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Friends discuss how bananas can be quite dangerous to the average pony.

Author's note: I enjoy consuming bananas so much. So much that I actually wrote a ponyfiction about them. This is something I wrote in an hour. The only free time I seem to have nowadays.

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A mistake. Possibly two.

you’ve already too dug deep

you're already too dug deep
you've already dug too deep

I don't think it's an actual word, if it is then please let me know. But I think an alternative would be

Anyway, Awesome story.

Scared. Should I or shouldint I read this?

2150335 I know how you feel I'm scared to read this fic to :fluttershbad:

2150345I'm going for it. If I don't make, it tell my family I love them...(:rainbowlaugh:)

....this sounds like a conversation they would actually have. Good show.

That was good.

At first I wondered about your use of the Dark tag, but that was remedied during Pinkie's monologue. Now tell me, Mallajong, how would you kill somepony with a banana?

P.S: *snooooort* oze-jp's Rainbow Dash. Classic.

I enjoying consuming bananas so much.

So lemme clarify something; you are a MMMMM beeyetch that likes MMM bananas? :trollestia::trollestia:

Dafaq did I just read?????????

:rainbowlaugh: you might want to put a dark tag or does it have one Ill check.

When I clicked on this I was thinking of Celly:trollestia:

Twilight would make a good murderer.
Just like me. :pinkiecrazy:
SHUT UP brain!

:rainbowderp:Pinkie...what was that...I'm scared now...

May you have a favourite anx a thumb up? Yea you may.

2149977 Don't do it Dash!

Did you actually do the research on this or did you just make all this shit up? At least these techniques would totally work on a particular pony:pinkiecrazy:

I was all like "Oh I will just read this silly little story real fast." But you were all like.
Take that however you like.

Thanks, my friend. 'Steeped' is a word, but I had used it incorrectly. Hahaha. It means "soaked".
Research was done for this story, yes. Hahaha. It's all true.

Did this story come from a discussion you had with a friend? If so can you draw the map that led to this discussion?

Spikes' Banana?

I liked it:yay:

In your example you used Applejack but then had Spike say that Twilight would just walk away.

“At least I don’t wait until ponies to take dumps to kill them!” Rainbow Dash yelled.

One to many 'to's.

I know, because I’ve checked countlessly.


Other than that, this was short and funny. I liked it, good to see a non-shipping story out of you. Hell, you could even work this in as one of those times Spike and RD were hanging out before 'Spikes Rainbow Dash'.

Thanks for the edits, my friend. And for the comment.


Always dude.

Honestly though, I could really see this as being expanded on into a pseudo-prequel of 'Spikes Rainbow Dash'. Spike decides he wants to investigate more into Pinkies absurd tangent and fantasy, drags Dash into it and they go all 'mystery detective' on it, with rapidly increasing absurdity because, you know, Pinkie.

I have to ask though, did you write this because it popped into your head or because you were having trouble with other fics and wanted something different to write?


BAAAAHAHAHAHA!! Why is this so funny? God damn, my sides! How to kill someone with a banana...*snort* how ridiculous...

Pinkie's monologue did me in. I was giggling like an idiot the entire time. I demand more. Coconuts. Now THOSE are killers.

Great cover art, great premise, great execution. Have a fav.

MallaJong1 you have some issues, but DAMN, you sure know how to come up with great idea's and amazing stories.:trollestia:
Pinkie is crazy!:pinkiecrazy:
Twilight is an evil genius!:twilightblush:
Spike is sinister!:moustache:
And Rainbow Dash is..... she's...... oh who are we kidding? She just want to feed Applejack.:rainbowderp::applejackunsure:

By the way, goes anyone else find that pic of Rainbow to be hot? Cause I know it's not just me!

Another great story written by Mallajong1 the bamf.2150773

Spike and Rainbow Dash we’re sitting at a table


I'd say by now that's the last grammatical error marring the stunning work of literature.

No, not poison, Pinkie. Explosive bananas is where it's at!

Good thing you upped the rating to Teen. Not sure, but that might be a banannable offense.

