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Gilda is heartbroken that Rainbow Dash could leave her for all those other ponies, until she finds a little love and friendship can make even the worst of heartbreaks a little sweeter.

Art is by crookedtrees. This was just a quick one-shot inspired by the song Winter (Gilda) by Griffin Village. It really helps if you listen to it whilst reading.

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Hmmm, interesting. I've never really liked Gilda, this... this is quite interesting.

That was alright. It was nice and sweet. A little short and leaving you wanting Moar :yay:

this........this is freaking beautiful.:rainbowkiss:

i think i'm one of the few people on Earth who actually likes Gilda as a character. That being said, its nice sweet story. Kinda makes me wish people put up more Gilda stories.

166831 Thanks! I wasn't too big of a fan of Gilda, but listening to the song really made me re-think her and I thought of how she would be hurting inside too, and I thought other bronies needed something to help them see what I'm thinking, so I wrote this.

I don't think that made any sense. :rainbowderp:

166921 It was a one-shot, and I didn't want to ramble on for ages and ages about the same thing :rainbowwild:

But yes, I'm glad you enjoyed it. :twilightsmile:

167186 Aw, thank you very very much! :raritystarry:

167212 Yeah, I've noticed there aren't too many Gilda stories. Shame on you guys, she is very versatile to write for. :raritywink:

It made complete sense... in a sense.
I only read the chapter, I was going into "read only" mode:derpytongue2:. I'll go listen to the song.

I listened to the song, and now I shed a single tear. Don't know why, it just pulled at my heartstrings.

167649 I know man, the song just makes it that much better. It ended a little short so I replayed it, don't mind cause Jackleapp = Boss

167649 I listened to it the whole time I was writing this story, so I quoted from it too - just to try and make it even more linked. :pinkiehappy:

I'm glad it made you feel so emotional, it's a really good song.

I hated Gilda for being you know what but, hearing the song and reading this change my mind. You really did good sir. :twilightsmile:

194203 Thank you~ :pinkiesmile: Yeah, listening to the song really did make me re-think Gilda.

Oh JackleApp, you so silly, screwing with how we think about characters. :twilightsheepish:

All I can say is job well done! :twilightsheepish:

366239 Why thank you~ :pinkiehappy: After not having comments on this for over a month, I thought no-one was seeing it anymore xDD

>> Of course ponies are watching it! It's so well written, they really should! (If their not) :raritywink:

370203 Aw, thank you! That means a lot to me. :yay:

374614 No poroblemo~ I'll tell my friends to read it. It really gave me a better point of view on Gilda. :twilightsmile:

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