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S is a zombie. He has no memories, no real identity and no pulse, like the rest of his kind. You'd almost think that he is just a little fragment of a big mass of non-thinking killing-machines, but that's only half the story. He is a little bit more different than the rest of his fellow Dead. He wants to breathe again. He wants to live.
Important author's note: This Fic is inspired by the great book 'WARM BODIES'. The first two chapters are highly orientated on the first pages of the book, so please don't tell me that I steal over and over again. I have planned a bunch of own ideas and a new storyline for the rest of the Fic, so relax and calm down ^^

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I'm surprised that this was immediately dinged with a negative thumb. It's pretty solid writing. There's nothing that profound that I would change.

I did notice some thing:
>sitting around it the whole time and starring at it,
I think you mean "staring at it".

>We all have our routines, I don't know why but we have them.
That probably would be better as "We all have our routines. I don't know why, but we have them."

>The flesh withers on our bones an we stand here, waiting for it to go.
I think you mean "as we stand here"

>It's funny that I forget such simple things, but what do you want to do against it.
I think you meant this as a question, and so it should end with a question mark.

>Disease? War? Social collapse?
That paragraph is accidentally lumped into the next paragraph.

Bro......you're just ripping off Warm Bodies........

Just because you changed his name from R to S, and added ponies, doesn't make this original.....,

2152837 you haven't read the authors note hmm?

2152811thx I will look over it and change that

You've stopped sending me updates to your story to read, i told you about two months ago that i was able to do it again... :fluttershysad:

2156163 yeah sorry bout that, wasn't writing on the changeling story anyways. I will do a new chap on the weekend and youre the first one who gets it^

I could say that you can't read, but that would be easy to bust,
So i'll go for the saying that you have the attention span of Spongebob.
Or just too lazy to even read the discription.
Or you didn't thought before you acted. I mean most people who use something as base to write on put it in the description, authors notes or comment section.

2156902...........Okay! 1.) Span not Spawn.
2.) Yes, I failed to read the FULL description, for my phone wouldn't load it. I apologize for any issues I caused, and withdraw my downvote, and replace it with an upvote. :pinkiesmile:

2156913 that's nice of you thx, not most of the people in the internet are so wise :ajsmug: if you read the next chapter which will come soon you'll see that the story goes a different way

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