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Thank you for purchasing the latest group of units from our Friendship is Witchcraft series.
To avoid a painful death and the end of all life, we have provided a user guides and manuals for your safety. when using our products.
Yes I have Timpeni's permission.

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My reaction before reading: :ajbemused:
My reaction after reading: :rainbowkiss:

Sweetie Bot, the ultimate woobie: destroyer of worlds! :unsuresweetie:

Is she a good racer though? See, these are the questions you have to ask.

Hahahahaha. Excellent. I loved the "Can't get onFIMfiction" gag. Nice. Shades and monocles all around for that one. :pinkiehappy:

Several small spelling errors. No issue. Just letting you know :derpytongue2: other than that. pree' good :pinkiehappy:

Fun levels will be at maximum efficiency.

THE FUN HAS BEEN 654 x 532 / 54 = 54%

I liked it very nice sir :3 :scootangel: hehe scootabot

If I buy say... 50 Sweetie Bell units and set them all to Philosophical mode will they eventually uncover the meaning of life?

I lol'd at the grimdark/mature fanfiction, haha :rainbowlaugh:

I want mine to come with a mustache...do you have any of those? :moustache:

What kind of moustache?
Freindship is witchcraft.
Probaly not.

LOL I Watched Friendship is witchcraft yesterday and now this goes up LOOOOL

so lustful eye is bad but humping is good?:rainbowhuh: ok then moving along

Fluttershy and Rarity looking at me lustfully, yes my dreams has been answered. :yay:

I am somewhat concerned by both Wilhelm's and TenshuraX's mental health. I think it might be time to leave this dimension. DOC! Get the TARDIS we are leaving!

So what happens if you put two sets of the CMC in a room? Do they assume that one or the other are clones, or magical dopplegangers, or do the Sweetie Bots get into a discussion and theorize on it for the next two days?

Since the Anonymous Comments are disabled, ApplejackDaniel's has registered and is now known as Jolly Roger. I would like to ask a few things:
1 Can you give us a closer information about the factory?
2 If I can't make it to Berlin on time, does München (Munich for the Non-germanes) work, too?
3 My APPLEJACK-Unit has been trying to get me on the throne of Bavaria. I don't say I don't like it, but it seems strange. Any suggestions?

2)It depends on how far your unit has gone.
3)We do not yet sell APPLEJACK Units, nor does our sister company and thus we can't help you here.

How much ? Is it possible to get sweetiebell model in rarity body along with heat and lust? There seems to be quite some problems with upkeep of this model.

Not yet.
But there will be.
One day...

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. Do not die from awesome.

I need more fluffy pony. It is cute.

hello? I accidentally left my APPLEJACK and RARITY units together and now they are in an infinite loop argument about the war. Their reset buttons arent working.

Awesome :D I wanna code though

mine read one of my clop fics and keeps looking at me eith what looks like, i think lust... should i embrace this, or try and reset the unit? with how well made it is, i kinda want to embrace...

Umm My Units Are Burning Each Other With Flamethrowers What Should In Do :pinkiegasp: Oh No Now There Looking At Me What Should I Do

My Unit Just Made A Portal Gun And Is Yelling At Me To Start Testing. I Might Of Used It To Download Portal 3.OK I Did:facehoof::facehoof:

Comment posted by BronyBlast9000 deleted Nov 9th, 2013

I asked Sweetie Bot what she would do if she was a robot, and she went into Destroyer of Worlds Mode. So I just said that was the coolest plan ever and she went into Philosiphy mode for some reason. How can I get her back to normal size?

Manual fic = win
FiW!Manual fic = THE FUN LEVELS HAVE BEEN DOUBLED!:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

I'm se may I do a story with side character units

:applejackunsure: Good golly, there's more typos in here than I could shake a rattlesnake at. Yer humor's just tryin' too hard. Yet somehow, somewhere, someone found it funny enough to advertise, so there's that I guess. Still, what a letdown.

Then input the following code :*Codes cost extra.

How much extra?

I would like one RARITY unit and one SWEETIEBOT unit please. Also, the manual for the SWEETIEBOT unit said

Then input the following code :*Codes cost extra.

I was wondering how much extra.

(Not as good as our RARITY unit version.)If my Rarity unit makes a hat, will my Sweetie belle unit show me or not bother to tell me?

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