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I am a simple writer and connoisseur of gender bending stories. I also do a little editing and collaborations if you're in need—just know that my schedule isn't the most reliable.


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(Edited by NaughtSought and Alcatraz)

Summer vacation, everyone's favorite time of the year. A time of rest and relaxation from all the stresses of the school year. For a graduating student named Tyler, this year is extra special. He's on his way to Ottawa to celebrate both his success and the birthday of his grandmother. However, his trip takes a major detour as he vanishes from the world he knows. Thanks to a major discovery hidden deep beneath Canterlot, he resurfaces in the land of Equestria, though he is far from being "himself."

Chapters (14)
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Comments ( 410 )

Liked, because bizarrely interesting. Fav'd for updates. :pinkiesmile:

I forgot how to grammar.:twilightoops:

2874178 Then you will suffer the grammar nazis.

It's been great so far! Hope for another update soon! :pinkiehappy:

2874224>>2874196>>2874178 I'm having a serious craving for iced tea, anyone else?

2874437 :fluttercry:
Ima find where you live, and beat you with your own arm

2874441 I live somewhere in space.

2874455 I have a space device that kills stuff on command.

2874616 It is ineffective against Illogic.

2874764 pfft, my illogic could make Discord himself have to sit down and think, I have the power of the gods and then some.

2874774 You don't know what Illogic is. I am dissappoint.

2874784 FTW *cues action music, grabs a lightsaber, cuts lamp in half, and jumps out the window*

2874788 *grabs your lightsaber and throws you into a cabbage patch* That was but chaos! CHAOS INFERIOR! ILLOGIC SUPERIOR!

2874792 *jumps up and starts lobbing cabbage at you* bitch please, chaos makes the world go square.

2874793 Gurl, please. Chaos SOLVES problems compared to the Illogic.

2874805 oh really? Can you define illogical for me pwease?

2874810 It's impossible to define illogic. Chaos however, is an amalgation of erratic components that are extremely difficult to stabilize, generally resulting in bizarre and confusing circumstances to which the term is associated with. It is also what preceded Gaia in ancient Greek mythology.

2874816 yes, but illogic is an in reachable goal, it is a paradox of itself, the more illogical you get the more logical you get as well, rendering it useless. I'm a tier nine alpha wizard, you cannot touch this without getting burned.

2874826 See? You're trying to find logic where there is none.

2874840 There we go. More chaos.

2874857 no no no, what I mean is the prefex 'il' from illogical, mean a lack of not an absence of, and that means you were wrong. The opposite of right? Chaotic, perhaps?

2874868 No. You were reffering to chaos with the exactly as you were trying to find logic in illogic when there is none. I'M ONTO YOU, KRABS!

2874872 this argument is going no where, a pointless bickering for no reason at all... Both Chaotic, and Illogical, wonderful.....
Truly a delectable mix, best served cold with a slice of Sun!

2874178 Bizarre is good sometimes, lest we be content in the realms of the reality. I promise you that more bizarre things are on the horizon, and also thanks for checking the story out.

2874224 Thank you for your enjoyment, and yes, I am hoping the next chapter will be out soon.

How vary odd...

2874941 what is? I'm not being illogical, I'm just trying to find more logiks! Ha!

but illogicicity is not for logic because it cannot be defined by logic since logic is not true and you can break logic to your will

2874962 hmmm... I follow your logic. Well not really I'm kinda sleep deprived and I just finished like 5 chapters to a new story I'm writing and I need someone to edit them before I post them *hint hint* I haven't slept in 38 hours.

do you want me to edit? :unsuresweetie:

2874978 if you want to I was just hinting in general...?

illogically im confused, logically im even more confused, in chaos logic I WANT TO KILL A DUCK!!

2874984 can I borrow a feather I need one for my ritual, also a yes or no would be nice.....

I don't know because I am confused as to the question and as to what the story is about. but sure ill edit I guess :trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright:

2874883 To you it's going nowhere. Maybe the Illogic just loves to mess with people's heads?

:pinkiegasp: Samaru posted new story? MUST READ!

This is AWESOME! I love it, you didn't follow nearly as many cliches as most do, and I applaud you for that. I request more of this delicious treat!

2875408 So there is, but I'm keeping the title none the less. Besides, this one has nothing in common with that one - as can be seen in the description.

2875413 I thank you for enjoying the story, and I'll try to get the newer chapters out soon. But, knowing me, that might still be a wile. :twilightblush:

I thought you needed an editor? Guess not. I already commented on what I think of this story, but once again, nice story! I fav'd :twilightsmile:

2875441 That little bump in the road has been solved.

this is good a fresh perspective on how someone appears in equestria keep up the good work

2875681 I created something new and fresh? I thought that was the job of talented people. :derpytongue2: Anyways, thank you for checking this out and yes, I shall take your advice.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we thank you for using VIA Rail Oshawa station. Our next stops will be at Cobourg, Belleville, Kingston, Brockville, and Fallowfield.

“Mesdames et Messieurs, nous vous remercions de l'aide VIA Rail Oshawa station. Nos prochains arrêts seront à Cobourg, Belleville, Kingston, Brockville, et Fallowfield.”

Should've been "-nous vous remercions d'avoir utilisé-" and so forth.

" or pink, purple and blue" two errors for me.

The start seems boring, but it's the obligatory passage to settle in characters and the plot as well as locations and blah blah blah. The ending really enticed me to see more. What exactly are those pillars? What is the metal and how does it absorb magic? Why is Twilight so fond of swirling colors? Why is the sun blue? So many questions.

2876258 Fixed up the corrections, and glad you have so many questions that demand answering. Now, how soon until they are all answered, that is the true question. :ajsmug:

See, this is the best example of why I am watching you.
Very interesting take on an old concept and not boring at all.
I can’t wait for the next chapter ^^

2877427 Wow, thanks a lot for that. :pinkiesad2:

Lol Twilight go alone into cavern's (expect guard), and comes back with unidentifed mare and Celestia dont give a shit about it in the first place?

2881702 She does trust Twilight. Besides, I think the unknown device that has the capacity to level all of Canterlot might be worth a bit more of her time.

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