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Derpy has one of the worst days of her life. She's lost everything; her home, her coltfriend, and her dignity. Will she find her happiness?

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Comments ( 17 )

:derpyderp1::derpyderp2::derpytongue2: poor Derpy but good fic

2140984 She sure is.....


2141123 Odd formatting is best formatting. (Thanks! Will work on it)

2141686 You took the time to add three emoticons......

I salute ya.
Have a Hoof! /]

Needs a bit of formatting, ends a bit abruptly. It's ok.

2142876 Yerp, but will be best Derp you ever done did see.


A couple minor spelling errors, nothing bad though. Good fic, too. Only real problem (This is my opinion) is that I think Derpy wouldn't know some of those words. She just doesn't seem like a smart kind of mare. There needs to be a sad Derpy emote for fics like this.

2144763 Derpy isn't naive.....

She's just a wall-eyed pegasus, the myth that she is retarded, is retarded. :facehoof:

Damn you and your logic to the underworld!
There REALLY needs to be a sad Derpy emote though, it'd fit this fanfic just like a glove.

Mind fixing this wall of text?

I'm like the direction this story is taking. It shows the more grittier side of Equestria. In this story the way Derpy is portrayed her mannerisms and speech really fit the predicament she is in. Can't wait to read more from ya. Oh and this almost brought me to tears. Poor Derpy :fluttercry: :heart::heart::heart:

So sad for Derpy. You portrayed the challenges she faces quite well. It does need a little formatting, though. Well worth the read.

It's marked "Incomplete". If that is right, I hope more story comes soon. It seems pretty good.:twilightsmile:

Is there going to be more? The fiction says "incomplete", so...

A really emotional story. There are one or two slips where we leave first person and enter third, but nothing too major to distract from the story

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