Pinkie is scary crazy:pinkiecrazy::pinkiegasp:
nah, i would make the best murderer here cause i know how to properly dispose of bodies.

5' hole
thermite powder

thermite burns so frikkin hot it would destroy all evidence in the hole including the murder weapon, the heat would also degrade DNA, and it's not illegal to dig holes and start fires in them in SouthAfrica. Banana is a snack, digging makes me hungry

Oh Pinkie, when are you ever going to stop being thought of as scary?

Oh sweet buhjeebus that was hilarious.

I'd suggest replacing the 'Dark' tag with a 'Random' one, or maybe just add the latter

That picture of Dash is very miss leading It almost looks like she actually....
SETTLED DOWN *gasp* maybe with Spike, i love SpikexDash
Very funny story but I'm still waiting for you to continue... alot of your stories actually i wanna see where Spike's Rainbow Dash goes, how Spike's Vinyl Scratch ends, and i really want you to tell your friend to write more of Spike's dating simulator, dominated Rainbow Dash is the hottest Rainbow Dash
I really do love your writing style and the fact that you agree that spike needs more love.
I look forward to your next update and sorry your first account got banned that seemed rather uncalled for.

:twilightsheepish: Twilight and Pinkie both scare the hay out me now, thank you. :rainbowlaugh:

This needs a dramatic reading, and how.

:twilightangry2: The artistNO this...THING, seriously just ripped that image off of OZE (or OZE-jp if you`re looking on the Deviantart or Tumblr rather than pixiv). Poorly, I might add. It looks like they seriously just used ms-paint :ajbemused:

Original Image (feat. Celestia):

Before I read this:
Did you know that bananas have potassium in them? (of course you do :facehoof:) well that potassium, in high quantities, can kill you :twilightsmile: so if you pig out on nothing but Bananas (like eat 20-30 bananas in one hour) you'd die of potassium poisoning (or so says my biology teacher)

2150700 I can't remember if you leave tea to steep or stoop now D:
I'm the worst Englishman ever
I don't even like English muffins
Crumpets however, are a different kettle of fish

That pic........I've seen it somewhere before.......THE HORROR :raritydespair:

2151738 Too bad that the human stomach can't actually contain that many bananas at one time.

2152975Nice! Very Nice!:moustache::trollestia:

Was laughing so hard I fell off the couch, ha, good old funny Pinkie Pie is.....Spike had me laughing so hard. Damn bro, you're smart, this was seriously well written....must kill one with banana:twilightangry2:

Wat the fuck did I just read!? I expected something totally different. All I kno now is to not give Pinkie or Twilight a banana cuz they'll kill u. With Spike and Rainbow u can at least stop them.

I have just one question.

Did Twilight ever recover after lesson zero???? :unsuresweetie::unsuresweetie:

I actually enjoyed this story a lot :rainbowlaugh:

Ha! This was really good! I also dig the cover picture. Rainbow looks cute with a banana in her hooves.

Now THIS is how you take Pinkie Pie's potentially dangerous insanity and turn it into hilarious. Cupcakes eat your heart out.

You have in this the makings of a great comedy series.

I hope you turn it into one.

Not entirely sure what i just read...BUT I LOVED IT!:derpytongue2:

When's the last time Pinkie saw the line and stopped instead bouncing over it and off the cliff?

Um… I'm not completely sure, but…

…I think this was brilliant.

That was beautiful. Horrifyingly beautiful. From the truth in the opening lines, to the execution (PUN) of the story. A perfect case study of the mental processes that occur only between friends and loved ones. To think each time I took a banana with me to school I was potentially concealing a weapon. :pinkiegasp:

I would ask where you managed to find a picture of Rainbow Dash with a banana, but remembering this is the Internet, I think I'd be safer not knowing. Either way, you garnered my attention long enough to make me investigate your story again, and for that I thank you.... I think? You really do have a knack for writing. The stories aren't epic or full of too much intrigue but its the writing style, the way you paint a picture with words and set the feeling that really impresses me.

Keep up the good work.

as soon as I saw the picture I immediately thought of this.

then I realized it wasn't clop.

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