and in a way extremely attractive. Wait what? Why the hell have I been thinking about her like that. I knew the answer was simple but I didn’t want to admit to myself that it was true. I am a mare, she is a mare. Is that even possible. And what would everypony think about it? Would we be accepted as a couple, or would we be exiled by Princes Celestia herself. I didn’t want to think about it but I finally came to the ultimate answer… I am in love, and nothing was going to change that. But for now, I needed to think about it more over my ice cream. Surprisingly she hadn’t seen me yet so I hurry to finish my desert and try to leave unnoticed, to my acknowledgement, no pony saw me make my exit out of the sweet shop. Due to being a very well know rainbow colored Pegasus as myself, other ponies tend to see me one way or another but with great luck I am able to take off to my home to take my nap to sleep on the strange thoughts I have been having.
Practically strutting in mid flight, the feeling today nothing could possibly bring me begins to sink in as I begin to think of what happened back at the Sugar Cube Corner earlier today. No, I couldn't be thinking about that now for I had WAY to much to do today. Yup that me, just busy as a beaver (or was it a bee?) with my tricks and stunts. Plus my most favoritest activity, sleeping. But all of that was casted into an empty black void when I couldn't help but stare at Fluttershy's plot. DAMNIT!!! Not again. Okay, think Rainbow... think think think. What could possibly be the answer for my thoughts towards Fluttershy rather than the obvious? I need someone to talk to. Badly and as soon as possible. But who would I talk to? Rarity? She knows about love sure, but I don't think she knows about the kind that I am feeling. Definitely not Twilight. Sure she would accept it but she tells Princess Celestia everything. Forget it. Its pointless to fight it. But what if Fluttershy doesn't feel the same about me? I don't think I could be seen around her again if she turned me down, even in the most polite and timid way possible it would damn near kill me.
I get home to find out that my next shift started 10 minutes ago. "OH BUCK" I exclaimed about to fly out of my house when another thought crossed my mind. "Why don't I just stay home" as my mind was wandering and leaning towards my nice fluffy bed. Yeah, that sounds marvelous. Wait, what does marvelous mean? I couldn't tell if I was going insane, but I have heard Rarity use it when she was making a dress for some high musician named Octo-avia (I think) from Canterlot. But that would be a worry for another day. All I had my mind set on was why I had such deep feelings for that yellow mare, that and I still needed my nap.

Author's Note:

So I wrote this a while back due to stress on DeviantArt. I usually write when I am stressed to sort of calm me down. But I decided to put this on here to see if I should continue the story. :)

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i say continue! its great!:twilightsmile:

Then I shall continue ^_^

2176006 HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!:pinkiehappy:

I second that please continuew

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