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After messing up an advanced teleportation spell, Twilight creates a vortex that sucks in her friends, but returns large, robotic creatures known as Transformers. Now, with Decepticons let loose in Equestria, Optimus Prime and a small team of Autobots must find a way to stop them and return them all to their Earth. Rarity, along with Spike, Pinkie, and Trixie now find themselves in the world of the Transformers, and must find a way to return to their own home
This is a collab between me and sammy-jack. For undisclosed reasons, he has decided he can no longer work on this story with me. So, I now have him only as a consultant, I'm going to republish the first three chapters and then get to work on the rest. This might explain far apart chapters.
Story takes place after episode 18 of season 2 of Transformers Prime. Please enjoy!!!

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The title gave me... worries.... :trollestia:

@spink00, what do you think i should make my title?

Wasn't this already posted before?

@gyvon, yes it was, I am the other author on this story. Sammy-Jack stated that he no longer wishes to work on this story, so I made my own page and am going to continue the story with him just as a consultant.

Nightmare Moon has returned.

'Light our darkest hour' has never sounded so appropriate:twistnerd:

I'll be honest. When I first read that title, the first thing to come into my head was Big Macintosh wearing eye liner. :facehoof:

Tracking for later. :scootangel:

I'd be more afraid if said artifact brings in Unicron.... Moving him from Earth's core to Equestria will sound dangerous enough... and let's not forget what he can do....

UNICRON, THE CHAOS BRINGER! (Sorry Discord. This chaos is for the professionals)


Unicron? Try unecron ponyliths, revived from the tomb worlds of the star gods.

Unicron will crush all even puny discord


I would like to read more. Any idea where you will be updating this story.:rainbowdetermined2:

2906466 I'm actually working on the last quarter of chapter 5 right now, it's just been hard to work on this and deal with all my home life, but i'm working on finishing the next chapter for sure

Comment posted by Spiderprime1 deleted Oct 5th, 2013

awesome story. I'm enjoying the plot.

Well look whose back. I thought you were one with the all-spark. Love the new chapter.:rainbowdetermined2::moustache::yay:

Glad you are back! I'll be reading this chapter as soon as I wake up

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