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This story is a sequel to Harbinger, randomness of George

I'd tell you that you don't need to read the previous story, Harbinger, randomness of George, but given that I can't accurately summarize George in the loosest sense of the word. It is required reading.

It's a one shot, even if the end doesn't shout 'One Shot!' at your face holes.

Edit: I lied! MWAHAHAHAHA!

No Cover Art, because screw tradition.

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 63 )

Ok, I'm not going to lie; This was awesome and you shall feel our love. Do not try to resist. Hugs are inevitable.

EDIT:...Ya know, i really didnt expect to claim this spot after i read the story.

This is perfect! I fucking love this, man. I would love to see more, but if you feel it has to end then so be it. George will always be remembered....:applecry:

You don't need to continue this if you don't want to. But I will favorite this story in case you do.

Would almost be interesting to see how George would fit in, in a Equestria where he wasn't there and discord wasn't his brother...

I Like This:pinkiecrazy:Wonder What Their Reactions To Joke Tea Or Maybe Varia-Tea?

What if someone else were to continue with your permission? I'm not offering, just asking.

You should totally write another chapter :pinkiehappy: *feeds authors ego*

He bent down onto his knees and kissed Celestia’s shoes, then began to spit to the side. “By skies above, those taste horrible.”

Why, why did I choose to read this during class?
Oh right, because the most awesome author in the world decided to make me able to hate the S3 finale a little less.
Seriously, Rarity's weather pattern pun was the best part of the episode, right beside seeing Pinkamena and Derpy again.

This is stupid and I getting fed up with noobs wining about Twilight becoming a Alicorn get over yourself


Noob? Ahahaha, you're a pretty good comedian, I suggest putting a silly face at the end though, so people know it's a joke. Like this ';p' or something. Don't want my 350 watchers to get mad at you or anything.

Now, time to feed that ego.
How about some you rock pie or that was awesome stew? Maybe a Doscord and that human were funny cake to round it off.


Good for you! I mean that, legitimately! It's always nice to be a pro.

Are you continuing this? Because it says it's incomplete.
If you are yay:pinkiehappy:
But if not, your story was a good way to spend a day

Also for being awsome you get the first moustache I have ever given.:moustache:

This is great! Quintessential George! Love Discord too. All hail N64Fan, Creator of George of the Chaos! His writing talent is almost too much for our mortal eyes!

How's that for ego stroking? :moustache:

I'm sorry, but that wasn't very good. A human OC who has reality warping powers comes in and complains about the season finale. I suppose there's some sort of an inside joke here but I'm not getting it.

“Oh, you’re just jealous of my swag,”
HAHAHHAHHAAH so fucking funny
dude you should totally write a new chapter, this is fucking amazing! such a good writer!

I died at "You're just jealous of my swag" :rainbowlaugh: Priceless!

2152305>>2155698 Meh, I sorta agree, I'm an alicorn fan myself- but I don't see the point in arguing over a jokefic. This guy might like alicorn Twilight- but just wanted to satirize this point.

Neither for nor against Twilicorn, but I enjoyed this little fic very much in the end. To that I applaud you author.


Comment posted by BattleSwine deleted Feb 24th, 2013

I love it and it was the perfect send off for a story like this. Nothing needs to be added or changed it's perfect the way it is unless of course you want to do something with it. Awkward here have a mustache:moustache:

Quick question! About how much ego feeding would it require to get you to keep writing about George? Because I work in customer service, and I can drag up a LOT of @##-kissery:scootangel:

That was brilliant! :twilightsmile:
Honestly, you'd make my year if you decide to continue this.


I have an 'actual' sequel I'm planning for the original story. If I get myself together I'll have it out on monday.


Change of plans, This story is getting a chapter two. Don't tell anyone though, it's a secret.


I'll admit, I had some Twilight angst as well. As you can no doubt see from this story.

But seeing what they did with her in EQG made me change my mind. Which is odd, given that both twilicorn and EQG have been pointed at as just reasons to sell more toys.

But they played the situation very well in my eyes, and I've gained some respect for the writers that in all honesty I shouldn't have lost in the first place.

So I would like to officially go on record as saying that, in my deepest beliefs, Twilicorn was/is a good thing.

Hah, I'm liking his interaction with the 'canon' characters. You write very interesting human characters I've found, which is why I'm looking forward to more Biomancy as well *hint* *hint* :rainbowkiss:


*Avoiding the Question*

Why are you looking at me like that? I have nothing to hive, I mean, hide. Damn it!

3034141 I dont a prolem with her being one..to an extent. i have a problem with how it was gone about. elements turning her into one was a great idea but yeah. Good idea, Bad execution.

Exactly. I'm not so much against the idea, as the execution.

Specifically, I still don't know why she had to become an alicorn princess. "destiny" seems a bit vague.

You lied, you said there wouldn't be anymore. Then i stumble on this update by complete happenstance. Not sure whether to be angry or happy.

Who is Silence, and what did he nail?
What was that ending all about?
Should I get this reference?

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