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For a while now, Applejack and Rainbow Dash have been hiding their true feelings from each other. How do they act on it? They try to get closer to each other, when they notice that the Running of the Leaves has come around again. They decide to take this chance to get closer together and to have a fair rematch from last year's competition. What will happen during that race? More specifically, what could possibly go wrong?

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Comments ( 12 )

I am hopeful for an awesome story from an awesome writer and then...

So lovely! :heart::heart::heart:

about as useful as a piece of styrofoam

aka useful for exactly nothing.

Sweet Story,
But whats with the twilicorn tag?


Forgot to remove it. D: For another scene I had in mind but had no point in the story.

i. loved it! it was so daawww inspiring. great job man! :heart::heart:

... That was good.

It was so cute:ajsmug::heart::rainbowlaugh:

It had a few rough parts but overall a great story^^ I like it^^

You just made the impossible happen: my entire body is blushing like crazy and i'm crying. Well done.

....i look like a leaking beet...

Just the way I like them. Together forever. Very well done

I am utterly confused as to why this has less than 100 likes. Great story you have here.

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