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Aliens: Equestrian Marines
Story by ShadowLeomus
Edited by Jandotrimmer
Pony kind has finally reached the stars and established colonies on many worlds. As far as pony kind was concerned there was no life out there... But they were wrong. Out in the blackness of space there are many secrets that should never be discovered, Xenomorphs being one
The first contact with the Xenomorphs ended in disaster, leaving only one survivor. You would think after this brutal attack the ponies would leave the creatures alone. But alas, no. For some ponies the potential in the Xenomorphs were just too good of a Business. opportunity to pass up.
So soon, Big companies began opening research centres all over the place, Making Xeno hives to study... In most cases the Xenomorphs would escape and ravage nearby colonies, reclaiming the planet from the ponies.
Pretty soon the Xenos began to find their way onto the pony's transport ships and travel to different worlds as stowaways to wreak their havoc on other colonies.
Princess's Celestia, Luna, Cadence and Twilight sparkle, ordered the creation of the Equestrian Marine Corps to protect colonies from the Xenomorphs and sometimes against the Corporations aswell.
This story is about an Alicorn called Endless Midnight, who joined the Marines to escape from becoming a Princess.
Follow her story with the 22nd Equestrian Marines "Bug splatter" Battalion.
Plot: The 22nd and their ship, 'The Salura' are on an errand to deliver a shipment of live Xenomorphs to a Xeno research facility on LV-446 or 'Tau Tamora'.
It's a simple job to Midnight, since the crew would be in hyper-sleep for 3 months.
But a month into the trip, Viper Platoon is woken up to find that one of the Xenomorphs had escaped and evolved into a queen.
Being the last to be awoken, Midnight and her friends in Viper 2-3 fight for a week against the Xeno hoard who have control over most of the ship. After a while all the survivors come to a conclusion... They must abandon the Salura.
With nothing but the coldness of space and untold horrors lurking out there the 22nd must count on their friendship to see them through.
this is Midnight's story. These are the Equestrian Marines
Authors note: Just so you are aware, Twilight will be in this story and plays an important role in it so keep an eye out.
Also the cover art has little relevence to the story, its there because the story needed one and because it amused me

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Amazing. Looking forward to another chapter soon.

It leaped at her and...

... A loud boom and a fwoosh sounded from behind her as something penetrated it's chest, blowing its body into little pieces. A great shadow cast over her and the "dismembered" corpse. Slowly, Endless Midnight turned and looked upon her rescuer. There, upon a small hill of xenomorph corpses, stood a giant of metal and stone wielding a massive gun, it's barrel glowing and hissing faintly as smoke and steam rose from its sacred maw. The mighty being gazed balefully into her eyes with two glowing embers in place of its own. A grating sound, like grinding gravel, so deep her bones shook erupted from the demigod.

"The Emperor Protects."

Above, the sky lit with fire and fell to earth on the backs of countless specks entering the atmosphere, smashing into the ground. But Endless Midnight could only look upon the Angel as great wings of fire burst from his back, rising him into the air and away to smite the next group of abominations. Looking up, she watched the skies as salvation came from the stars

Emperor protects

Bahaha I love it man priceless :yay:

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