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On a cold autumn night, a pair of ponies are discovered. Ponies with strange wings, and stranger eyes. Wild, bestial and savage, but with a spark of intelligence. A spark of civilization. A spark fanned by the lords and ladies of high society, breeding class and eminence. Bat Ponies.

The wind howls, and ponies forget.

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... the hell? Why are you reposting this?
(After reading the first couple of paragraphs...)
Oooooh. So that's... part of the reason why. COMMENCE OPERATION:: REREAD!

Yeah, haven't read it yet, but I know just how good you are so it gets a favorite automatically. Any forays into M/M shipping in the near future?

2145287 Yes, this. This is going pretty awesome so far.

im liking it from the bat ponies perspective better than the older one, looking forward to more

Interesting tweaks. Time to move forward, now.


Shall I take this as a sign you've decided to continue following the story?

I can't imagine what it would be like to meet a feral human.

So you're going to keep going with this story?


That's the plan. I'm currently about halfway through writing the fourth chapter, and then there'll be editing, so it should be continuing in give-or-take a week,

2194034 Right, I didn't know if you were just going to change the contents of the story or to expand it; glad to know it's the second.

I thought this wasn't being updated anymore. I am very happy to learn that I was mistaken.


Very well done, hope to see more soon!:pinkiehappy:

This is quite the story so far.

One question: that thing at the bottom with Vimbert...is that supposed to be there?


With Vim... ACK!

No, that was a comment leftover from his review... I must have forgotten to close it before transferring the story over here. Thanks for pointing that out to me.

So glad that you're doing this story again. Really looking forward to reading it.:pinkiehappy:

It has changed, but the writing is well done. Tentative like. We'll see.

Well, I just found the new improved version of this story... I had no idea you had continued it! Why didn't you tell us?! (and if you did I didn't get the memo) Anyway I am very happy you decided to continue, and I'm looking forward to catching up and seeing the differences between this version and the old one.

Yay! They're building bridges, forming communication and above all, Learning from one another.

I look forward to seeing what happens to our Batponies, Erin and Stage. But I have a Feelin that this is going to be Good.

I wonder how much of that Meadow understood.

2462492 I think he understood most of it if not all of it.

This is for the author. You've got one hell of a good story here. It provides an interesting concept and a unique origin for the bat ponies. The story is well written and has detailed character development along with a well paced storyline with interesting plot twists. I eagerly await the next chapter.:pinkiehappy:

Aaaand, Cliffhanger! That was a great chapter, I love how you are bringing the thoughts and emotions of Meadowlark and Nightingale into play as the story progresses. You are doing a great job with character development, and increasing tension levels with Jewel acting as the antagonist. No doubt things are about to get very interesting. I do wonder though, how did Nightingale know that asking Stage about kissing his husband would make him distracted and flustered? I wonder if/how they grasp the concept of same sex couples, or even couples in general, and the significance of their relationship... Just curious.

2469928 It wasn't actually Nightingale seeing him with his husband that got Stage flustered - though he wouldn't exactly be eager to have Nightingale watching the proceedings, perhaps because Nightingale wouldn't understand the implications of it. I'm reluctant to give the actual reason outright in case it comes up later in the story, but the reason Stage was flustered had more to do with the specific hallway he was in, and why he was in that hallway in particular.

I see... well I guess I'll just have to wait until you tie it all together in the story.

Welp, this explains why I was getting any updates after I faved the old version :rainbowlaugh: I'm extremely it's not dead!

On hiatus? Damn.
Is it the kind where you'll probably never return to it, or the kind where we'll just have to wait for a few months?


The kind where you have to wait a few months. I'll probably be returning to it soon, in fact.

Looks like Meadowlark finally learned how to stand up for himself.

Aargh this needs more love! Let's hear it for the most original bat pony piece of fiction on the site!

Quite. I'm surprised this hasn't been noticed yet.

please continue writing this fan fic it is pure awsomeness

Wow its alive! I'm really glad to see this update, this is one of my favorites.

I am happy to see you didn't abandon us!



It begins...

You don't know how happy I am that this has updated! Thus far, it's one of my favourite works on the site, and this chapter just reinforces that.

But, that cliffhanger...

Hopefully you won't keep us waiting too long; the suspence might be too much! :twilightoops:

End of Act 1?
Does that mean an even longer wait??
What does this mean for entrepid duo/trio/quartet???
Will I ever feel the need to stop using more question marks after each rhetorical statement????

Anyway, very well done. This is probably one of my favourite stories on here, even if it doesn't update very much. This chapter really had me feeling for the characters.

Wow, this really needs more favorites.

I'll wait to the end of time if I have to.

Oh hey, this thing.

It's a thing again.


Oh my god yes it isn't dead happy face :DDDDDDD

And the big move happens.

Yeah I can see something big as new species getting overshadowed by something bigger, like a near goddess (depends on how one looks at it) returning after a millennium.

Slow pace, but it's perfect for this story.
And it is always awesome to feel the muscles burn after a good exercise if you haven't been doing it for a while, so yay for that!

Great chapter, once again!
The introduction was pretty great. Well as they said - they want a show, so give them one!

And the dance itself and the conversation - well, I have a feeling that if Erin turned around after she said her last words, she might have seen something surprising.

Still, even though we have no idea when the next update will be, I'll be waiting for it (im)patiently :twilightsmile:

is more of this a possibility?


I'll likely get around to finishing it eventually, but... at the moment my writing is a bit eclectic, I'll admit. I'm having a bit of trouble finding the motivation to work on this again amidst my other projects. That said, there's enough left of it I do like that I'll try and get back to it, but I can't reliably say when, I'm afraid.

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