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I really hope I can edit this later...


Yes, this does have ponies.
Yes this does have Gundam, deal with it^^

War, just three little words. How bad can it be? It can be a lot more than you can even imagine. Those three words kill hundreds of ponies every day. Those three words killed my parent’s right in front of me. War is a fire, a fire that needs to be stopped. Because if you don’t stop a fire everything goes up in smoke. But those who play with fire are always the ones who get burned.

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Yes, this does have ponies.

You don't say?

Writing is good enough though I have several issues, not about the writing but with the story itself.

Firstly you seem to have no sense of scale. 500mm gattling guns (thats 5 meter, or 16 foot, bullets coming out of, presumably barrels at a rate of several hundred a second)? 100 foot swords? Let's put this into perspective here. The RX-78-2 is rated at 18 meters tall, that's about 59 feet and it's largest weapon was it's bazooka with a calibur of 380mm, the RX-78-2 had a total operating weight of about 60 tons. I have no idea how tall you're imagining these pony Mobile Suits but taking into consideration everything in this chapter and adding ammo capacity into the mix we get machines needing to be over 150 feet tall and weighing nearly 200 to 300 tons... and thats for the one with the swords, add another 50 feet and 100 tons for the gattling gun user.

That's without getting into how much propellent would be needed to get bullets that big to fly...

I'd suggest making the gattlings 50mm and the swords 45 feet. This is much more reasonable and allows for mobile suits that aren't the size of battleships.

Yeahhhhh, I was pretty dead mentally when I wrote thisXD

Heres an idea of how you can modify Fault to be both Gundam and have ponies; follow my lead with MSGF.

MSGF is set a thousand years into the future of MLP canon, has a mysterious Cataclysm that happened a few years after MLP canon, and Gundams have been known about since the Cataclysm. Despite being absurd it all still works right?

Why not do something similar? You could even salute Gundam X and Turn-A by having MS salvage that has been recovered by the nations of Equestria over the last several decades.

Just remember one thing that bugs me able some Pony Gundam artists/writers. Gundams are bipedal for a reason. If they're quadrupeds aren't they just Zoids?

Yeah, I've been putting that into consideration, story needs some workXD
The whole legs thing is up in the air, I still haven't really decided. If you have any opinions or ideas that would be great appreciated

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